15 Amazing Diaper Bags For Twins

The joy of having twins is immeasurable, and one of the must-haves for this double bundle of joy is a diaper bag for twins. 

image of diaper bag for twins

The amount of supplies you need to carry around when you have just one baby can be overwhelming, so imagine how much supplies you need to carry around for twins. 

Some of the supplies you will carry around include double: 

  • Diapers 
  • Wipes 
  • Toys 
  • Cups or bottles 
  • Teethers 
  • Flask 

And your personal possessions like wallet, keys, phones, water bottle, etc. 

However, the below list of best diaper bags for twins will save the day. Go through and make your choice.

Important Features A Good Diaper Bag For Twins Should Have

Photo of adorable newborn twins

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There are some important things you should look out for when selecting the best diaper bag for twins. Check for key components like: 

  • Side pockets that are easily accessible 
  • Strong and quality zippers 
  • Lots of pockets because they will help you keep everything in order. They also save time by preventing you from searching around the bag trying to find things as long as you remember the particular pocket you kept the things in. 
  • Portable changing pad 
  • The interior should be water-resistant and able to handle spills 
  • It should have a cross body strap or adjustable straps 
  • Exterior pockets that easy to access 
  • Pockets with zips 
  • The diaper storage area should have a large capacity 
  • It should have an insulated bottle pocket 
  • Consider the style and make sure any gender can wear the diaper bag. Also consider the age of the person wearing the bag incase grandpa would like to walk with his twin grandkids. 
  • Space, the diaper bag for twins should be spacious enough to carry the many things you need both for you and your babies. 
  • The quality and durability should be high and the bag should be sturdy enough since you will be carrying it about. Check the zippers, material it is made of, and handles so that the bag won’t fail you suddenly. 
  • It should be lightweight because you will be carrying it about with many things inside. Avoid diaper bags that are made with heavy materials, they would feel heavy even when empty. 
  • Wet pouch, this area allows you to keep pop soiled clothes, wet clothes, etc. thereby leaving the rest of the bag dry and clean. 
  • Stroller attachment allows you to hang the diaper bag on a stroller to be carried by it. This frees your hand and prevents you from carrying load. 
  • The diaper bag for twins should be easy to maintain. The material must be washable and easy to clean both on the inside and on the outside. 
  • The fashion, the style, design, and even color must be pleasing aesthetically. Pick a color that both male and female will like in case your spouse will use the same diaper bag. 

Types Of Diaper Bags

Photo of adorable twins

You need to know the different types of diaper bags available so that you can make the best choice and get the one that will meet your needs best. 

1. Backpack 

This type of diaper bag has two straps that allow you carry the bag over your shoulder thereby allowing you to be hands-free. 

This is the most convenient diaper bag when handling twins. You need to be hands free when you are out with twins. 

2. Tote 

A tote diaper bag has one or two straps that allow you carry the bag over your shoulder. This is best used when your twins are older and they don’t require much attention. 

3. Messenger 

This special diaper bag has multiple straps that allow you to carry it over the shoulder or cross body. This is a good option for moms who are looking for a multipurpose diaper bag. 

4. Stroller 

This diaper bag has an attachment that enables you to place it on the stroller and be hands-free. This is a very convenient diaper bag when dealing with twins. 

Diaper Bag For Twins

1. Bliss bag 

Photo of Bliss Bag; a diaper bag for twins

This bag will help you organize all your babies’ stuff and you will be able to locate any item you are looking for. It has 20 pockets, and four insulated pockets for keeping babies’ foods and drinks warm or cool. 

There are two zippered compartments on either side of the bag for convenient access to your babies’ wipes. You can store up to three bottles in the insulated zipper pouch in the front and also additional foods and drinks in the various compartments of the diaper bag. 

All your babies’ belongings will be safe in this bag. It is water-resistant as it is constructed with a waterproof nylon. It also comes with stroller straps and a changing pad. 


  • Has a wonderful stylish design 
  • Easy and comfortable to carry around 
  • Has four insulated pockets 

2. Bag nation 

Photo of Bag Nation; a diaper bag for twins

If you are looking for the best diaper bags with many pockets, then go for this. It is made with strong and elegant polyester which is fray-resistant and water-resistant. 

This diaper bag for twins has 14 compartments and one insulated pouch for a couple of baby bottles. It also has a toiletry bag and a change mat that comes with it. 

