10 Amazing Books For a 6 year old Girl

Are you searching for ideal books for a six year old girl? This post contains some of the best books you can get for your six year old girl. 

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The age range of 6-7 is very important in a child’s learning process. This is the best period to help develop your six-year-old girl’s reading and literacy skills.

Importance Of Books For Six Year Old Girl

Photo of a brother and sister reading a book;; there are great books for 6 year old girl

At the age of six, children in general are more focused on learning how to read. They pay more attention to learning how to read than actually reading to learn. 

Supporting or encouraging them to love reading at this young age will go a long way for them. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to reading at a very young age have greater brain activation than their counterparts who weren’t. 

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Apart from this, books also have other benefits for children. It teaches them how to relate with others, and different interesting aspects of the world they live in. 

What Genres of Books Are Ideal For A Six-Year Old Girl?

Photo of two girls reading a book;; there are great books for 6 year old girls

Here are some genres your six-year old girl will find interesting.

Fable: Books in this genre are usually short stories with few characters. And most times, the characters are anthropomorphic (e.g. animals speaking and behaving like humans). 

Fables teach kids important social lessons. 

Fairytale: Fairytale is usually a good versus evil type of story and it also contains other mysterious and other-worldly factors. 

These kinds of books usually involve magic. Most of them have an evil character fighting against another character who is good. But at the end, good prevails and there is a happy ending. 

Fairytales, most of the time, happen in a faraway land, a long time ago. This raises curiosity and excitement in kids. Most times, a princess is the main character and an evil witch is also involved. 

There are modern fairytales now which are different from the traditional fairytales of the past. The setting is usually in the city instead of a faraway land and instead of starting with “once upon a time”, the story is usually about last Tuesday’s fantastic events. 

Myths: This is usually an origin story explaining why and how something is the way it is today. Myths explain things in nature, how the world or something began, and why people act the way they do. 

Oftentimes, myths depict highly emotional behaviors in the story’s characters and this teaches the kids lessons. As the character learns it, so does your six-year old girl. 

And if the character fails to learn the lesson, your girl will learn by their tragic mistake. 

Legend: What qualifies a book as a legend is that it must have some aspect of a real historic happening in it. 

An historical account is taken and exaggerated, new magical events are added, and the character which might have been a protagonist who truly lived at a point is lifted to a heroic status. 

An example of legend is the story of king Arthur which happens not to be true but the person was real. Robin Hood is another example, he was real but the stories about him aren’t. 

Trickster tale: This is usually a story about any kind of character, it could be human, a deity, mythical beast, or anthropomorphic who has higher wisdom and greater abilities which he uses to trick other characters in the story. 

In most trickster tales, the tricksters are playful and funny instead of malicious. Even though they cause havoc and mischief, nothing bad really happens to them as a result. 

The trickster always causes things to happen without any consequence to him. 

Tall tale: This is a make-believe story. It is told as if it were true but it is not. Stories about ghosts fall under this category. 

Poetry and verse: This category is about books with stories that rhyme and it can be about type of story. 

Poetry books strengthen and support memory skills and language development in six-year olds. 

Biography: This is an historical account of a real person or real people in real places. Distinctions are clearly made between real happenings and legends. 

Non-fiction: Books under this category are usually science books and for a six-year old girl, it could be books about plants, sea animals, dinosaurs, etc. 

They are mostly factual books with a fictional character as the narrator or a guide. 

Concept books: These are books that teach a particular concept. For a six-year old girl, it could be books that teach how to tie your shoes, how to bake, how to tell time, the four seasons of the year, etc. 

Counting and alphabet books also fall under this category. Note that concept books are not stories and there may be many people in the book but none of them are actual characters. 

Issue books: These are stories that teach kids about difficult real-life situations like abuse, death of a family member, divorce, natural disaster, wars, etc. 

It focuses on things that are difficult to discuss with children. Most times the stories are real and involve human characters which are fictional. 

The aim of these books is to help the children learn the lesson along with the characters. 

Movie adaptations: These are books that were written because of a successful movie. An example of this is Winnie-the-Pooh books. 

Old wives’ tale: These are books that contain superstitious information. They are usually warnings about how something or an action will affect you in the future. 

For instance, the superstitious belief that it is bad luck to hang your hat on the bed. 

Folktale: This is a type of story that was shared orally and has been told for many generations. 

A folktale can be a fable, legend, myth, fairytale, or a tall tale. It can even be a good ghost story. 

Try and get at least one book from each of these genres and see the one that interests your six-year old girl the most.  As she grows, it will help her to determine what kind of books she loves. When someone asks her what book she loves, she will simply say “I love poetry”. 

Best Books For Six-Year Old Girls

The books we’ve selected below will encourage your child to love reading and attract her to the world of books. And this, in turn, will help her develop a good reading culture from an early age.

1. If animals kissed goodnight 

Photo of ''If animals kissed''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This book is filled with charming and beautiful illustrations that will get your daughter’s attention. It teaches kids how certain animals kiss their offspring goodnight. 

Apart from this, this interesting book will teach your six-year old girl the names of various animals, their baby’s names, their body parts, and even the sounds the animals make. 

It teaches kids how every animal shares love in a unique way in the animal kingdom. 

It falls under the concept genre. 

2. I’ve Loved You Since Forever

Photo of ''I've loved you since forever''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This wonderful book for a six year old girl depicts the devotion and love of a parent to a child in a way that a child can understand it. It teaches kids from a little age that the parent and the child share a special bond that predates the birth of the child. 

Apart from this wonderful lesson, this book also contains heartwarming and beautiful pictures of animals and babies and also simple texts that a six-year old girl can read and understand. 

