Legit Immediate Hire Work From Home Jobs (9 Companies Hiring Now)

Do you desperately need a job? If yes, you would find this list of immediate hire work from home jobs useful. 

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Bills are unending these days – they keep piling, and someone’s got to clear them. Without a good-paying job, you can feel stuck, not knowing how to cope. It’s even worse if you are paying off a mortgage or student loan. 

Find immediate relief to your financial needs by doing these jobs or working directly for these companies that are always hiring. 

Work-from-home companies that are always hiring

  1.  Enterprise Holdings
Photo of Enterprise Holdings site; one of the site for immediate hire work from  home jobs

Enterprise Holdings always hires work-from-home escalation support reps,  customer service reps, bilingual reservation agents, and bilingual sales reps. They pay an average of $16.23 an hour.

  1. Concentrix

Concentrix hires people in the United States, Canada, and the UK. The most frequently opened positions include technical support, sales, and customer service.

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They pay biweekly via direct deposit or payment card, and workers earn between $7 and $12.00 an hour.

  1. Working solutions

Working solutions hire remote workers for positions, including online chat and customer support. Their job descriptions differ depending on the client and project,  and they pay $10 an hour.

  1. Sitel

Work-from-home tech support, customer experience, and customer service professionals are the most hired in Sitel. This company pays its workers between $9 and $12 an hour.

Their full-time employees also receive benefits and PTO.

  1. OutPlex
Photo of Outplex site; one of the site for immediate hire work from  home jobs

OutPlex mostly hires remote chat agents and customer service reps. When working for this company, your job is to answer questions to help customers with the company’s services.

  1. Asurion

Asurion hires remote workers to fill positions in the tech niche. Some of the most hired jobs include sales reps and customer solutions representatives.

An average customer solution representative in Asurion earns about $11.16 an hour.

  1. Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions usually hires customer service representatives to answer calls from motorists with parking tickets issues. You must be very patient when talking to these people since most are rude and always angry.

At first, you will likely earn $9.25 an hour, but after training, it will be increased to $10 an hour.

Bilingual customer service representatives who can speak English and Spanish or Russian can earn as much as $13.00.

  1. Arise
Photo of Arise site; one of the site for immediate hire work from  home jobs

Arise is an online portal that allows people to sign business agreements with them and get contracted to smaller businesses or bigger brands.

It makes you your own boss and enables you to build a life around your family. You can choose to work for yourself on the platform or for people already established in the network.

This portal posts new opportunities weekly with unlimited earning potential.

  1. Litmus

Litmus frequently hires remote workers to fill positions including sales operations, sales engineering, and marketing.

Their openings are all full-time, and they offer benefits including 28 paid vacation days, health care insurance, a retirement plan, etc.

Immediate hiring work-from-home jobs no experience

You can be hired to start work immediately for any of these positions. 

  1. Proofreading 

If you have no experience, start working from home by doing proofreading jobs. However, you must be good at spotting typos and grammatical errors in documents and be able to format these documents as required.

To succeed as a proofreader and editor, you must be able to identify 

  • Wrongly spelled words
  • Style or layout inconsistency
  • Wrong words and page breaks
  • Missing punctuations
  • Other mistakes that make a document less interesting to read

Though you can do entry-level proofreading and editing work without a degree and experience, an average editor or proofreader needs a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, English, or Communications.

However, since clients and companies are more particular about results and not just certificates, you can still get high-paying proofreading jobs if you know what you’re doing. 

An average proofreader earns $22.33 an hour.

  • Cactus and proofreading services are good places for editors and proofreaders with no experience.

With more experience, you’ll love Scribendi, EditFast, Wordvice, and ProofreadingPal for proofreading jobs.

Job boards like ZipRecruiter are ideal for finding proofreading jobs. 

Photo of a woman working from home
  1. Data entry

Since robots cannot do data entry jobs correctly, many companies hire remote workers to do this job for them. It only requires basic typing skills and it’s excellent work for beginners.

An average data entry specialist earns about $41,568 a year.

The duty of a data entry specialist includes:

  • Examining data for errors, producing backup data and reports, sorting information by priority
  • Preparing source data for computer entry
  • Confidentially gain access to appropriate files based on information request 
  • maintaining data integrity

To succeed in a data entry job, you must be attentive to details, have excellent organizational skills, and also be able to type accurately and with great speed.

Though experience is not always necessary for entry levels, it is a plus, and having experience with administrative duties is another advantage.

