15 Best Sorting And Stacking Toys For Kids

Stacking toys aid your kids physical and cognitive development.

image of stacking toys

The sorting and sifting of object helps in developing the minds of kids. When they lift bricks to stack, for example, their brains need to coordinate the hand eye movement that allows that happen — making for a sharper brain.

And all that up, down, and side movement of the arms build the tiny arm muscles of your child.

It also helps them figure out what goes together, how things move, and how the world works. 

Children love stacking toys – it fascinates them.  So, it keeps them engaged enough to allow you rest awhile. 

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Here are the best stacking toys to get for your kids.

1. The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

Photo of The First Years Stackup Cup toys; one of the best stacking toys

This stacking toy will help your child figure out what pieces fit best together. The bottom of each cup has large numbers to help your baby recognize numbers and learn counting. 

This toy can also become an entertaining distraction at bath time because each cup has unique holes in their bottom for water play. 

It will keep your kids fascinated as they will be so busy watching the water trickle out from beneath the bottom of their toys while you bathe them. 


  • Colorful and bright 
  • Contains 8 stacking cups 
  • The plastics are free from BPA 
  • Fun holes in the bottom for water play 

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2. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

Photo of Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll cups; one of the best stacking toys

This stacking toy is attractive, the smiley face jingle ball top instantly draws the attention of children. A set of this toy has 10 cups which are numbered to help your child pick up their numerical sequence over time. 

The cups can stack on top of each other, nest inside one another, and snap together to form balls which your child can roll around the room. 

These stacking cups are more than entertaining, they are also educational. By exploring and maneuvering each piece in different ways, your child will learn thinking and problem solving skills. 

It will start with the concept of shape and sizes. Their hand-eye coordination and motor skills will then improve as they play. It will also stimulate their sense of sight and hearing. 

The smiley jingle ball is also encouraging and serves as a reward for a good job done. 


  • 10 colorfully numbered cups 
  • Jingle sound ball rests on top or nests inside 
  • Boosts motor skills in children 
  • Teaches them colors, numbers, and counting as they play 

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3. Fat Brain Toys Tobbles

Photo of Fat Brain Toy Tobbles; one of the best stacking toys

This is a very interesting stacking toy for kids. It is a set of 6 dual-colored and weighted spheres on top of a sturdy base. It can be tilted, spun, and stacked. 

At first sight, this stacking toy may be seen as a mere leaning tower of stacking balls but it has received numerous awards because of its educational impact.  

Awards the Fat Brain Toys Tobbles has received are: 

  • Home Toy of the Year at the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair 
  • Major Fun Award, ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids Award 
  • The Parent’s Choice Silver Award

This stacking toy for kids encourages the development of visual-spatial and motor skills, and aids creative play. 

It is also fun for parents as they can play with their child or watch them play. 


  • A mixture of physics and modern design 
  • They balance, nest, spin, and stack in gravity-defying angles, keeping children curious and busy.
  • Imbibes sensory exploration, imaginative thinking, motor skills, spatial reasoning, and coordination. 
  • Made of high quality plastics 

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4. Melissa & Doug Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars

Photo of Melissa & Doug Nesting & Sorting; one of the best stacking toys

This is one company that has taken stacking and nesting toys to the next level. 

Instead of sticking to the standard stacking cups, this company has gone a step higher and designed stackable parking garages to help flex and train your child’s hand-eye coordination muscles. 

Each garage is paired with a miniature wooden car that matches the same color and size. This is done to teach your child matching. 

These toys will keep your child busy for long hours because there are a lot of things to do. They will match pieces to their counterparts, build blocks, and engage in car racing. 


  • Highly educational, it teaches kids counting, numbers, colors, matching items, and arrangements. 
  • Contains 7 garages and 7 wooden cars 
  • Develops multiple skills in children like the concept of size and color, numbers, counting, hand-eye coordination, creative expression, problem solving skills, etc. 

