Tupperware Organizer; 18+ Easy Ways To Organize Your Tupperware

Tupperware organizers are very important in the home and food centers because Tupperware is used daily in these places. 

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Tupperware is a general name for products used to prepare, store, and serve foods in the home or kitchen. It was developed in 1942 by a chemist called Earl Tupper but his products were first made public in 1946. 

Tupperware is a general name for glass or plastic containers with snap-close lids used to store foods. These are common products in every home. 

In this post, we will be giving you a list of wonderful and quality Tupperware organizers. They help to make your kitchen well-arranged, de-cluttered and organized. 

Without these organizers and you not being able to arrange your Tupperware well, your kitchen will be stacked up with Tupperware and their lids. 

How To Organize Your Tupperware

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Before we give you our wonderful list of Tupperware organizers, here are some tips to help you arrange your kitchen and kitchen cupboard. 

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This will help you not to waste time looking for food containers and their lids again.

Step 1: Empty your cupboards 

The first step to clean and arrange your kitchen is to empty the whole cupboard of every food container in them. Then you clean/wipe down all the shelves, doors, and inside the cupboards. 

Remember to use natural cleaning products, they are healthier and safer for the environment. 

Step 2: De-clutter 

After cleaning, you de-clutter your Tupperware. Throw out the broken ones, the lids that don’t fit again, and those that you know you won’t be using anymore. 

By doing this, you would only be left with those that are still in good shape and those you still use. This will make it easier for you to arrange them as you are left only with the containers you need. 

As time goes on, give out any container you know you won’t be using because plastic containers have a habit of multiplying. 

So donate or give them away and just keep the quantity you know will serve you without having too many plastics. 

Step 3: Group like containers together 

Now that you are ready to arrange your cupboard, you have to organize your Tupperware. Group containers together based on how they fit best or how it makes sense to you and your collections. 

You can group them based on the product line or brand. Or lump containers or lids that are all the same sizes together. You can even pair containers and lids that go together. 

If you choose to go with the last option, keep in mind that some Tupperware lids can fit multiple containers of different depths making you end up with a stack of identical lids for many sizes of containers. 

Step 4: Have a place for everything 

Having everything in one place is one of the biggest secrets to an organized kitchen and kitchen cupboard. 

So make sure all your Tupperware are together in one place and ensure that containers don’t move into other cupboards. 

After going through all of these steps, you should have a clean and well-arranged kitchen. Then the next step is to think of an organizational system that is going to work for you. 

This is where this post helps you because we have a list of quality Tupperware organizers for your kitchen. The Tupperware organizers recommended in this post are simple, practical, and accessible. 

These Tupperware organizers will make your kitchen cupboard super easy, clean, and organized. You will easily find the Tupperware you want. 

How To Store Tupperware

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Before you go ahead and store your Tupperware, you have to choose the storage method: whether to stack, file, or pair. 

The option you go for should depend on your available storage space. You also have to consider the types of containers, the lids you have, and your own preferences. 

Answer these questions to help you choose the best storage method:

  • Do you want to nest your Tupperware containers? 
  • Do you prefer to file your lids vertically? 
  • Would you prefer to stack your lids and grab them from the top when you need one? 
  • Do you want your lids stored along with their matching containers? 
  • Do you prefer to store all your lids together? 
Photo of Tupperware Lid Organizer

You might be tempted to store your Tupperware with their lids on. We advise against this because they do not nest. They will end up occupying more space than they should have. 

You might even notice a weird smell in your containers. 

Overall, the best way to store your Tupperware and their lids is to make use of Tupperware organizers. 

Tupperware Lid Organizers

Do you notice most homes have more Tupperware lids than Tupperware? Tupperware lid organizers will help you not to waste time looking for loose lids in your cupboard. 

It will keep them in one spot and make access to them easy. 

1. Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Organizer

Photo of Spectrum Tupperware Organizer

Are you looking for an organizing system for your Tupperware lid, plates, cutting boards, bakeware, pans, serving trays, and lids? Then go for this product.

