20 money making apps for android (100% legit)

Do you spend a lot of time with your phone? What if I told you that you could make some real money?

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An average adult spends 4 hours 30 minutes daily on social media, it is worth using that time to make extra cash with money making apps for Android.

Even on our busiest days, we usually have some free time in between. Why not convert this free time to cash by taking advantage of these money making apps for Android – they pay so well!

21 Best money making apps for Android

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I have thoroughly gone through these money making apps for Android and found them to be worth the while. They are free to sign up with, and in a short while you can have money flowing in as gift cards or cash.

Depending on your location, I am sure you will find something suitable.

  1. Shopkick 

Shopkick is number one listed today because it allows you to earn gift cards from your favorite brands. 

Photo of Shopkicks, one of the money making apps for android

The best way to earn from this app is by shopping, but you can also make some good money without spending a dime. You just need to walk to one of their partner stores to earn money from the app. However, if you want to buy something to earn more, you need to scan the item with your in-app scanner, pay for the goods, and upload the receipt.

However, Shopkick has a downside. It is hard to exchange their points for cash. However, their gift cards are from top-rated brands like Target, Walmart, Amazon, and they’re still worth the try.

The minimum withdrawal from Shopkick is 1,250 points worth a $5 gift card.

  1. Swagbucks

 You won’t believe the amount of money Swagbucks has paid out to their users for the past years. They have been on for quite a while, and they’re still very valuable in the market.

Photo of Swagbucks; one of the money making apps for android

On this app, it is easy to make money as you can choose from the various options ranging from taking surveys to doing other tasks like playing games, watching videos, and even getting cash bags for shopping online.

Though all these tasks help you earn, you will get more rewards from shopping. Rewards come as cashbacks or gift cards. The minimum threshold is $3, which you can get as a gift card or through PayPal.

  1. Survey Junkie

If you enjoy taking online surveys, you will benefit greatly from Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie allows you to influence brands by sharing your opinion with the public in exchange for some extra money through surveys.

Photo of SurveyJunkie; one of the money making apps for android

On this app, you will be given surveys according to your preference to be rewarded with virtual points. You can convert these virtual points to cash and transfer them via PayPal or E-gift cards.

Their gift cards cover many famous brands, and yes, this site is free.

  1. M1 finance

 You can get a wide range of financial tools to help you manage money with M1 finance.

Photo of M1 Finance; one of the money making apps for android

This app allows you to manage and rebalance your portfolio. They make it easy for you to invest wisely and find the cheapest options for borrowing.

When you invest just $1000, you can have a new credit line for borrowing with an interest rate of as low as 2%.

The most interesting thing here is that when you open an M1 spend checking account, you earn 1% of the amount you spend. Also, M1 Finance does not charge a commission for investment. You can learn more about how to earn with M1 Finance here.

  1. Acorns

Do you have spare change to invest? You can use Acorns which is a micro-investment platform, to keep those little changes from your daily purchases.

Photo of Acorns; one of the money making apps for android

To startup, get the app and set up your account within a few minutes. After this, build a portfolio and start investing. Your investment can be as low as $1.

You can also buy with this app to get cashbacks from specific retailers. You also earn a bonus investment when you shop with more than 350 brands on the app.

  1. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of those few apps that give you bonuses for signup. It is undoubtedly worth the time and is an excellent platform to allow you to earn cash, gift cards, and physical gifts.

Photo of Mypoints; one of the money making apps for android

These rewards are given for doing basic things like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and the rest.

Sign up here with MyPoints and earn a $10 sign up bonus.

  1.  Google Opinion Rewards

You can use the Google app to participate in surveys conducted by market researchers.

Though the pay for these surveys varies, expect nothing less than $1 per survey . This may sound too low, but considering the fact that the study takes just a few minutes to complete, and they are very simple, it is worth the try.

The money you make from this app can be used to pay for Google products or transferred to your PayPal account.

Get the free Google app here if you are interested.

  1. Rakuten

Almost every savvy person knows about the Rakuten app. This app is available on both the web and mobile versions.

Photo of Rakuten; one of the money making apps for android

This app allows you to get cashbacks on the purchases which you make from your favorite stores. Besides the shopping aspect, you can also earn specific coupons and discounts from the sides.

Rakuten offers a $10 sign up bonus when you join them. Click here to sign up with Rakuten.

  1. Rover

You can quickly earn $1,000 monthly with Rover, this is why it is one of the most lucrative money making apps for Android.

Photo of Rover; one of the money making apps for android

Dog lovers can download this app to do dog walking, boarding, house-sitting and daycare services to pet owners. 

This app is only great for people who are willing to make money through a side hustle, and not some full time work with pets.   

  1. Receipts hog

I stopped throwing away my shopping receipts after realizing that I could use them to make money on receipt hog. 

