30+ Special Gifts For Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

“A mother is an epitome of selflessness, sacrifice, and love.”

Moms are truly super-heroes. They put the needs of their spouse and children before theirs always.

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They do so much and want nothing at all. This paradox can be so confusing because you can never truly understand the love and strength of a mother. 

If you have a lovely mom who doesn’t want anything, you can still show her love in amazing ways. 

Do you want to know the best part? You can do all these without robbing a bank or stealing because we can never repay a mother for her love and sacrifices. 

Now, we will be showing you simple but wonderful ways you can show your mom love and give her gifts. 

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Reasons Why You Should Give Your Mom Gifts 

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  • It tells her that you see and appreciate all that she is doing (Especially when you don’t wait for holidays or her birthdays)
  • It tells her that you love her and care for her 
  • Your gift tells her that you have her on your mind always 
  • It gives her hope that you will take good care of her when she grows old 
  • Giving gifts are ways you express your love to your mom 
  • It will make your mom feel special and loved 
  • Gifts encourage mothers
  • Giving gifts is a way of telling your mom “thank you for all you do”
  • Giving gifts can also ease your guilt towards your mom (if you have any) lol 

Wonderful gift for moms who don’t want anything 

Photo of a beautiful red rose; a great gift for mom who doesn't want anything


Flowers are one of the best gifts that signify human emotions. For hundreds of years, humans have been using flowers to communicate emotions. 

A beautiful pack of a flower as a gift signifies your undying love or gratitude for your mom. And one beautiful thing about flowers is that you can give them out at any time. 


Every woman needs a hairdryer and getting your mom a good hand dryer is an important gift. Any time she uses it, she will remember you and smile. 

This will help her take good care of her hair and save time spent in the salon drying hair. This is one good gift that will always make her remember you. 

A coach wristlet 

A classy wristlet is a perfect gift for your mom. She can use this for days when she doesn’t feel like carrying a bag or purse around. 

The wristlet strap can help your mom carry a wallet around her wrist without putting much effort as when it is a purse or a bag. 

A designer wristlet will remind your mom of your love for her. 

A new lipstick or nail polish 

Your mom will appreciate new lipsticks or nail polish or both. If she has them already, you can help upgrade them. Pick quality cosmetics and gift your precious mom. 

If your mom is a woman of color, try and get the right shades for her and always go for high-quality makeup. 

Shampoo and conditioner 

It’s a common practice to wash and shampoo the hair after every 2 weeks. You can take this responsibility off your mom for a month by giving her a quality shampoo and conditioner. 

Look for natural and organic products so that chemicals don’t go into her body and cause health problems. 

The product you choose should be free from phthalates and parabens and other dangerous chemicals. 

The product should not damage her hair, it should have a wonderful scent, and it should also increase the volume of her hair. 

Kindle paperwhite or reading glasses 

If your mom is a bookworm, then this is the perfect gift for her. Gifting her an e-reader is a great help and perfect gift as it will help her keep her book-of-the-month handy. 

A pair of reading glasses and the kindle paperwhite will tell a bookworm that you love them so much and care for them. 

If your mom is not ready to part with her paperback books, this kindle paperwhite will give her the feel and design of a physical book. 

It is designed in a way that she won’t get screen fatigue and the device is also water-proof. This means she can take it to the pool, bath, or beach. 

If she is also interested in paperbacks, then a pair of quality reading glasses will go a long way for her. 

Christmas gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything

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A bible 

Your mom’s bible might be old or she might need an upgrade. She will appreciate this a lot if she is the religious type. 

If her present bible is the small print, you can get a large print or extra-large print for her. You know, as humans age, the functions of the eyes also decline. 


A beautiful and well-decorated Christmas cake along with a short note telling your mom how wonderful she is will make her Christmas a memorable one. 

A nice bottle of wine 

A nice quality wine will pass on the message to your mom that you love her so much. A quality red wine containing resveratrol will also benefit her body and improve her health. 

Accompany this with a nice note telling her how you appreciate and love her. 