Stroller straps are already attached to the bag so that you don’t have to keep score of anything. The thickly cushioned and curved straps can hug your body comfortably and you can carry as much as you like with this bag. 

It is so large that you can fit a loft inside this bag. 


  • It comes with a changing mat 
  • There are 14 organized pockets in this diaper bag for twins 
  • It is water-resistant 


Photo of HAPTIM; a diaper bag for twins

This tote diaper bag for twins is a stylish and beautiful one that even dads won’t hate carrying the bag around. It has 17 pockets and two big sections that can carry all your twins’ stuff. 

Your wallet, phones, and other valuables can be kept in the backpack theft-proof compartment of this bag which is located at the back. 

It has a padded mesh that covers the back and straps for breathability and comfort. The fabric it is made of is water-resistant. 


  • It has ergonomic straps 
  • It is beautiful and stylish bag 
  • There are two large compartments 


  • The two compartments of this diaper bag don’t open wide enough, this makes it difficult to browse everything you put in there but the compartments are wide enough for clothes and diapers though. 


Photo of Dadgear; a diaper bag for twins

This bag doesn’t look like a diaper bag but it is one of the best diaper bags for twins you can get. It comes with a changing mat and has lots of storage rooms. 

The whole bag can be entirely unzipped to give you quick access to anything you need. This is that diaper bag for twins that is easy to grasp when going out with your two people. 

There is also a place at the back of the diaper bag for twins where you can put wipes for easy access without unzipping the entire bag. 


  • Easy access to wipes 
  • It comes with a changing pad 
  • It has a lifetime warranty 


Photo of Halva; a diaper bag for twins

Looking for a diaper bag for twins that is well-designed in terms of functionality and aesthetics? If yes, go for this diaper bag for twins. 

It is water-resistant with lots of rooms and it is available in several colors. It can even double as a purse for moms. One side of this diaper bag for twins has a bottle pocket while the other side has a compartment for dispensing wipes. 

The main compartment of this diaper bag for twins has five compartments and an insulated front pocket that can store up to three water bottles. 

There are lots of colors and designs you can pick from. There is a color and design for every mom. 


  • Anti-theft pockets 
  • Water-resistant fabrics 
  • Three insulated pockets 

6. Eddie Bauer 

Photo of Eddie Bauer; a diaper bag for twins

This brand is well-known for their quality products and they also make diaper bags for parents with an active lifestyle and this is their diaper bag for twins. 

This diaper bag for twins by Eddie Bauer is ideal for transporting all the essentials of your twins. It doesn’t really appear like a diaper bag but it is one of the best diaper bags for twins. 

It has 11 pockets and two insulated pockets. Your phone, keys, and wallet will perfectly fit in the zippered front pouch. The Eddie Bauer diaper bag for twins also comes with wipe holders and a cleaning pad. 

The stroller hooks are integrated into the shoulder straps of the diaper bag and they can be easily attached to any stroller. It has a cushioned back and detachable and comfortable shoulder straps. 


  • It is comfortable to carry about 
  • It has two insulated pockets 
  • It has built-in adjustable straps for your strollers 

7. Leke Baby Convertible 

Photo of Leke Baby Convertible; a diaper bag for twins

This stylish diaper bag for twins gives you the ability to easily switch between a backpack and a tote bag. It is also the most casual diaper bag for twins on our list. 

It has a large opening and integrated stroller straps and also a tight tote grip. You can carry this diaper bag for twins in a lot of ways. It has two insulated compartments to store any size of baby bottles. 

The side pockets of this diaper bag are best for storing wipes and the front pocket is water-resistant making it perfect for wet or dirty items. 

You can remove the padded backpack straps to convert the diaper bag for twins to a tote bag strap. The bottom of the bag has feet that lets it stands on any surface, this makes it easy for you to dig into the bag when looking for things. 


  • Has a thick grip 
  • Has water-proof pockets
  • It has adjustable straps for strollers 


  • The exterior open pockets can get wet when it rains 
  • The front pocket cannot store 11 ounce baby bottles 

8. Lifecolor diaper bag 

Photo of Lifecolor; a diaper bag for twins

This is one of the best budget diaper bag for twins. Despite the low cost, it comes with many amazing features. It has a water-proof inner bag for storing wet clothes or dirty diapers thereby separating them from other items in the bag. 