This is more of a poetry book. 

3. God Gave Us You

Photo of ''God gave us you'; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This issue book answers children’s questions, one that they often wonder about often. 

The book starts out with a polar bear cub who climbed into bed one night and asked her mama “Where did I come from?”. The Mama bear replied, telling her what every little one, both humans and animals would love to hear. 

“We wanted you very, very much, and we are so very glad because—God gave us you.”

This story book instills confidence and high self-esteem in kids. It will assure your girl that she is precious, loved, welcomed, and a treasured gift from the almighty. 

4. 365 Bedtime Stories and Rhymes

Photo of ''365 Bedtime Stories'; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This is one of the best books for a six-year old girl because every night, it enables you to tell her a different story which fills her wild imagination before she goes to sleep. 

It triggers the child’s imagination and creativity during story time and also has beautiful and vivid illustrations. The stories are beautifully written and will make your six year-old girl smile. 

This book has popular rhymes and short stories like:

  • Twinkle twinkle little star 
  • Little Bo-Peep 
  • Miss Mary Mack 
  • Hansel and Gretel 
  • The ugly duckling 
  • The lion and the mouse 
  • Hickory Dickory Dock, etc. 

This is one of the best books to get for your six year old daughter or niece. 

5. Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor

Photo of ''Leonora Bolt secret inventor''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This amazing and hilarious story is about an orphaned girl named Leonora, who lives on a remote island. She is a young inventor who spends all her days inventing and she is very good at it.

One day, she saw a strange boy named Jack who came on an inflatable lobster to give her bad news that her Uncle had been stealing her inventions and selling them on the mainland. 

She then knew that it was time for her to fight back using her super brain power. 

The adventure to claim back her inventions is a humorous one. Your six-year-old girl will really love this book. 

6. The Greatest Show on Earth

Photo of ''The greatest show on earth''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

If you are looking for a great non-fiction book for your six-year old girl, that tells the story of the earth through the lens of science then get this book. 

This story is narrated by a friendly troop of insects who will take your little girl back to millions of years ago and how life began on earth.

This book is about the entire story of planet earth. It has mind-blowing and lively illustrations your little girl will love. Apart from educating your girl, it will also entertain her. 

Your girl will hear about the very beginning when the earth was covered with volcanoes, the birth of bacteria, the era of the dinosaurs, the ice age, and then the first appearance of humans. 

7. The Grumpy Monkey 

Photo of ''The grumpy monkey''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This hilarious book will teach your six-year old girl from a little age that it is okay to feel down sometimes as long as no one is hurt in the process. 

This story is about Jim, the chimpanzee who is in a very bad mood for no good reason. His friends couldn’t understand why he is in such a bad mood on such a beautiful day. 

They brought out lots of suggestions on how to make him feel better. Nothing could make him happy, then his friends reasoned “Could it be that Jim just needs a day to feel grumpy? 

This book let kids know that it is allowed for them to feel their feelings. It teaches them how to deal with confusing emotions especially when going back to school. 

This is one of the best books for a six-year old girl. 

8. Lizzie and Lucky: The Mystery of the Missing Puppies

Photo of ''Lizzie and Lucky: The Mystery of the Missing Puppies''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This interesting story for kids is about a deaf girl named Lizzie who is desperate for a dog. But she has to come up with 101 reasons why she needs one so to convince her parents to let her get a dog. 

She was able to come up with some reasons like: 

  • Dogs are smart 
  • They make you happy 
  • Dogs are cuddly 
  • They can be trained to be hearing dogs which will benefit Lizzie 

But as you can see, Lizzie still has a long way to go in coming up with 101 reasons. 

As Lizzie was looking for points to make it up to 101, she came across an adorable puppy being snatched away and taken away in a van by a strange looking man. 

Can Lizzie solve the case, finish her list, and also find herself a loyal friend while doing so? This story is very interesting and your six-year old girl won’t drop the book until the last page. 

9. The Sheep-Pig

Photo of ''The Sheep pig''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

This wonderful story is about Babe, a little orphaned piglet who is won by farmer Hogget at a fair and adopted by the kind-hearted sheep-dog named Fly. 

Babe is determined to learn everything he can from Fly. He perfectly understands that he can’t be a sheepdog but he asks himself; “Why can’t I learn to be a sheep-pig?”

And maybe, just maybe, he might be a sheep-pig. You need to let your daughter find out if he achieved his desire by getting this book for her. 

This interesting story teaches kids the power of determination. They can be whatever they want to be if they are determined. 

Apart from this timeless lesson, this book contains lots of heart-warming adventures your little girl will love. 

10. The Extraordinary Life of Amelia Earhart

Photo of ''The Extraordinary Life of Amelia Earhart''; one of the great books for 6 year old girl

An interesting way to let your little girl learn about the world’s most influential heroes is to get her books like this one. 

This book contains a nifty combination of biography and story-telling styles and also facts that teach your girl about Amelia Earhart. 

It also has beautiful and eye-popping illustrations. 

Amelia Earhart fought for the right of female pilots everywhere and broke flying records. She also wrote best-selling books and launched her fashion label. 

In the midst of her attempt to circumnavigate the globe, she disappeared and her disappearance has remained one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries till date. 

Despite her disappearance, she is still remembered worldwide as the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and for also being a bold, brave, and adventurous woman who fought for what she believed in tirelessly. 

You have nothing to fear about getting this book for your six-year old girl because it is written in a way kids can easily comprehend. 


These are amazing books that your six year old girl will love. Not only are they interesting, they will also teach your little girls beautiful life lessons that will stay with them all through adulthood. 

The different genres of kids’ books should be explored before settling on favorites for your six year old girl.

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