A framed vintage pyrex prints 

Decorating your mom’s kitchen is a wonderful Christmas gift she will always cherish. Adorn her kitchen with a perfect vintage pyrex print.

Go for colorful ones and they should be adorable at first sight. This will make a fantastic Christmas gift for moms who love their kitchen. 

Birthday gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything

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A personalized calendar 

If your mom has everything she wants and you are thinking of what to give, then this is the perfect gift for her. It is also good for moms who love looking at old pictures. 

Look for a good graphic designer and give him old pictures of you and your mom together and you as a baby. The designer will arrange them on the calendar and use a colorful background. 

You can work with the designer to customize your creation for each month. You can also enter birthdays and important events of your mom. 

This will help her remember her friends and family members’ birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions that concerns her. And believe me, she will love this. 

A gorgeous wristwatch

If you feel your mom has had a year and deserves the best, you can get her an expensive and gorgeous wristwatch. Whenever your mom puts it on, she remembers the giver which is you. 

Ancestry DNA 

If your mom is curious about her roots or constantly tells you stories of your ancestors, you can help her separate facts from fiction by paying for an ancestry DNA. 

You can get a good DNA kit for her. All your mom has to do is to spit inside the tube and ship it down to the stipulated address. In six to eight weeks, (depending on the company), your mom would solve her ancestral mystery. 

A designer Handbag 

Are you thinking of a gift to get for your mom every birthday without panicking? Then get her a designer handbag or purse. 

Get her a quality designer bag or purse every birthday because no woman gets tired of these.

Mini cupcakes 

 If you are a student or on a low budget, you can still give your mom a gift. Though little, cupcakes will go a long way in telling your mom you love and care for her. 

Robot vacuum 

Moms are superheroes, they hide their tiredness and even hunger. One of the best gifts you can give to a busy mom to save her time and sanity is a robot vacuum cleaner. 

If you have more money to spare, go for the brand that can be controlled from her smartphone. This type can easily map out her home and even empty itself. 

Your mom will be happy with you if you give her this magical gift. 


Your mom will appreciate a quality piece of jewelry from you. It can be a quality earring, pendant, bracelet, anklets, or a ring. You can even go a step further and customize the pendant using a letter of her name or her initials. 

DIY gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything

Photo of a gorgeous potted plant; a perfect gift for mom who doesn't want anything

Gorgeous potted plants 

If your mom is a tree hugger or is into plants and herbs, this is an amazing gift she will love. Look for plants that purify the air or release their wonderful scent in the room. 

If your mom loves plants, then this is a perfect gift for her. Customize a pot with a vibrant plant as a gift to her. 

A handmade card 

Your mom will appreciate a beautifully designed handmade card with a short poem or appreciation note. If you can’t design one yourself, pay a designer to do so for you. 

DIY wooden bottle stopper

If you are good at woodwork or you know someone who is, you can give your mom wooden bottle stoppers as gifts to cap her wines in style. 

These look simple but they are amazing and beautiful. 

DIY dotted tumblers 

This is simple to make and you can also get it in a store. Your mom is going to appreciate drinking from these beautiful tumblers. 

DIY glitter shot-glass vases 

If your mom hosts a lot of parties or outdoor entertainment, this is a perfect table accessory to gift her. They are so beautiful and they wow the guests. 

They don’t cost much to make but they look expensive when displayed. 

Fingerprint butterfly mug 

If you want to melt your mom’s heart or make her emotional, then involve your children if you have and present this gift to her. 

Decorate the mug with your children’s fingerprint in many colors. She will value it. 

Hand holding heart cards

You can create a beautiful handmade card in the shape of love with a beautiful note telling her that you love her. Attach this to a hand-cut out of cardboard paper. 

Your mom will treasure this in years to come. 

Handmade jewelry 

Your mom will appreciate handmade jewelry from you. It could be earrings, a necklace, bead, or any piece of jewelry you can make perfectly. 

You can accompany this with a jewelry organizer. This will help her keep all her jewelry in one place. 

