12 Best Gifts For Busy Moms (That They’ll Actually Use)

The perfect gift for a busy mom is one that will make her life easier. This post contains the best gifts for busy moms that you can use to show your care, love and appreciation for them. 

image of best gifts for busy moms

Some of the best gifts you can get for busy moms are things that are practical for everyday life. These gifts should allow busy moms practice some form of self-care. 

We know finding the perfect gifts for busy moms can be one of the hardest things to do. But we’ve saved you the stress by compiling some of the best gifts for busy moms in this post. 

Go through the amazing gifts listed to find your best choice. 

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What To Consider When Getting The Best Gifts For Busy Moms


This is the first thing you should look out for when getting a gift for busy moms because self-care is very important. It is not an indulgence but a necessity. 

Make sure that the gift you’re giving will encourage the busy mom to create some time for her self-care, you know, the much needed “me-time”. Check out self-care ideas for moms.


You need to give them a gift that is practical, if not, they won’t even use it. A practical gift will make her chaotic life simpler. 


If the busy mom is your spouse, then you should consider romantic gifts. Busy moms may not have the time to invest in their relationships. 

So gift your spouse something that encourages that. It could be a gift card to a nice restaurant. You could offer to watch the kids yourself when free, etc. 

Best Gifts To Buy For Busy Moms

1. Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Photo of a lady at a Spa; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Long lasting and durable 
  • Hold all your essentials while soaking in your bathtub 
  • You can even read a book or use your tab 

A special way to encourage the busy mom in your life and show that you care for her is to gift her this wonderful item to help her relax better when she is having her “me time”.

This Royal craft wood luxury bath caddy tray will hold all the essentials and must-haves dry and secure while having a spa treatment either at home or in a spa. 

There is even a spot for a tablet or book, smart phone, candle, soap, and even a wine glass. 

This gift is also durable and long-lasting as it is made from anti-microbial and water-resistant bamboo. This caddy can fit most bathtubs and it is up to 43 inches in length. 

It also has two convenient trays that are detachable. And the tray can stay in one place firmly because of its silicon grips at the bottom. 

The natural color of the bamboo will fit with a wide range of décor but the tray comes in many colors that you can pick from. Some of the colors include hot pink, white, blue, and black. 

All the customers’ reviews about this gift on Amazon are awesome and people praised it as the perfect gift for a bath lover. 

2. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Photo of a lady with Vitruvi stone diffuser by her side; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Relieves stress, headaches, and other symptoms through aromatherapy 
  • It makes use of essential oils which are therapeutic oils gotten from plants 
  • It adds to the beauty of the home or home office 
  • Makes your home or office smell nice 

This wonderful essential oil diffuser is not just therapeutic and helps in relieving stress, it also adds to the décor of the home. It makes the home beautiful and helps it to smell nice. 

It looks sleek and stylish and will also set a zen vibe in the home of your busy mom friend. 

The vitruvi stone diffuser is 7-inch high and it can be set to four or eight intermittent hours to fill the room with your favorite essential oil. 

Apart from making the room smell great, this gift is also therapeutic. Using essential oils to do aromatherapy can relieve allergies, sinus pressure, and even headaches. 

This gift will really go a long way in showing a busy mom how much you care for her health. 

3. Tile Mate Key and Phone Finder

Photo of Tile mate key and phone finder; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • You can easily track your phone, keys, or wallets 
  • It eliminates searching for your important items when you have to go out or use them 

Busy moms can lose track of where they keep their keys and phones and we know how frustrating this can be. This gift will eliminate the frantic, last minute search for keys, cell phones, and even wallets for busy moms. 

The tile mate Bluetooth tracker will eliminate this problem by just attaching it to an important item, like keys, cell phones, or wallet. Then you download the tile app on your mobile device using a QR code on the pack of the Bluetooth tracker. 

Anytime your busy mom is looking for her items, all she needs to do is to launch the tile app and ring her items. The tile mate Bluetooth tracker will even ring it when it is on silent mode. 

There is a pack that contains just one Bluetooth tracker and there is another pack that contains four. That of the four-pack will truly serve a busy mom well. 

Many customers who bought this product on Amazon were satisfied and left great reviews. However, some complained that their location must be turned on at all times for the tracker to work and they were not okay with that because it drains their phone battery. 

4. UGG Women’s Ansley Slipper

Photo of a UGG Women's Ansley slipper; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Keep the legs warm and best during cold weather 
  • Water-resistant 

Please don’t underestimate this gift because it looks simple. However basic it looks, it is highly practical and functional. These comfy slippers give the feeling of walking on a cloud. 

Your busy mom will love and appreciate this gift. She will always remember you whenever she slides her feet into these wool-lined slippers which are designed to keep the feet warm. 

These durable slippers are also designed to last long. It has a water-resistant exterior and durable soles that make them perfect for outdoor use as well. 

The reviews about these slippers on Amazon are also awesome. 

5. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light

Photo of Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • You can have your favorite plant growing right inside your kitchen or home office 
  • It is gardening on auto-pilot 
  • It removes all the regular work a traditional garden comes with while giving you time to focus on your work 

Is your busy mom a plant lover? Why not get her this amazing gift to help her grow her favorite plants, fruits, or herbs, indoors.