It is of good quality as it is made of steel. Spectrum helps you organize your lids, baking sheets, and even plates with ease. It fits perfectly on shelves inside kitchen cupboards. 

It has sturdy steel construction and a chrome finish. With this product, you will make the most use of your cabinet space. It can also be used on top of your kitchen counter. 

The beautiful design adds a touch to your modern kitchen and it comes in a range of stylish finishes that can match the color scheme of any kitchen. 

It is weighted enough that it doesn’t move when removing items. 

2. YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer 

Photo of Youcopia Tupperware Organizer

With this product, you can store your round and square lids. It has 5 long adjustable dividers and fits properly in cabinets or drawers with handles for easy access. 

YouCopia is BPA-free and easy to clean. It just needs one minute to set up and no tools are required. The components are included and they are adjustable. 

With this product, you don’t have to dig around the cabinet to find a lid for your Tupperware. 

3. InterDesign Cabinet Binz 3 Compartment Lid Organizer

Photo of Interdesign Tupperware Organizer

This product helps de-clutter your kitchen by arranging Tupperware lids and even lids of pots and pans. It has three compartments for holding various sizes of lids. 

InterDesign is made with BPA-free plastics and it is easy to clean by wiping it with a clean and damp piece of cloth. 

4. mDesign Food Storage Container Lid Holder

Photo of mDesign Tupperware Organizer

This 3-compartment plastic organizer for Tupperware lid can be used on pantry shelves, cupboards, and kitchen cabinets. This organization system makes storage easy. 

The large capacity lid organizer will give you a clean and organized kitchen. You can store all kinds of lids for your food storage containers in it and you have easy access to them because you won’t waste time looking for the lid that fits. 

Even though it is made with plastic, the plastic is durable and free from BPA and chlorine. It is safe for food, easy to clean using water and mild soap. 

5. Metal Food Container Lid Organizer

Photo of Metal Food container Tupperware Organizer

This brand is adjustable and has 6 dividers storage container lid holder rack. It can stay in cabinets, pantry shelves, or drawers thereby keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. 

It is specifically made for Tupperware lids hence the u-shaped design. This practical Tupperware lid organizer will get your kitchen in shape. 

It has 7 adjustable compartments and 6 adjustable dividers, and it is easy to set up without the use of any tool. With this Tupperware lid organizer, you won’t waste time searching for the right lid, you just pick it up. 

6. SWOMMOLY Expandable Food Storage Container Lid Organizer

Photo of Swommoly Tupperware Organizer

One good feature we love about this brand is that it is expandable. It has six dividers and can store more than 40 lids, it can even hold Tupperware up to 10 inches. 

Swommoly has a lock design that keeps 2 parts together. It is made from high-quality food-grade materials and is also free from BPA. You don’t need any tool to set it up as it is easy to set up. 

7. Expandable Food Container Lid Organizer

Photo of Expandable Tupperware Organizer

If you need large-capacity Tupperware lid storage, then go for this brand. It has 10 adjustable dividers that are also detachable and it can fit in properly anywhere like cupboards, cabinets, and pantry shelves. 

With this, you can organize all your Tupperware including their lids, hence the U-shaped design. It will help you keep your kitchen in order. 

This expandable Tupperware lid organizer has 11 adjustable compartments with 10 adjustable dividers. You don’t need any tool to set it up because it is easy to set up in seconds. 

It is strong and durable as it is made with sturdy carbon steel. Apart from being very strong, it is practical, easy to clean, and one of the best lid organizers you will need. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty. 

8. Mesh Food Container Lid Organizer

Photo of Mesh Food Container

This adjustable Tupperware lid organizer has 6 dividers and it can be used in the cabinet, in the drawer, and on the counter. 

Save space in your kitchen by organizing your Tupperware lids with this. It has a complete frame that even circular lids won’t roll out and fall to the ground. 

If you have upright lids, then get this, because it accommodates most of them. It is easy to install without any tool and has 7 compartments. 

