9 Best Bed Pillows (For Maximum Comfort)

Using the wrong pillow can give you neck and back pain. That is why you need the best bed pillows to have a comfortable night rest. 

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We have researched different bed pillows and compiled the most suitable for every sleeper. Read till the end to also learn how to pick the best pillow for you.

9 Best bed pillows for a comfy night sleep 

Here is a quick list of our 9 best bed pillows for different sleepers:

  1. Coop Home Goods Adjustable pillow – Overall best pillow 
  2. Italian luxury quilted pillow – Best bed pillow for side sleepers
  3. The Big One Memory Pillow– 2nd best pillow for side sleepers
  4. Amazon basic down alternative pillow – best value pillow
  5. Beckham Hotel Collection bed pillow – best pillow for back sleepers
  6. Purple Harmony Pillow – Best supportive pillow
  7. Momcozy pregnancy pillow – Best pregnancy pillow
  8. Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Best for stomach sleepers
  9. Therapeutica orthopedic pillow – Best orthopedic pillow

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Before we discuss these pillows indepthly, let’s see the types of pillows, properties, and why you should care.

Types of pillows

Pillows are grouped into different types based on their filling. Manufacturers usually mention the type of filling used on the product package and product description.

Below are the most common types of pillows, based on the filling. 

  1. Down pillows

Down pillows are produced from soft fibers gotten from the skin around the chest area of ducks and geese. These fibers can sometimes be considered as “the undercoating” of a bird. The best quality of down is gotten from Hungarian goose or European white goose.

Some manufacturers use feather fillings for their down pillows, while others combine feathers and down. Check the feather to down ration before buying any down pillow.


  • It is soft, natural, and lightweight
  • It is firm and comfortable for stomach sleepers 
  • It is long-lasting than synthetic pillows
  • It has insulating properties


  • You must fluff this fiber if you want to keep enjoying it 
  • this is difficult to clean 
  • Can be pricey 
  • There may be some allergies associated with it
  1. Down alternative pillows 

Down alternative pillows are the synthetic counterparts of down pillows. They contain polyester which mimic natural down. It is cheaper than the natural down pillows and more suitable for people with allergies.


  • It’s cheaper 
  • Itis easy to clean
    it is hypoallergenic, soft, and lightweight
  • it is a great option for people who consider down pillows unethical


  • You can’t compare the warmth from this pillow to that of down
  1. Memory foam pillows 

Memory foam pillows are also called visco-elastic pillows. They are produced from polyurethanes. Due to the chemicals in them, they give off a smell called “off-gassing.”

Memory foam pillows have more density and they contour your neck and head to the pillow when lying down. However, the pillow shape will get back after you get up. Memory foam pillows are great for aligning the neck and spine.


  • It can help relieve pain and help other health and sleep-related issues
  • It has no lumps and is available in different shapes and sizes
  • It is very durable
  • Contours your neck and head


  • It can off-gas
  • The one piece memory foam pillow can be too firm for stomach sleepers and may cause breathability issues
  1. Gel pillows

Gel pillows are cool, firm, and consistent pillows. This pillow doesn’t flatten because of the gel filling. However, you can reshape or mold it for more comfort. 

Many memory foam pillows are surrounded by a layer of gel, that’s why they are called “gel memory foam pillows.” They are cool and can contour the head too.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It doesn’t need fluffing or shaking
  • It is hypoallergenic and provides a cool sleeping surface
  •  It is pressure  relieving
  • Other fillings like memory foam can be combined with it


  • The gel pillow won’t sink  your head down like a regular pillows
  • They are not suitable for every kind of sleeper
  1. Feather pillows 

Feather pillows contain fillings of feathers off ducks and geese. These pillows are usually flat and have quills running through them.

Feather pillows are soft and fluffy and will hold their shape longer than down pillows. This is because the structure of the feathers used for constructing feather pillows is larger than that of down.