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5. Battat Sort and Stack

Photo of Battat Sort and Stack; one of the best stacking toys

This stacking and nesting toy for kids covers the bases like numbers, sorting, shapes, and stacking. It has everything a child wants and needs for their early development. 

It includes 19 colorful pieces which includes 10 stacking cups, 8 shapes, and one bucket lid. 

Also, it is more than entertainment, it is an educational tool that will fine tune your child’s ability to recognize color and numbers, improve their counting, and aid their hand-eye coordination skill. 

You can also take this toy to the tub or to the beach with your child. It is also easy to clean. 


  • Aids in shape sorting 
  • It teaches kids math concept
  • They can easily be packed and unpacked 

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6. Wood City Wooden Sorting and Stacking Toy 

Photo of Wood City Wooden Sorting and Stacking toy; one of the best stacking toys

This is not a mere toy, it is a mixture of a puzzle and a stacking toy and it is going to keep your kid engaged for a long time. It has five different shapes and colors 

Your child can stack the pieces on the wooden peg and each piece can perfectly fit into their tiny hands. 


  • A perfect combination of entertainment and education 
  • It exercises your child’s mind and teach them shape, geometry, colors. And hand-eye coordination. 
  • Made of quality material: 100% non-toxic wood with food grade water paint. 

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7. Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacker 

Photo of Lewo Wooden Rainbow; one of the best stacking toys

The bright colors attract kids and they make a beautiful décor piece. 

The various sized arches can be stacked or put together in many different ways. This toy is perfect for creative play. 


  • Inspires creativity in children 
  • Made from non-toxic wood and kid-safe water paint 

Check it out on Amazon

8. HABA Lighthouse Wooden Rainbow Stacker 

Photo of HABA Lighthouse Wooden Rainbow; one of the best stacking toys

This eight piece set of stacking toy is perfect for your little child. It has bright colors, a cool shape, and it is strong. 

It makes stacking fun and educative for even the smallest builders. Also, it improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children. 

It is made from Beech wood sourced from German forests, and painted with water-based colors. 


  • Safe for kids 
  • Educational toy 
  • Resistant to wear and tear 

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9. FIMIJORY Balancing Wooden Blocks 

Photo of Fimijory Balancing Wooden Blocks; one of the best stacking toys

This is one of the best stacking toys for kids but due to its complex nature, it is more suitable for kids aged 1 to 5 years old and not ideal for younger babies. 

It is made from high quality pine wood. It is safe and also educational. 

Also, it will help your kid learn the art of balancing and there are endless ways of playing with this stacking toy. 

The colorful shades also make the toy fun and attractive to kids. 

This stacking toy develops the following in children: 

  • Hands-on skills 
  • Improves concentration
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Awareness of shape, color and space. 
  • Stimulates their imagination and self-learning ability.


  • 36 pieces made from natural wood material 
  • Non-toxic water-based paint 

Check it out on Amazon

10. HABA On the Farm Sturdy Cardboards Nesting and Stacking Cubes 

Photo of HABA on the Farm Sturdy Cardboards Nesting and Stacking Cubes; one of the best stacking toys

This is more than a toy, this stacking toy will teach your kid about farm animals, colors, and numbers. 

It comes with 10 pieces and each has its unique image. The blocks are lightweight and can easily fall to the ground without injuring your baby. 


  • Lightweight and quality cardboard 
  • Beautiful and keeps children occupied 

Check it out on Amazon.

11. Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring

Photo of Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring; one of the best stacking toys

This stacking toy for kids stands out from other brands because of its variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Your child will be fascinated by this toy and it helps children learn new things. 

Each ring has a different weight as well. The rings are chunky enough for little baby hands. The straight post can accept every piece and it is sturdy enough to remain upright as they stack. 


  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination 
  • Strengthens fine motor skills 
  • The textural variety makes it great for mouthing, especially for babies in their teething stage  
  • Quality plastics free from BPA 
  • The colorful beads in the clear ring allows the child to connect sound to sight 

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12. Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker

Photo of Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker; one of the best stacking toys

Melissa & Doug brand is the gold standard in childhood play. For more than 30 years, this company has created beautifully designed and imagination and creativity boosting toys. 