The best sites to find data entry jobs include Westat and AccuTran Global. Others include Xerox and Zeitcaster.

Job boards like Indeed have unlimited immediate hire data entry jobs.

  1. Call agent

As a call agent, you will work-from-home, providing support for customers or convincing them to buy the company’s products. Other duties can be added based on the company and industry you work for.

To become a good call agent, you must have

  • At least a GED certificate or high school diploma
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Analytical problem-solving skills
  • Ability to compel customers to buy products
  • Accountability 

Being a call agent is a great work-from-home job, and you can earn $16.70 an hour.

Alorica at home, support.com, Live Sales Staff, Paperless Pipeline, ACD Direct, etc., are some sites to get call agents work-from-home.

Indeed has numerous immediate hire call agent jobs.

Photo of a woman working from home
  1. Virtual receptionist 

Like the call agent job, companies hire virtual receptionists to communicate with their customers day and night. However, you won’t only be answering phone calls as a virtual receptionist; you will also be using emails to provide feedback to customers when the business owner is not around.

A virtual receptionist also takes care of a large number of administrative duties, so they must have:

  • Great organizational skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Exceptional customer support skills
  • Interpersonal skills, 
  • Good Internet skills

Find virtual receptionist jobs with companies like Vicky Virtual, Gabbyville, Smith.ai.

An average virtual receptionist earns $28,794 a year depending on their skills and the company they work for.

There are numerous immediate hire virtual receptionist jobs on ZipRecruiter

  1. Content developers

Unlike content writing, content developing has to do with creating content that Google can recognize. Each content is crafted to target a specific audience and drive sales for the company.

Content developers usually work hand in hand with brands to make their marketing campaigns successful by increasing their engagement, audience, and communication. 

Content developers must be solidly grounded in SEO strategies to ensure the brand they work for ranks on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) first page.

Though content developers work on written pieces, they can also optimize video content, images, and podcasts to be recognized by the search engine.

To be a successful content developer, you must know much about copywriting, quality assurance, and a little about software development and programming.

An average content developer earns $39.75 an hour.

Job boards like Indeed are great for finding remote content developer jobs. 

  1. Facebook ads specialists

The Facebook marketplace has become an excellent online marketplace for many brands, and these brands are always in need of people to help take their products and services to the world.

Facebook ads help, but not everyone or brand can navigate these ads to meet their target audience or overtake competitors. That’s why you quickly find Facebook ads specialist jobs as immediate hire work-from-home jobs part-time available.

To become a Facebook ad manager, you must

  • Be experienced in digital marketing and advertising
  • Pay careful attention to details
  • Use the Facebook ad manager effectively
  • Understand Facebook ads targeting and retargeting strategies.

Your role as a Facebook ads specialist will primarily be to monitor campaigns for the brand and create ads that reach the targeted audience. This campaign must be planned based on the client’s budgets, so you must be able to manage what you’re given.

Besides, you will also analyze the campaign results and make adequate adjustments to the ads to get the best result.

An average Facebook ads manager earns $53,376 a year.

Job boards like ZipRecruiter have numerous Facebook ads manager openings. 

Photo of a woman working remotely on her laptop
  1. Remote bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is responsible for studying the financial details of a business, analyzing it, and suggesting strategies for improvement. Besides these, a bookkeeper will also be required to

  • Update a business and financial records
  • Crosscheck every financial record for accuracy
  • Create financial reports
  • Upload financial reports in computer programs
  • Document debits and credits to the correct accounts

Unlike accounting jobs which require a degree, you can become an online bookkeeper without a degree. 

You can do bookkeeper jobs even without experience. However, you will only be taking entry-level openings until you understand what is required of you.

An entry-level bookkeeper earns about $46,585 a year. This makes bookkeeping one of the highest paid online jobs without experience. 

When working as a freelancer, you can set your rates and work with multiple clients, increasing your overall pay.

Find remote bookkeeping jobs on job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, Zippia, and even freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, FlexJobs, etc. If you are worried about scams, subscribe to FlexJobs and get 100% legit openings.

There are numerous remote bookkeeper jobs on SimplyHired.

  1. Medical coder

The job of a medical coder is to examine the medical records and services of patients and get procedure and diagnostic codes to help medical providers present the correct bill to the patient and insurance companies.

A medical coder will also be required to use the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes to assign codes to diagnoses and procedures. 

These codes must be current, active, and accurate based on the insurance and government regulations, and the coder must review the patient’s chart to ensure the document is correct.

