Pampers Swaddlers Vs Baby Dry (Which Should You Choose?)

Are you a new mom searching for the right diaper for your baby? Or maybe you want to switch diapers and you are considering which to choose between Pampers Swaddlers or Baby Dry?

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Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry have different features and costs. Their features are unique, and it can be difficult to choose because of the importance of each feature. However, you will get the best from the two products when you understand your baby’s needs and how the products can help you solve them.

We did an in-depth research on these two diapers to know which works best for different scenarios. We also asked many moms about their experiences with both diapers and what they love or hate about them. Their reviews have been included in this article.

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So, let’s dig deep on Pampers Swaddlers vs. Pampers Baby Dry. 

Quick summary of pampers Swaddlers vs. Pampers Baby Dry

FeaturesPampers SwaddlersPampers Baby Dry
Best featureBest for sensitive skinMost economical
SizingSizes N to 7Sizes N to 6
Preemie sizeNot availableP1 for <6lbs, P2 for <4lbs, and P3 for <1.8lbs
Wetness indicatorPresent for all sizesPresent from size N to 4
Umbilical notchPresent for sizes N to 2Not present

Product overview

Pampers Swaddlers

Photo of pampers swaddlers

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The Pampers Swaddlers diapers suit the delicate skin of a newborn. Though slightly stiff, they are snug and well fitted for babies. They also have a soft surface area to create a blanket-like feel.

Pampers Swaddlers has a soft breathable liner that dries up moisture from your baby’s skin and reduces their risks of a diaper rash. It also has a wetness indicator to tell you when to change the diapers. This indicator is a pH-sensitive strip whose color changes when the diaper is wet enough to be changed.

Pampers Swaddlers are a perfect option for babies with sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved. 

They also have umbilical cord notches in the sizes for newborns to prevent irritation on your baby’s cord stump. It is available from preemie sizes to size 7. 

The Velcro-like fasteners give it a flexible fit for kids of various weights. Though many parents like it because it is easy to adjust and refasten, they complain that it is not reliable and may not always stay put.


  • Has umbilical cord notch for newborns and sizes one to two
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Has wetness indicator in all the sizes
  • Has a soft blanket feel because of soft breath-free liner
  • Certified by Skin Health Alliance 
  • Sizes can accommodate kids weighing more than 10lbs to 41+lbs


  • Cannot hold as much liquid as the Baby Dry
  • It may be hard to find consistent sizes in every store 
  • It is more expensive than the regular diapers 
  • The closure tab can rip

Pampers Baby Dry

Photo of pampers baby dry

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The Pampers Baby Dry diaper has three extra absorb layers and built-in airflow channels that evenly distributes wetness and locks away moisture. It can keep your baby dry overnight, for up to 12 hours. 

It also has a color change wetness indicator in the newborn and size 4 that notifies you of when to change your baby’s diaper. 

The closest layer to your baby’s skin contains a cleansing lotion to keep your baby’s skin clean and dry. The ingredient used for this lotion is mild and is the same used for lip balms. 

The fastening closures use propylene stretch film, which is stronger than Swaddlers. Pampers Baby Dry is available in newborn sizes and sizes 1 to 6. 


  • Holds more fluids than the Swaddlers and can keep Baby Dry for up to 12 hours overnight
  • Has three extra absorb channels with an added airflow design 
  • Stronger yet flexible closure tabs


  • Unlike Swaddlers, the wetness indicator is only available in newborn, and sizes one to three
  • Not as soft as Swaddlers, and may not be the best for babies with sensitive skin. 

Differences between the Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry

Let’s look at the differences between Swaddlers and Baby Dry based on the following features:

  1. Absorbency

The absorbent cores of Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry contain elemental chlorine-free pulp and absorbent polymer. But one is more absorbent than the other. 

Pampers Swaddlers has a breathable absorbent way liner that sucks up moisture from the baby’s skin and keeps them dry until it is time to change. You can also use the provided wetness indicator to know when it is time for a change. 