However, some down pillows can still contain feathers so check The down to feather ratio before buying.


  • It is soft, fluffy, and lightweight
  •  Can hold its shape for a long time
  •  It is firm and more structured


  • It will quickly flatten and needs fluffing
  • May be allergic for some people when the quills poke out
  1. Cotton pillows

Cotton is a very important aspect of bedding and it’s no surprise for them to be in pillows. Though not all pillows covered with cotton fabrics have cotton fillings, there are many benefits attached to using cotton-filled pillows. 

Natural cotton is hypoallergenic and absorbent. They are usually firmer than down pillows. However, sweat will make it compress and harden with time, which is very unhygienic.


  • It is n organic and hypoallergenic 
  • It is naturally absorbent and breathable


  • You must clean it regularly to prevent mold and dust mites
  • It could get lumpy or flatten with time 
  • It won’t contour your neck and head easily
  1. Water pillows

As you guessed, this pillow is filled with water. It is hypoallergenic and will maintain its consistency despite the pressure you apply.


  • It doesn’t flow and will conformed to your neck
  • You can add or remove excess water
  • It won’t move around because it is anchored to where you are


  • It could leak and wet your mattress
  • It is too firm for stomach sleepers 

9 Best Bed Pillows for different sleepers

Coop Home Goods Adjustable pillow – overall best pillow 

Photo of Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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Maybe you don’t know which sleeping position you prefer, the back feels comfortable when you are super tired, and the side when it’s chilly. You need a pillow that suits all sleeping positions. 

This adjustable pillow is very cozy and supportive. It has a medium firmness and contains a memory foam and polyester down alternative blend.

It offers an ideal balance of firmness and softness, suitable for all sleeping positions. Again you can adjust the field to suit your height but know that the process can be quite messy. Hence, you shouldn’t adjust the pillow fillings regularly. 

It is easy to clean this below and you can use a washing machine. This pillow will quickly bounce back to shape after sleeping. 


  • It is firm but cozy 
  • Suitable for all sleep positions
  • Easy to clean, you can use a washing machine
  • Bounces back to shape after use


  • It can be too hot for hot sleepers 
  • The outer cover may pill with time

Italian Luxury Quilted pillow – best bed pillow for side sleepers

Photo of Italian Luxury Quilted pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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This Italian luxury quilted pillow has a higher loft suitable for side sleepers. This loft will align your spine and neck and support your head adequately. It doesn’t give you the back, shoulder, and neck pain that soft or too stuffed pillows give.

It is a hypoallergenic gel pillow, and its construction appropriately supports the head. You  won’t need to re-fluff this pillow all through the night.


  • It provide neck and spine alignment
  • It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t need re fluffing


  • It may need fluffing before use

The Big One Memory Pillow – 2nd best pillow for side sleepers

Photo of The Big One Memory Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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We recommend this pillow for side sleepers that barely have comfortable night rests. This pillow naturally aligns the neck during sleep and relieves the painful pressure point. The ventilated gel memory foam also provides all night cooling.

It is supportive, comfortable and offers value for your money. It uses a soft memory foam filling with 3” per layer. The cover is made of polyester material.


  • Very comfortable and supportive for side sleepers
  • It is therapeutic and relieves sore neck and back pain


  • May be too firm for some people

Amazon basic down alternative pillow – best value pillow

Photo of Amazon Basic Down Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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This pillow has a polyester-down alternative filling with a soft to medium firmness. It offers the best value for your money and comes in a pair. The comfort from this pillow is worth three times its price.

Of course, the low cost of this pillow is associated with its polyester alternative filling. It still cleans easily and doesn’t shrink. This pillow is a great choice for people with allergies who need to constantly clean their bedding. 

Many people enjoy the softness of this pillow,while others  wish it was much denser and taller.


