10 Best Newborn Mittens

Newborn mittens are worn on newborn babies to prevent them from scratching themselves.

image of newborn mittens

According to Better Health, Babies’ movements from birth to 8 weeks are usually reflexive. This can lead to mild injuries and scratches, especially when they are asleep – and we all know how sharp an infant’s tiny fingernails can be. One way to prevent this is to wear newborn mittens.

Best Newborn Mittens

1. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Scratch Mittens

Photo of Hudson Baby Cotton newborn mittens

The Hudson baby mittens is made from 100% cotton and super soft. It is hypoallergenic, breathable and good for sensitive skin. In addition to being beautiful, it is also easy to clean.

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The mitten gives your baby enough space to move their little fingers and even open their hands. 

Sharon, the co-founder of Philadelphia Weekly has this to say about this brand:  

“My babies used the Hudson Baby Cotton Scratch Mittens. These mittens are made from 100% cotton and feature an elastic closure, ensuring that they stay on the baby’s hands. They are also very soft and hypoallergenic and my babies never had an allergic reaction with them. They are also machine-wash friendly so they are very easy to clean. Each set comes with 10 mittens of varying designs”.


  • Made from 100% cotton 
  • Super cute and soft 
  • Enables mobility of the baby’s hands (not too tight) 
  • Superb quality 


  • Not suitable for newborns, many parents complained that it falls off the hands of their newborns and recommended it for 1 month old and above. A mom even complained that it slips from the hands of her 3 months old. 
  • The elastic is not the best, it is loose 

Check it out on Amazon.

2. Syhood Newborn Baby Mittens

Photo of Syhood newborn mittens

The Syhood Newborn Mittens are suitable for 0 – 6 months old. A pack contains 20 pairs of high quality mittens, so your baby has sufficient mittens to wear and change regularly. 

Made from cotton, it has an elastic that can be stretched to the proper size for your baby, making it comfortable to wear and suitable for different seasons. 

Jean, the co-founder, and COO of Cicinia recommends this brand, she says: 

“I bought this set for a friend and did not fail! These were a perfect gift for her baby. Its material is comfortable to wear and skin-friendly. 

It can be used for different seasons as well. These soft newborn mittens are practical and cute. It prevents babies from biting their nails and fingers, as well as scratching their skin”.


  • Super soft and comfortable 
  • A pack contains 20 pairs of mittens 
  • Skin-friendly and made from cotton 
  • The inside seams are neat, they have no loose strings or tags that can tangle around the baby’s fingers or make the baby uncomfortable


  • Hand wash recommended to extend the product life 
  • May not be perfect for newborns, they fit more on older babies 
  • Some parents complained that they are too thin 
  • The elastic may not be tight 

Check it out on Amazon

3. Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Girls’ Mittens

Photo of Burt's Bees Baby girls newborn mittens

For parents looking for organic options for their newborn girls, they can go for this brand. It is made from 100% organic cotton – the company claims that the cotton used was not grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. 

It is super soft, breathable and has gentle encased elastic wrists. This mitten is also durable, and doesn’t spill when washed. It is great for sensitive skin. 


  • Made from organic cotton 
  • Super soft and durable 
  • Super cute 
  • Nice quality 
  • A pack contains 4 pairs 


  • Shrinks after some washes 
  • The elastic seams inside may be itchy for some kids 
  • May not fit newborns as they slip from their hands 

Check the reviews on Amazon

4. Gerber Baby Girls 4-Pack Mittens

Photo of Gerber Baby girls newborn mittens

Quality and soft mitten made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex. They are pretty, practical, easy to clean, and safe for babies. 

These mittens have gentle elastic wristbands that keep them in place and also offer a perfect amount of stretch. 

This is one of the few mittens that fit newborns. Many parents were happy that it stayed on their newborn hands without slipping off. 


  • Fits newborn perfectly 
  • Machine washable 
  • Very soft with cute prints 


  • It has some loose threads 

Check it out on Amazon

5. Gerber Baby Boys 4-Pack mittens 

Photo of Gerber Baby boys newborn mittens

Made by the Gerber brand for baby boys, it is made from cotton and spandex. 