The dividers are adjustable and easy to detach and help you arrange Tupperware lids according to their sizes. 

Mesh food container lid organizer is durable as it is made from sturdy metals. Its black coating makes it resistant to rust and corrosion thereby making it last longer. 

It is also easy to clean and the grid design makes it difficult for dust and water to accumulate in it. 

9. GeekDigg Food Container Lid Organizer

Pgoto of GeekDig Tupperware Organizer

This upgraded version of GeekDigg food container lid organizer has six dividers and takes just one minute to set up. It can store up to 50 Tupperware lids thereby saving you a lot of space on the countertop or cabinet. 

GeekDigg gives you more options to organize your Tupperware lids as the spacing of the black metal organizer tiers is adjustable. It fits perfectly in drawers with handles or cabinets for easy access to your lids. 

It is made with heavy-duty iron and sprayed painting process finish. This product is firm and elegant and the special U-shaped groove design will steadily hold your Tupperware lids.  

10. Baflan Food Container Lid Organizer – Lid Storage Holder

Photo of Baflan Food Container Lid Organizer

This organizer fits all kinds and sizes of Tupperware lids. It stores both round and square lids up to 10.5 inches wide. It has 2 tall and 3 short adjustable dividers to give your kitchen a perfect organization. 

You can place it in the cabinet or drawer. 

Tupperware Storage Organizer for Cabinets And Drawers

If you just stop on the tips we gave you above on how to organize your Tupperware without getting any organizer to help you, it will still get cluttered no matter how many times you organize your cupboard. 

Within a few days, the place is a mess again. So the best way to prevent this and save time and energy is to invest in a quality Tupperware storage organizer. 

They will help you keep your Tupperware constantly organized. 

1. Hoovy White Adjustable Food Storage Organizer

Photo of Hoovy White Tupperware Organizer

With this, you can neatly and permanently store your food storage containers. It can be placed in a drawer, or cabinet, or on the kitchen slab for easy access. 

There will be no more disarray and chaos in your kitchen when you have this. It can house many lids and containers and yet, still compact enough to give you space-saving benefits. 

It is of premium build because it is made with high-quality PE coated steel and it is also rust-resistant. But it is still advised that you wipe off extra moisture after washing to make it last longer. 

2. Rev-A-Shelf 4FSCO-24SC-1 Kitchen Food Storage Container Organizer

This organizer works with most kitchen cabinets. The construction is sturdy and fully assembled and designed with all-natural wood. It is finished with chrome accents and very easy to install. 

It comes with the wood organizer, 8 dividers, and 1 set of Blumotion slides. This Tupperware organizer will help add some sanity to your kitchen and help you take back your cabinet space.  

3. Chef Buddy 82-2003 Swirl Around 49 PC Food Storage Organizer

Photo of Chef Buddy Tupperware Organizer

This Tupperware organizer keeps your Tupperware and their lids organized and it also saves storage space at the same time. It also has interchanging locking lids. 

Chef Buddy is a good choice if you want to keep your kitchen neat and organized. It can hold 48 pieces of Tupperware and their lids and they are arranged in a way that you have easy access to them. 

The base can fit any kind of space, including a small bowl or even a small cabinet. The plastic is BPA-free and can be cleaned easily. 

Chef Buddy is best for kitchens with limited counter space or small cupboards.  

4. Umbra Peggy Kitchen Cupboard, Shelf, and Drawer Organizer

Photo of Umbra Peggy Tupperware Organizer

Umbra peggy is an adaptable storage for Tupperware and their lids. It keeps everything neatly arranged while helping you manage your kitchen space. 

You can place it inside cupboards, cabinets, or even on a shelf. It is easy to use and the setup takes few seconds. It has non-slip feet that make sure it stays in place wherever you fix it. 

Umbra peggy is adjustable and flexible, it is unique from most Tupperware organizers that are confined to just one pre-determined configuration. 

With this organizer, you can adjust your storage and organization needs. This company offers your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the product. 