Medical coding requires working hand in hand with the provider to resolve issues like unclear or insufficient documentation quickly.

Medical coding is one of the most admired immediate hire work-from-home jobs because it pays up to $56,380 a year.

To be immediately hired for medical coding jobs, you must be trained either one-on-one or online and obtain a certification. You can then apply for an entry-level position and progress to higher levels when you have more experience. 

Besides, you will also need

  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • Good typing accuracy and speed
  • Certificate program or associate’s degree in medical coding
  • Excellent understanding of medical terminologies
  • Experience with ICD-9 codes and procedures

Some health companies prefer to hire remote medical coders as full-time or part-time employees, while others even do contract-based agreements.

Indeed is one of the best places to get remote medical coder jobs.

Photo of a woman working on her laptop; immediate hire work from home jobs are available
  1. Transcriptionists

A transcriptionist is someone that converts audio files to written documents. To do this job, you must have some necessary skills, including

  • Good command of the English language
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Good proofreading, editing, and grammar checking skills
  • Typing speed and accuracy of 65 to 75 words per minute
  • Good time management skills
  • Good multitasking abilities
  • Experience with Microsoft Word and other software
  • Effective project completion skills

You can transcribe various documents, including articles, scripts, legal and medical documents, etc. However, to earn more, you may need to specialize in high-paying transcription niches like technical, legal, or medical. You must also understand the transcription style guidelines for these niches before specializing.

Some of the best places to find transcription jobs include GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Scribie, etc.

An average transcriptionist earns $44,102 a year.

SimplyHired and other job boards have unlimited transcriptionist jobs. 

  1.  Website and app testing

App and website testing is one of the immediate hire work from home jobs anyone can do without experience or degree.

Due to the importance of user experience in Google ranking, websites pay regular people to test newly designed sites and apps and provide feedback on their functions. 

This feedback should include whether the website is user-friendly or not and if it is easy to navigate. The tester should also tell if they have the “flow” when using the website.

Almost anyone can do website testing jobs. You only need an Internet connection and a good Internet navigation ability.

Find website and app testing jobs on sites like Userfeel, Enroll, Whatusersdo, and Analysia.

An average app and website tester earns $53,221 a year.

There are many website and app testing jobs on boards like ZipRecruiter.

Photo of a woman working on her computer

Immediate hire Work-from-home jobs Amazon

Amazon has a wide range of immediate hire work from home jobs, which almost everybody can do. They are always hiring, and their openings vary. So check the Amazon jobs page for remote work from home openings.

If you want an immediate hire job from this company, visit Amazon MTurk, where there are always legitimate work-from-home jobs hiring now, for anyone to do. However, these tasks usually pay low.

An average remote worker with Amazon earns $17 an hour. To earn higher, consider doing Amazon customer representative jobs from home.

Openings are always available on Amazon.jobs.

How to get immediate hire work from home jobs

If you want a job that will hire you immediately, you must first examine your skillset and know what you can do. If you have some experience working from home, reexamine your resume to ensure it grabs the attention of your potential employer.

One thing to consider when creating your resume and online presence is by including what makes you unique and why the potential employer needs you.

Also, consider the amount you’d like to earn based on your skills, experience, and what others are making.

Where to get immediate hire work from home jobs

To get immediate hire work from home jobs, you must look in the right places to find high-paying clients and save yourself from scams.

Some of the best places to look out for immediate hire work-from-home jobs include remote work websites like We Work Remotely, Remote.co, Upwork Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, etc.

Indeed, Simply hired and other job boards are also great for getting immediate hire work from home jobs. 

LinkedIn is a community for professionals, and numerous people have found work from home jobs on the platform. You can also try Distant Job if you are a remote developer.

Photo of a woman working on her computer


How do I get a remote job immediately?

To get remote work from home jobs immediately, apply for immediate hire jobs and do great at the interview. Go for entry-level positions if you do not have experience, and be open to learning. 

Some of the best places to get hired immediately are Fiverr and Upwork.

How many companies allow working from home

Numerous companies allow working from home. However, some of the most recognized work-from-home companies include

Which companies are going remote permanently?

Some companies going remote permanently include Alphabet (Google), LinkedIn, Cisco, PwC, Twitter, Facebook, Instacart, Apple, Amazon, etc.


With the right skills and experience, it is not difficult to get immediate hire work from home jobs. 

Though some skills are more in demand than others, applying to the companies listed above can get you an immediate hire job, provided you have the requirements for the roles they need.

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