This stacking toy has 21 colorful and kid-safe pieces of rings, rectangles, and octagons that can be matched and stacked on three rods. 

It helps children to recognize shape, color, and size early. It also strengthens hand-eye coordination. 


  • Made from high-quality and kid-safe material 
  • Builds multiple skills in children 
  • Promotes early learning 

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13. Green Toys Stacking Cups

Photo of Green Toys Stacking Cups; one of the best stacking toys

There are lots of vibrant rainbow-colored toys in the market but this brand is unique. Their hues are beautiful. These nesting pieces and stacking toys are made from 100% recycled plastics. 

They can be stacked without a rod because of their cup-like shape. They can also create a small compact stack when nested together and you can stack them upside down to make a tall tower. 


  • Offers dozens of possibilities for play and bath time 
  • Teaches basic counting and math concept during play 
  • It is dishwasher safe and meets FDA food contact standards 

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14. LAMAZE – Rainbow Stacking Rings Toy

Photo of LAMAZE Rainbow Stacking Rings; one of the best stacking toys

This is a good option for parents who are looking for a soft-material stacking toy. They are soft like pillows yet sturdy enough to stack. 

The center pole which is also soft keeps the rings centered. 

Each ring has a vibrant color, pattern, crinkle sound, and texture. All these give kids a fun sensory experience. 

This stacking toy helps children develop visual, auditory, tactile, problem-solving and fine motor skills.


  • Has fun bright colors, patterns and intriguing textures that will invite and engage kids. 
  • The easy-to-grasp rings builds dexterity and hand-eye connection. 

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15. Silicone Rainbow Stacker

Photo of Silicone Rainbow Stacker; one of the best stacking toys

The 10 arched pieces of this stacking toy nest perfectly together to create a vibrant rainbow. They can also be separated to make bridges and ramps for toy cars, rocking chairs for dolls, and sea saws or whatever your baby comes up with. 

It is flexible and made from food-safe silicone. They are bendy, chewable for teething babies, and water-proof. 

It develops hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, creative thinking, motor skills, sorting skills, sensory play, and color recognition in children. 


  • Plastic free toy 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Educational

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Benefits of Stacking Toys for Children

Photo of stacking toys

Below are some of the ways stacking toys contribute to the development of children: 

  • It promotes the development of fine motor skills. Fine motor skill is the ability to make movements using the small muscles in the hands and wrist. Grabbing things with their hands and arranging or stacking will improve fine motor skill in your child. 
  • Playing with stacking toys is a form of exercise that develops movement 
  • Promotes gross motor abilities, especially large wooden nesting boxes 
  • Imbibes the awareness of shapes, colors, and sizes 
  • They learn grasp and release movement 
  • It imbibes visual and spatial perception/visual discrimination 
  • Develops hand-eye coordination 
  • Improves concentration 
  • Improves sequencing skills
  • Builds creativity 
  • Imbibes critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • Geometric stackers imbibe high quality construction skills.
  • Builds differentiation skills 
  • Guarantees happiness 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Stacking Toys

Photo of stacking toys
What are stacking toys? 

These are toys that can be put into one another. They are of different types and help boost the cognitive development of a child. 

When can babies start stacking toys? 

A baby can start stacking from six months old, but it can be earlier depending on the child. Once your child starts showing curiosity and can sit on his/her own, you can give them kid-safe stacking toys. 
At this time, your child is trying to explore this wonderful world he just came into and giving them organized information will help them learn best. 

Are stacking toys good for sitting babies? 

Of course, it is! 
It is a healthy activity that builds fine and gross motor skills in children. It even helps develop their hand-eye coordination. They learn spatial relationships from an early age, “under”, “on”, “around”, etc.


Stacking toys are more than just entertainment, they are educational, and buying them for your kids is an excellent way to make kids learn while they play. It also boosts their cognitive development. 

This post contains the benefits of stacking toys and some of the very best stacking toys of 2022. 

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