Mother’s day gifts for the mom who doesn’t want anything

Photo of a beautifully wrapped present for mom who doesn't want anything

A customized wall clock 

Ever thought of how to remind your mom every moment of your love? Get a customized wall clock that rings every hour or at specific times for her. 

You can pre-record your voice and at the set time, the clock (in your voice) tells her that you love her or whatever you record plays out for her. You can also use a picture of both of you together as the background. 

This wonderful customized clock will be a perfect birthday gift for your mom. 

Reversible mats

Is your mom an exercise-freak or a yogi? Then this is the perfect gift for her. She will use this gift for her daily yoga routine. There are many brands in the market. 

Make sure you get her the best. 

It should be sturdy, dependable, and should be able to stay at a place while she is doing her yoga. 

A plush weighted blanket 

This is a perfect gift if you’re thinking of wrapping your mom in the same comfort she gave you when you were a baby. 

This will help reduce stress and anxiety in your mom and make it comfortable for her to snuggle under while lying down on the couch or bed. 


Robes are classy gifts for moms, even if she has one, give her a superior one and she will fall in love with it. 

Make sure you get a comfortable robe that she can relax all day in it. 

You can add towels, a set of pants or underwear, loungewear, and sheets to make your gift bigger. Accompany it with a short note telling how awesome she is. 

Quality teas

Is your mom a tea fan? Then get her quality coffee, green tea, white tea, black teas, and other healthy teas we have around. 

Make sure you go for quality and organic brands. 

Mom gifts for moms who don’t want anything

Photo of a stylish kitchen board for mom who doesn't want anything

A set of pots, plates, and cutleries  

Your mom will appreciate a set of quality pots containing various sizes. You can also add a set of plates or cutleries. All these won’t be forgotten by your mom. 

A standing mixer or accessories 

If your mom is into baking, then giving her a powerful standing mixer is a gift she will never forget. This gift will help her combine baking ingredients or knead bread dough. 

She can even make her pasta at home or whisk meringue. There is also a wide range of important attachments that come along with the mixer. 

A baker mom will appreciate this. If she has a mixer already, you can upgrade it or get accessories for her mixer. This can range from slicers and dicers to even scales. 

You can also get her a food processor. Just think of any accessory you can get for her standing mixer. 


Liquid food (smoothies and fruit juices) is a trend now in health communities. If your mom is a health nut or you want her to be one, you can give her a quality juicer or blender. 

Measuring scales 

In baking and even cooking some kind of food, measurement is important. Your mom will value a measuring scale. A quality one will serve as a perfect gift on any occasion. 

Digital meat thermometer

If your mom is a kitchen tech lover, then she will truly appreciate this. It makes the cooking and preparation of meat and meat-based food easier. 

Make sure the brand you get for her is a fast and accurate thermometer. It should also be portable, water-proof, and precise. 

Dutch oven 

This is a versatile kitchen tool most moms appreciate. A Dutch oven is used to do many things like preparing soups, sauté veggies, fry foods, simmer sauces, etc. 

If your mom doesn’t have this, then this is a perfect gift for her. Look for a brand that sits better on the stovetop. The Staub should be colorful, strong, have a perfect shape for the stove and pantry and it should also be easy to clean. 

A vacuum cleaner 

Most moms appreciate good cleaning products like a vacuum cleaner. Choose a brand with impressive corner-cutting abilities and an immense amount of power. 

If she has an existing vacuum cleaner, you can upgrade it for her. 

Air fryer  

If your mom is eating healthily or on a diet, the best gift to give her is a potable air fryer. With this, she can take all the fried foods she wants without any guilt. 

She will cherish this for the rest of her life. Look for a user-friendly model that is long-lasting and highly efficient. 

Photo of a mum and her child


A sign that you love your mom is by giving her gifts. You can’t love without giving. From this post, you won’t rack your brain thinking of ways to show your mom love.

All you have to do now is to choose the one you think is suitable for your mom and go show her love. 

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