It is a knitted mitten with a gentle elastic band that holds it in place, allowing your baby to stretch his hands. 

The mittens are cute, soft, safe, comfortable, and machine washable. 


  • Fits newborn perfectly 
  • Machine washable 
  • Very soft with cute prints 


  • It has some loose threads 
  • Some parents complained that they are thin and keep falling off 

Check it out on Amazon

6. Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson

Photo of Moon and Back by Hanna Anderson newborn mittens

This quality mitten for newborn babies is made from 100% cotton. The fabric is prewashed to minimize shrinkage and make it extra soft. 

A set has 4 pairs of mittens and 4 matching caps. It is durable and the company claims it is free from chemicals. 

Parents hailed the praised the quality of the material and the designs on it are cute. They also stay on the hands of your baby without being too tight. 


  • High quality, made from cotton 
  • Comes with matching caps 
  • Super soft 
  • Does not shrink upon washing 


  • Too big for newborn babies 

Check it out on Amazon

7. Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten

Photo of a baby using Nuby Soothing newborn mittens

The Nuby mitten is ideal for babies that can’t hold teethers. It has a soft silicone teething surface that helps relieve sore gums in babies. 

It also prevents babies from chewing on their hands. The silicone teething surface has a crinkling sound to engage your baby when he touches it. It is also safe as it is BPA-free.

It is easy to clean, machine-washable, and comes with a hygienic travel bag that is perfect on the go. 


  • High quality material 
  • Good for teething 
  • You can easily adjust the sizing on the wrist 
  • BPA-free 


  • Hard to clean 

See the price on Amazon

8. Nurses Choice Newborn Baby Mittens

Photo of Nurses' Choice newborn mittens

Simple, cute, and soft; these mittens will last long for your baby as they are durable. A pack contains 6 pairs of high quality mittens, 3 white and 3 blue mittens. 

They are gender-neutral mittens (Unisex) and are designed specifically for newborns. To make them last long, wash them by hand. 


  • Quality material, made from cotton 
  • Thick and warm 
  • Perfect for small babies 


  • Not suitable for machine wash 
  • Gets dirty easily 
  • May not fit some newborns 

Check it out on Amazon

9. BabyBliss 100% Cotton Anti-Scratch Baby Mittens

Photo of Babybliss Cotton newborn mittens

BabyBliss mittens made from 100% cotton offer comfort, warmth, and protection to your little one. It is gentle on baby’s skin and great for sensitive skin. 

They have pretty pastel colors made with natural and safe dyes. They come with a reusable mesh laundry bag to keep them safe and clean. 

Also, they also have extra-long wrists that ensure they are safe on your baby’s hands. 


  • High quality 
  • Super soft 
  • Has long wrists to ensure it stays 
  • Comes in seven cute colors to choose from 
  • Breathable 
  • Free from toxic chemicals 


  • May be too tight for the wrist 
  • Can leave marks on the skin due to its tightness 

See more reviews on Amazon

10. Rative Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves

Photo of Rative Newborn Cotton Gloves

Suitable for kids 0 to 6 months of age, these mittens are soft and comfortable with a gentle elastic at the wrist to keep it in place. 

The quality is high but hand wash is advisable for the product to last. 

Made from 100% cotton and available in different colors. 


  • High quality and soft 
  • Fits newborns well 
  • They don’t shrink after wash 
  • Can be used as socks too 


  • Some parents complained of the quality and sizing 
  • Hand wash recommended 

Check it out on Amazon

How to Select Good Newborn Mittens?

Photo of a baby wearing newborn mittens

These are what you should look out for when selecting newborn mittens. 

Fabrics used 

Most scratch mittens are made from cotton but mittens made from other materials are also available, e.g. those made from bamboo fibers. 

There are also hypoallergenic mittens that can be used without the fear of your baby developing allergies. 

It is advisable to go for cotton and bamboo mittens because they are soft and comfortable for kids. 