Photo of Receipts Hog; one of the money making apps for android

With this app, snap your receipt from the stores, restaurants, and others, upload them to the app and get coins.

These coins are redeemable as Amazon gift cards or real cash transferred to PayPal.

Get the app here.

  1. Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars is a must-have app as it gives a free and easy way to make cash through surveys, playing games, reading emails, etc., instead of just wasting your precious time on social media. They partner with big online retailers and pay out millions to their users.

Photo of Inbox Dollars; one of the money making apps for android

Their cash out is easy, and you can get actual money from PayPal, checks, or prepaid cards. They also give a signup bonus of $5. So, sign up to get your bonus now.

  1. Big Time Cash

Would you love to play games with cash? Imagine the fun derived from both the game and the money that comes afterwards. You can get both of those with Big Time Cash.

Photo of Big Time app; one of the money making apps for android

This app gives lots of prizes and giveaways and better chances of earning money.

With each game, you get a ticket to different drawings. The more tickets you get, the higher your chances of winning. Also, when you win, you get your payment via PayPal.

Install the Big Time Cash app here.

  1. Postmates

If you have some free time on your hands, you can make extra money by delivering goods from local stores to customers. This delivery can either be done by driving, riding bikes, or walking.

Photo of Postmates; one of the money making apps for android

With the Postmate app, you can schedule when you are ready to do some side gig for money without giving any full time commitment. Besides, the payment is also swift.

  1. Lucky Day

You can join the thousands of people who have gathered millions home from Lucky Day. Lucky Day is a decent app that provides hundreds of daily lotteries, games, and other exciting prices.

With Lucky Day, you get a chance to make real money by winning a lottery or through the games. The best part of it is that the app is free.

Installing the Lucky Day app is like having a reward system that pays you back for what people would call “a gambling lifestyle”.

Taste it by downloading the app.

  1. Earny

We’ve all had that time when we bought goods and realized a week later that they went on sale. It can be so annoying to know that you could have saved some money from the item.

Photo of Earny; one of the money making apps for android

With earny, you can quickly get out of that mess.

The app will track your purchases from big stores (like Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc.), so that in case the price goes down, you can quickly get cashback.

Earny allows you enjoy this without lifting a finger. Sign up for Earny now.

  1. Dosh

Dosh is one of those apps that give you cashback for shopping from their partner stores. Not to worry, their partner stores are also your favorite stores (Amazon, Walmart, and the likes).

With the same process as other apps that give cash out from shopping, you can earn with Dosh.

They have a threshold of $25 before you can transfer your money to your bank account.

Besides shopping, you can earn $5 for referring your friends.

Download Dosh app here to start earning.

  1. Instacart

If you shop with Instacart, you can use your spare time to earn money by delivering groceries to the owners.

Photo of Instacart; one of the money making apps for android

This is like one of those flexible jobs that pay.

You receive all your payments immediately in your account after making each delivery. It is the perfect solution for people that need cash immediately.

To get started, you need to become an Instacart shopper here

  1. Betterment

There is always a lot to watch out for when investing. But with Betterment, all your worries are taken away. You’re provided with a simple solution for investing your savings.

Photo of Betterment; one of the money making apps for android

To get started, deposit an amount and set your financial target. This app will help you work towards achieving it.

This is not one of those get rich quick schemes, but it is a good idea for people who want to accumulate more money in the future. 

Betterment gives you a better financial future. Download the app here.

  1. Stash 

Wouldn’t you love to change $5 to $100 or $100 to $1000? 

Photo of Stash; one of the money making apps for android

Most people will call that a dream, but that can be a reality with Stash. Stash provides a comfortable platform for people to invest, budget, and save money.

Beyond this, they also teach you what you need to know about a better financial future, and how to manage your personal finances. The majority of Americans appreciate this.

If you have been considering the best platform to invest your money, try Stash.

  1. MobileXpression

If you have been looking for an app that allows you to earn money without any input from your side, mobileXpression is the one for you.

This app pays you to install it. Yep!

When you install it, the app collects data on how much you use the Internet for market research purposes.

After a week, you receive a $5 worth of Amazon gift card. If you leave the app installed, you will receive more gift cards from them.


TRIM: A site to trim bills

Everyone has bills, and sometimes those bills can get crazily high. This is where Trim helps.

Though Trim is not available as an app yet, it is one of the best ways to make money from your debts. 

It will negotiate discounts for your bills with your cell, internet, and cable providers on your behalf. When this discount is approved, you get your money and Trim keeps 25% of it while you take 75%.

Photo of Trim; one of the money making apps for android

That sounds fair since you don’t have to do anything about the bills besides allowing Trim to negotiate for you.

Can you imagine those bills being trimmed down? Signup for Trim here.


Your android phone can be a mini cash cow if you know how to use it well.  Take the challenge and try these money making apps for Android. I’m sure you will earn some side cash to take care of some necessities.

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