Baby Dry on the other hand has three absorbent layers that wick away more moisture. It can keep your Baby Dry for a longer time, requiring less change. But besides sizes N, 1, and 2, there is no wetness indicator to tell you that it is time for a diaper change. 

Baby Dry can hold more moisture and wins over the Swaddlers in terms of absorbency. 

  1. Fit 

Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry can be a good fit for your baby if you choose the best size for their weight. They have stretchy and more flexible sides to fit your baby’s legs. The polypropylene and elastic cuffs in the two diapers allow a custom fit. These polypropylene materials are BPA-free and safe for human use. 

However, some parents believe that Swaddlers are saggy, while others say they fit snugly. But the key is knowing the right fit for your baby. 

  1. Softness

Pampers Swaddlers are designed for newborns and babies with sensitive skins hence they are very comfortable. They are hypoallergenic materials and dermatologist tested. 

Though Baby Dry also suits a baby’s tender skin, it is not hypoallergenic and unfit for sensitive skin. It has a polyester and polypropylene absorb which is not as soft as the ultra-soft layer of Swaddlers, which uses polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester.

  1. Umbilical cord notch

Pampers baby Swaddlers has umbilical cord notches, and a hole on the waistband to accommodate the baby’s stump. These notches are only present in sizes N to 2. Baby Dry on the other hand does not have umbilical cord notches at all.

  1. Wetness indicator

Pampers Swaddlers has wetness indicators on all their sizes. but baby diapers only have wellness indicators on only for sizes N to 4.

Though this feature is important, it is not ultimate because newborns do not pass as much urine as older babies do. Hence, it will be easier to notice when the diapers of an older baby are full when you just look at them.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Pampers Baby Dry: What do we recommend?

Use Pampers Swaddlers for babies up to 4 months

Your baby will benefit more from Pampers Swaddlers if they are preemies, or when they still have their umbilical notches. These notches go a long way in making your baby comfortable. 

The soft and hypoallergenic surface of Swaddlers will also soothe your baby’s tender skin. It is even better for babies with sensitive skin.

You on the other hand will love the wetness indicator. That slight color change will prevent you from peeking into your baby’s diapers to know if it needs a change.

Use Pampers Baby Dry after the first few months 

Most babies from three or four months will be comfortable with the Pampers Baby Dry. Because their skin is more mature and they no longer carry the umbilical cord stump. It will also save you money because older kids pass more urine and Baby Dry absorbs more. 

This will reduce the frequency with which you will change the diapers, saving you more money.

Pampers Swaddlers vs Pampers Baby Dry vs. Pampers Pure

Buy Pampers Pure on Amazon

Unlike Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Pure is hypoallergenic and has natural ingredients like cotton. It is free from paraben, elemental chlorine, natural rubber latex, and fragrance. The outer cover of Pampers Pure is cotton and the liner contains shea butter to protect your baby’s skin.

Though Pampers Swaddlers are also hypoallergenic, they are not free from fragrances like the Pure variety.  Swaddlers are also not made from natural ingredients, but they have an edge over the Pure because of their umbilical cord notch.

However, Pampers Pure and Pampers Swaddlers are more expensive than Pampers Baby Dry. Choose Baby Dry if you want a cost-effective option because it will absorb more and save money.

Reviews on Pampers Swaddlers vs Pampers Baby Dry from real-life moms

Cassie loves Pampers Swaddlers for her newborn

Cassie Mahon works with Getyourholidayon, and said:

“In my experience, I prefer Pampers Swaddlers over Pampers Baby Dry diapers for my kids. There is an improvement in the softness and durability of the diapers. I would prefer to choose the Pampers swaddlers for my newborn over all other diapers. With Pamper Swaddler diapers, I am more confident that my children will be more comfortable.”

Katie prefers Swaddlers for newborns

Katie of KT Likes Coffee is a mom to one toddler. she said:

“I exclusively use Pampers and have tried all the versions, including Swaddlers and Baby Dry.