Straps or elastic 

For the mitten to be effective, it must be on the baby’s hands and this is why mittens with straps or elastic bands are good. They will prevent the mitten from falling off.

Type of fabric folding 

Babies use their hands a lot when teething and they become incredibly fussy. Some mittens have built-in teether to help relieve itchy gums. An example is the Nuby Soothing Teething Mittens.

Mitten with fabric folding for teething is advisable if your baby is teething. 

Pros and Cons of Newborn Mittens

Photo of a baby wearing newborn mittens

There are lots of debates out there about baby mittens whether it is safe for newborn babies or not. There are good sides to the use of mittens and there are also some disadvantages as well. 


  • Mittens protect babies from scratches. According to Healthy Children, babies have very sharp fingernails and they always move their hands towards their faces in jittery movements as they develop motor skills. These movements can lead to cuts and scratches. Wearing mittens on your baby’s hands will prevent cuts and injuries. 
  • They regulate babies’ temperature: According to WebMD, newborn babies bodies cannot regulate temperature until 11 weeks of birth. They are more sensitive to temperature changes and they also lose body heat more rapidly than older kids and adults.

They also don’t have a lot of body fat to help regulate temperature. This can make their fingers turn blue or red. Mittens will warm their tiny hands both day and night. 

  • There are no hazards of using a scratch mitten except that they can be too tight at times or that they can fall off. Overheating can be a concern but mitten alone cannot cause that. 
  • Mittens protect moms’ breasts during breastfeeding. When babies breastfeed, they can grip their mom’s breast which can be painful. Mitten will make this less painful. 
  • Mittens will keep your baby’s hands clean and prevent him/her from grabbing things and putting it in their mouth thereby reducing their risk of sickness. 
  • It also prevents thumb sucking. The fabric of the mitten makes this act uncomfortable. It also prevents hand biting. 
  • Baby mittens keep their hands warm during winter and makes them feel more comfortable.


  • The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of newborn mittens even for newborn babies. They argue that the colored and cool hands and feet are normal on infants and that the temperature changes do not bother the babies at all.  
  • Mittens can cause choking. This is why the materials used in making mitten should be considered before purchase. Threads from the mittens can come out, enter your baby’s mouth and cause choking. This is why it is also important to keep an eye on babies wearing mittens. 

Avoid buying mittens with decorations, strings, or loose threads on them. They can increase the risks of choking. Use plain cloth mitten instead. 

  • Unhygienic: Baby mittens can be unhygienic at times, especially if dust or dirt accumulate on them. This can make the baby sick if it gets into the baby’s mouth. 
  • The tight elastic of the mitten can hurt your baby’s hands and prevent blood circulation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Photo of a yawning baby wearing newborn mittens
What are newborn mittens? 

They are soft and comfortable mittens worn on babies’ hands to prevent them from scratching themselves. The mittens are held securely on the baby’s wrist by the use of a gentle elastic wristband. 

Are newborn mittens necessary? 

Well, we can’t give a straightforward answer to this question because of the pros and cons discussed above. 
However, some health authorities support the use of newborn mittens and among them are the National Sleep Foundation which states that scratch mittens are useful in preventing newborns from accidentally scratching themselves especially during sleep.  

When do I stop wearing mittens for my baby? 

Experts don’t recommend wearing mittens on your baby’s hands for too long so that they can have the chance to touch things around them and build their sense of touch. 
When your child can control his/her hand movement, you can stop wearing mittens for him/her. Some experts suggest that the use of mitten be stopped at 2 months of age. 
At this age, babies need their hands to improve their senses. They need to feel and touch things and get familiar with their surroundings. 

Can I stop using mittens if I cut my baby’s nails regularly? 

Yes! You can. A month after birth, the baby’s nails are hard and can be cut but you still have to do that carefully. If you trim your baby’s nails regularly, you can stop using baby mittens. 


If you feel your baby needs mittens to prevent scratches, this post has the answers to your questions. 

It contains a list of the best mittens in the market, how to choose good baby mittens, the pros and cons of mittens, and some frequently asked questions. 

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