  • Cost-effective 
  • Washes well 
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Some people wish it was denser

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillow – best pillow for back sleepers

Photo of Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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This luxury gel memory foam-filled pillow uses plush materials to provide comfort for back sleepers and other sleepers. It is so comfortable that you won’t struggle to fall asleep.

This pillow doesn’t stain or fade. It is also machine washable; hence, they will keep looking as good as new. 

Do you hate your pillow drifting out from under your head while you sleep? This pillow from Beckham has a no shift construction that will make it stay under your head for as long as you are asleep.

This pillow has great reviews, but a customer complained that it is too thick, while another said that it is not firm enough. It all boils down to individual preferences. 


  • It is best for back sleepers, but suitable for all
  • It is resistant to stain and fading
  • It is machine washable
  • It is stylish and luxurious
  • The no-shift design will make it stay under your head for as long as you sleep


  • It could be too thick or not firm enough for you, depending on your preference

Purple Harmony Pillow – best supportive pillow

Photo of Purple Harmony Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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If you’ve been looking for a pillow that is supportive yet plush, you found it. This purple Harmony Pillow balances his firmness and plushness. 

An elastic grid material from Purple Signature surrounds the Talalay latex filling. This is why it gives an equally supportive and soft feeling. 

It has many varieties to fit many body types and slippers.

This pillow bounces back after 8 hours of sleep, and won’t flatten quickly. Also, you can wash the cover alone with a washing machine.

The best thing about this pillow is that the company offers 100 nights trial. If you’re not sure whether this pillow is the best for you, take advantage of the 100 nights trial.


  • It is super supportive 
  • Has shape retention abilities 
  • tI is breathable 
  • Stays cool all night long because of its soft and supportive nature
  • 100 nights free trials


  •  It is quite pricey

Momcozy pregnancy pillow – best pregnancy pillow

Photo of MomCozy Pregnancy Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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Pregnancy can be pretty difficult, but this pillow makes all the difference.  Momcozy pregnancy pillow has an ergonomic design and replaces the need for many pillows.

It has long silk cotton filling for support and comfort. It also improves blood circulation and can relieve hip pain, back soreness, and leg swelling for expecting mothers. 

Additionally, it is very flexible and you can adjust it to suit different positions, like when watching TV, nursing, or reading. It is suitable for back and side sleepers. It is versatile, and even non-pregnant women can use it. 


  • Suitable for pregnant and nursing moms
  • Soft, supportive, and flexible 
  • Relieves leg pain, backache, and leg swelling 


  • It may not be very comfortable for hot sleepers 

Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow – best for stomach sleepers

Photo of Bluewave GEL Memory Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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Depending on the height, stomach sleepers need a slim pillow to sleep comfortably, and that is what this pillow gives. It uses a supportive memory foam and gel for advance cooling to give you a peaceful night sleep. 

Also, it comes with a 60% polyester and 40% rayon removable cover that you can wash in a machine. 

It has different height ranges including 2.25”, 2.75” and 3.25”, etc. in loft, standard, and king sizes.


  • Perfect for stomach sleepers
  • Uses luxurious premium memory foam and won’t flatten quickly
  • The removable and machine washable polyester cover makes it easy to clean


  • A customer complained that the company charged $8 for returns

Therapeutica orthopedic pillow – best orthopedic pillow

Photo of Therapeutica orthopedic pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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This pillow is plush, firm, and will restore the natural curve of your neck. The manufacturers used a firm non-toxic non-allergenic molded foam to make this pillow.

It is not the right pillow for you if you are looking for a soft memory foam pillow. But you can adjust this pillow size to suit you.

This pillow is not one you should use all the time. It is a corrective pillow and may increase your neck pain if you use it for a long time.

You MUST measure this pillow to get the right size. You may not get the best from this pillow if you do not measure properly. Amazon has the measuring instructions for this pillow.