5. Large Adjustable Food Storage Organizer

Photo of Adjustable Storage Food Container

With this organizer, you can conveniently and easily arrange your Tupperware and place it in the cabinet, drawer, or countertop. This is a fool-proof way to get a neat and tidy kitchen. 

The large and adjustable design will ensure that there is no more disarray and chaos in your kitchen. It can hold enough Tupperware and their lids while also saving space for you at the same time. 

It is made with high-quality PE-coated steel that is rust-resistant. 

6. Double-side Expandable Food Container Lid Organizer

Photo of Double side expandable food container organizer

This super large Tupperware organizer can fit into your drawer and help you organize your Tupperware and their lids. It has 12 adjustable dividers that are detachable. 

With this extra-large size, you can organize all your Tupperware and their lids. It is easy to set up as you don’t need any tools. If you don’t have enough space in your drawer, you can use just one rack. 

It is very sturdy as it is made of sturdy carbon steel and it is easy to clean. It has a simple style and it adds a modern touch to your kitchen décor. 

This product comes with a one-year warranty. 

8 Best Tupperware Organization Ideas

Photo of Tupperware Organizer

If you are considering getting a Tupperware organizer or you want another way round, then there are 10 ways to organize your Tupperware without a Tupperware organizer. 

1. Stack lids vertically in a plate rack 

You can use a plate rack to carefully arrange your Tupperware lids. Divide them by sizes so that you can easily get the one you need. 

If you don’t have a plate rack, you can get this bamboo dish drying rack and place it on your counter or in your kitchen cabinet and store your Tupperware there.

2. Use book bins as dividers 

This is a super simple solution if you want to keep your Tupperware clean and tidy regardless of their sizes and shapes. Get cloth book bins and turn them on their sides so you can use them as dividers. 

If you already have soft-sided book bins, you can use them or buy from the link above. You can use any kind of basket or bin like this one here

Choose the one that can fit into your cabinet or drawer with the opening side facing up. 

3. Store lids with tension rods 

A smart way to keep your Tupperware lids from getting out of hand is to use small tension rods. An advantage of using them is that you can stretch them to fit the size of any drawer. 

You can stretch them across the width or depth of your drawer, all to one side. 

3. Separate lids and containers using drawer dividers 

You can use some drawer dividers and some smart stacking skills to organize your Tupperware. You can get these dividers working in 2 directions.

It has a super satisfying look and helps organize your Tupperware. 

4. Keep containers in place using a pegboard 

Another clever way to arrange your Tupperware and keep them separated and tidy is to add pegboards to your slide-out cabinet inserts or drawers.

 You can do this using simple hardware store supplies or buy a ready-made pegboard kit

If you want something turnkey, you can get this adjustable pegboard-inspired kitchen cabinet organizer from Umbra.

5. Use a hidden magazine rack 

Another way to store your Tupperware lid is to use a hidden magazine rack or a file sorter. Put it inside your cabinet door to make it hidden but easy to reach when you need them. 

You can make this using a narrow organizer and stick-on command hooks. Ensure that the organizer has big holes to accommodate the hooks. 

Or you buy a file sorter that is designed to be mounted on a wall. You fasten it to your cabinet doors using shorter screws to get a semi-permanent solution. 

6. Hack a cereal box

This is the cheapest and quickest solution to organize your Tupperware lids. Cut off the top of a cereal box and one corner to create a magazine-style organizer. 

If you want it to look more special, you can wrap it like a gift using pretty patterned paper. Tuck and tape the paper around the cut edges. 

7. Make a Tupperware lid organizer with a drying rack 

If you are already storing your lids in a small bin but want a tidier option, you can consider this. 

Get a roll-up dish drying rack and unroll it across the top of your bin. This will give your lids neat little sections to slide into.  

8. Invest in an entire storage system or buy an off-the-shelf solution 

If hacking and DIY isn’t your thing, then you can get a good Tupperware organizer from the list given above. 


We hope this post will help you have a tidy and de-cluttered kitchen. Also, check out our post on amazing pots and pans organizers.

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