This amazing indoor garden comes with a water tank that is easy to fill, smart soil capsules, and a LED light to serve as sunlight and boost plant growth. 

It also has a built-in reservoir that ensures that the plants get exactly what they need irrespective of the weather outside the house. 

Another amazing thing about this awesome gift is that it is compact enough to fit on a desk or on the kitchen counter. It is also easy to clean as it is dish-washer safe. 

This product has wonderful reviews on Amazon. 

6. Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 Slow Cooker

Photo of Ninja Foodi 7 in1; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Can do 7 functions 
  • Add a golden finish to foods 
  • Long lasting and durable 
  • Dishwasher safe 

If you are sure that your busy mom doesn’t have a slow cooker or an air-fryer, then you can get her this amazing Ninja foodi 7-in-1 as a gift. 

This slow cooker does it all. It will help her get all her meals on the table much faster than usual and this, in turn, will give her more time to spend on her work or projects. 

This pot is available in 5 to 8 quarts and it has a tender crisp technology that cooks anything and adds a nice golden finish to the food. 

It is dishwasher-safe, nonstick, and free from dangerous chemicals. It has seven functions which includes: 

  • Sear/saute 
  • Yogurt 
  • Slow cook 
  • Roast/bake 
  • Steam 
  • Air crisp/air fry 
  • Pressure cook 

All the reviews on Amazon are great except that some customers complained that this pot is too complicated to use. Others said it is too expensive. 

7. Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

Photo of Yeti Rambler; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Awesome gift for coffee lovers 
  • It can be held while on the go 
  • It can fit into the cup holder of most cars 
  • It has a beautiful design 

If your busy mom fiend is a coffee lover, get her this amazing mug so that she can always have her coffee with her on the go. It perfectly fits into the cup holder of most cars. 

It is a 20-ounce stainless steel mug that is vacuum-insulated to maintain the temperature of drinks put in it whether hot or cold without annoying condensation. 

There are many tumblers like this but those ones are slippery and hard to grip. This one has a handle that makes it easy to sip your coffee even while on the go. 

There are many great reviews about this mug on Amazon but some customers complained that it leaks their drinks from the top. We think the company needs to work more on the lid. 

8. Apple Watch Series 6

Photo of Apple Watch Series 6; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • It is many things in one device
  • It is a fitness and sleep tracker 
  • You can reply to texts or calls on this watch 
  • It counts the number of steps you take 

This watch is many things in one and it is a perfect gift for a busy mom because of all its amazing features. It is a fitness tracker, a sleep monitor, it can even reply to calls and texts, and many more. 

It tracks the number of steps taken a day when worn and it is water-resistant. Also, it is durable for everyday use and the thick band is highly comfortable. 

It has wonderful reviews on Amazon but some customers complained of the price. 

9. Water Bottle with Time Marker for busy moms 

Photo of a Water Bottle with time marker; one of the best gifts for busy moms


Some of the features that makes this brand stand out among others are: 

  • It has a time marker that encourages them to drink water when due and track their water intake. 
  • It is easy to carry 
  • It has an encouraging quote on the body 
  • It is BPA free 

It has a wonderful nozzle that prevents leaks and spills.

Busy moms know the importance of hydration but most of them may be too busy to even remember to drink water. Like we said above, the best gifts for busy moms should be practical and things that encourage self-care. 

This awesome water bottle will encourage her to stay hydrated and thereby boost her health and even her daily productivity. 

This is one of the best gifts you can give a busy mom.  It has amazing reviews on Amazon, and you will hardly see a complaint about this water bottle. 

10. Coffee warmer 

Photo of aCoffee Warmer; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Enables one to take their coffee as hot as they want to 
  • Portable and does not take up much space 
  • Makes use of electricity 

Does the busy mom in your life love to reheat her coffee often? If yes, why not get her this amazing electric cup beverage plate? It will help her to drink her coffee hot, the way she likes it, no matter how long it takes her to finish it. 

This gift is going to be a winner with your coffee loving super busy mom. 

11. Stylish gym workout t-shirts with pockets for females 

Photo of a lady on Gym workout tshirt; one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Comfortable and super soft 
  • Breathable, stretchy, and quick to dry when washed
  • Chick and trendy 

This gift will encourage the busy mom in your life to exercise. They are also classy and beautiful and can be worn right from home to the gym and back home. 

A busy mom who is a fashion freak will appreciate this wonderful gift. 

12. Amazon kindle membership 

Photo of a mom with her kids reading on her phone; Amazon Kindle membership is one of the best gifts for busy moms


  • Access to an unlimited number of books without due dates 
  • You can borrow up to 20 eligible kindle books at a time
  • Full magazine subscription is also available 

Is she a book lover? If yes, why not gift her an Amazon kindle unlimited membership plan? This is an awesome gift for a busy mom who is a book lover. 


Now you can show love, care, and appreciation to that busy mom in your life by giving her one of the best gifts for moms mentioned in this post. Go through the list and choose the perfectly suited one for her.

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