  • Great for relieving shoulder and neck pain from bone spurs, arthritis and other health conditions
  • It is suitable for back and side sleepers but you must follow the measuring instructions to size properly


  •  It is very firm, but that makes it supportive for people health issues
  • The firmness may not last for very long
  • Can be terrible if you don’t measure and choose the right size

How to choose a good bed pillow

There are several factors to consider before choosing the right pillow for your family. Here are some:

  1. The pillow fill

Pillow fills are what we classified as the “types of pillows.” They include the down pillow, cotton pillow, memory foam, etc. Down pillows are cool and comfortable, but may be allergenic.

There are other pillow fills that can suit your family. Please refer to our “types of bed pillows” for more information.

  1. The height

You can only get the right alignment from your pillow when the pillow size matches your body height. You can choose your body height for a pillow by considering your body type and sleep position.

People with bigger body frames need taller pillows, and more petite people should choose flatter pillows. There are medium pillows for people in between.

You need a higher and more supportive pillow if you are a side sleeper, but lower and softer pillows will suit a stomach sleeper more. If you are a back sleeper or frequently change positions, then choose a pillow that lies in between that is not too tall or firm.

  1. Health changes

Changes in body weight and other age-related changes can affect the type of pillow you need. People with health challenges may need orthopedic pillows.

Listen to your body and know that you need to change your pillow if it no longer feels right.

  1. Special features

Your preferences are also important when choosing a pillow. You may love pillows with extra features like cooling properties if you are hot sleeper. You may even want an adjustable pillow if you want to customize your height and firmness level.

  1. Care instructions

Even the best pillow will not last for long if you don’t follow the care instructions. Some pillows are machine washable, while you can only dry clean others. For others, you can only spot, treat or clean the removable covers.

Your pillow’s lifespan will increase if you wash it at most four times a year, but twice is okay. It can even last longer if you use a pillow protector to keep it from dirt and wear.

Best Bed Pillows: Real life reviews

Jed loves Momcozy U-Shaped Full Body Pillow

Photo of Momcozy Full body Pillow

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Jed is the founder and editor at Homeforbeginners.com. He said:

It hugs your entire body and shapes to both sides, ensuring that your head, back, tummy, sides, knees, hips, and feet are correctly supported. It also doubles as a pregnancy pillow that can be used. 

Oberon loves Coop Home Goods pillow

Photo of Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow; one of the best bed pillows

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Oberon Copeland is the Owner & CEO Of Veryinformed.com. She said:

“When it comes to bed pillows, there are a variety of brands to choose from. However, not all brands are created equal. Some pillows are too soft, while others are too firm. Some pillows maintain their shape well, while others quickly become lumpy and misshapen. So, what are the best brands of bed pillows? Based on customer reviews and ratings, here are three of the best bed pillow brands on the market:

1. Coop Home Goods: Coop Home Goods offers a variety of different pillow types, including down, gel-infused, and shredded memory foam. Their pillows are highly rated for their comfort and durability.

2. MyPillow: MyPillow is a popular bed pillow brand that offers a variety of pillow types to choose from. Their pillows are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide optimal support and comfort.

3.. Tempur-Pedic: Tempur-Pedic is another well-known brand that specializes in memory foam pillows. Their pillows contour to your head and neck, providing support and helping to reduce pain and stiffness.

So, if you’re looking for a new bed pillow, be sure to check out one of these three brands. You’re sure to find a pillow that’s just right for you.”

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Hotel pillows are more comfortable and luxurious than regular pillows because of their fill materials. Most regular pillows have polyester fill materials which can’t provide that level of luxury.

How much should a good pillow cost?

The amount you spend on a pillow depends on your preferences, but pillows can cost from $10 to $1,000. But you can get a good and lasting pillow between $25 and $100.


The role of pillows for a good sleep can never be over emphasized. That is why you deserve to go home to a comfy one. 

The best type of pillow for you depends on your sleeping position and preferences. Feel free to invest in your pillows, they can make your mornings worth waking up to.

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