Pampers Swaddlers are my preference, especially for very young babies, and that’s the Pampers version we used when my daughter was a baby. Swaddlers are by far softer and gentler on the skin, which was important to me as my daughter has sensitive skin. I also love that Swaddlers has a notch for the umbilical cord on their newborn sizes. With Pampers Baby Dry you have to fold down the diaper to prevent it from hitting the umbilical cord. Although both offer excellent protection and absorbency, Pampers Swaddlers offers those few extra comforts that make it my preference between the two.”

Emma loves Baby Dry

Emma Gordon is the founder at USSalvageYards. She said:

“For starters both diapers have their very noticeable differences. Swaddlers and Baby Dry have different prices with the former being more expensive and the former, less. Baby dry also has the advantage of holding in more liquids than swaddlers. It has three layers of absorbency and a good three- channel airflow design to keep the baby more comfy. However, Swaddlers are more advantageous when it comes to having a wetness indicator in all sizes. Baby dry only has a wetness indicator in sizes N to 3.  

Personally, I prefer to use the Baby Dry as it keeps my baby comfortable and dry throughout the day. There’s also no rash reaction on skin; my baby had one when I used the Swaddlers. I guess this is depending on skin type. Overall, the price, comfort and fitting it gives my child is what makes Baby Dry my preferred choice.”

Vivi said Baby Dry diapers were too rough for her kids

Vivi is a professional makeup artist and the CEO of She said:

“While Swaddlers and Baby Dry are great products, I preferred to use Pampers Swaddlers. This is because the Swaddlers diapers are much softer on the skin, which is essential for babies who suffer from more sensitive skin. I did like that the Baby Dry diapers would last throughout the night, but they were too rough for my children’s skin!”

Ellie uses Baby Dry

Ellie Walters is the CEO of FindPeopleFaster.  She said:

“The Pampers Swaddlers are designed for sensitive skins limiting the chances of skin rashes or irritations occurring whereas the Pampers Baby Dry diapers are better at absorbing moisture for long periods of time. The Swaddlers also have a softer lining than the Dry diapers so they are more comfortable. From size four, the Dry diapers do not have a wetness indicator whereas the Swaddlers have wetness indicators for all their sizes. 

The Pampers Baby Dry diapers work best for me since it is cheaper in the long run. My babies don’t seem to have sensitive skins either and as they grow it gets easier to tell when they need a change even without the wetness indicator.”

Rachel thinks it depends on the situation

Rachel Fink is the Founder and CEO of Parenting Pod. She said:

“Both Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry are pretty similar, which is no surprise since they come from the same brand. 

Some of the main differences that I can notice are that the Pampers Swaddlers are stiffer and more fitted in their design, allowing them to fit the baby better, while the Pampers Baby Dry is a lot more flexible and stretchy. 

As a general rule, I find that the Pampers Swaddlers are more comfortable for the baby, and they prevent irritation a lot better. However, the Pampers Baby Dry holds more liquid, so the baby is dry for longer. 

It really does depend on the situation and the needs of your baby. But personally, I preferred the Pampers Swaddlers due to the snug fit.”


Are Pampers Baby Dry or Swaddlers better?

Pampers Baby Dry and Swaddlers are best for different situations. Baby Dry is best for older babies sleeping all through the night, while Swaddlers are great for smaller babies.

Also, Pampers Baby Dry has a more absorbent layer. But the surface is made from polyester and propylene which are not so soft. Swaddlers’ surfaces on the other hand use polyethylene, polyester, and polypropylene for their surface, making them softer for the baby. However, Swaddlers are not as absorbent as Baby Dry. 

Are Pampers Baby Dry overnight diapers?

Pampers Baby Dry are excellent overnight diapers because of their good absorbency. They are better than Swaddlers because of this feature and can hold more pee and poop overnight. They also come with a special liner that dries moisture from your baby’s skin. 

Are Pampers Baby Dry hypoallergenic?

No. Pampers Baby Dry is not hypoallergenic and is not best for babies with sensitive skin. Use Pampers pure or Swaddlers if your baby has sensitive skin.


Pampers Swaddlers and Baby Dry are great products and will serve you well depending on your needs. But always consider Swaddlers first for newborns and Baby Dry for older babies that don’t have sensitive skin. 

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