Also, it has an insulated front pocket for storing bottles thereby making it easy for you to grab one when you need it. It is highly durable and can withstand daily use. 

The material it is made with are durable and it has strong straps for extra support. 

You can carry this diaper bag for twins in three different ways. There is the backpack option that is ideal for keeping your hands free and attending to you twins better. There is a stroller option and a tote option. 

This diaper bag for twins has a large capacity that can hold all the essentials for your twins and even contain your stuff too. 


  • Water-resistant 
  • Available in many colors 
  • Has insulated pockets for baby bottles and can keep your baby bottles warm for four hours 
  • It is easy to clean 
  • It has a wide opening that makes it easy to pick up what you need. 
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around 


  • It does not have plenty pockets like other diaper bags 
  • The insulated pockets cannot carry an eight-ounce baby bottle 

9. Hyblom diaper bag backpack 

Photo of Hyblom; a diaper bag for twins

Moms who are fans of backpacks will love this backpack-styles diaper bag for twins. The back straps can be easily adjusted to ensure a correct fit and they are padded for extra comfort. 

It is easy to carry it around and you can also attach it to a stroller with its in-built stroller straps. It is durable with high quality zippers and strong stitching that can withstand daily use. 

This diaper bag for twins has generous space and plenty of rooms for all your essentials. It has lots of pockets plus a cell phone compartment to keep your phones. 

It also has an insulated area for baby bottles. This diaper bag for twins will help keep your sanity and organization skill in check. 


  • It comes with a diaper changing pad 
  • It has pocket for cellphone and laptop 
  • It has a beautiful style and design 
  • It has zippered wipes pouch 


  • It can be too big for petite moms to carry about 

10. B.F.F. Diaper Cream Bag by Ju-Ju-Be

Photo of BFF Diaper Cream Bag by Ju Ju Be; a diaper bag for twins

This bag is best for moms who are neat freaks. Using diaper bags on a daily basis can lead to the buildup of dirt on it. This can make your little ones susceptible to illness. 

This diaper bag outer fabric is resistant to stains and also machine washable. It is also water-resistant thereby preventing spills. 

It is one of the largest diaper bags for twins you can find and this can store everything you need for you and your little ones. 

Charles David, a father of twins and owner of faunafacts.com recommends this product to parents, he said: “As a father of twins, I know how important it is to have a good diaper bag. After all, you need to be able to pack enough diapers, wipes, and other supplies for two babies, all while keeping everything organized. 

That’s why I recommend the “Diaper Bag Twin Set” from Ju-Ju-Be. This bag comes with two separate compartments, each big enough to hold all the essentials. 

Additionally, it has a number of pockets on the outside that are perfect for holding bottles or snacks. And best of all, it comes with a built-in changing pad so you can always be prepared. 

So if you’re looking for a great diaper bag for twins, I would definitely recommend checking out the “Diaper Bag Twin Set” from Ju-Ju-Be.”


  • It has many classy designs that you can choose from 
  • It has a lifetime warranty 
  • It has 17 pockets that make storage easy 


  • The only con we discovered is that the design is too feminine and some dads may not like to carry it 

11. Skip Hop Weekender Travel Diaper Bag Tote

Photo of Skip Hop; a diaper bag for twins

Looking for a travel diaper bag for twins that can be easily attached to any stroller? Go for this and you will be glad with the choice you made. It will meet all the needs of your stroller. 

It is specially designed for strollers and it makes use of customized chips and measuring width of the stroller. 

And if you want to step away from the stroller/wheels, you can use the detachable strap and the carry handles that enable you wear this diaper bag over your shoulders, across the body, or carry it as a tote bag. 

This diaper bag for twins has a big compartment and a two-way zip closure. It also has zippered pockets and a cellphone pouch that gives you access to your important stuff. 

The elastic side pockets of the diaper bag for twins are for your baby bottles. 


  • Has extra-long strap that can fit taller moms and dads 
  • It has a unisex design 
  • It has magnetic closures all through the bag 
  • It fits single strollers 


  • The cellphone holder of this diaper bag for twins doesn’t fit all types of cellphones 
  • It may be too expensive for those in a tight budget 

12. Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag Backpack

Photo of Itzy Ritzy Backpack; a diaper bag for twins

Looking for a super stylish diaper bag for twins? Why not consider this? Fashionista moms who don’t want to ruin their style by carrying a regular diaper bag will love this diaper bag for twins. 

This amazing diaper bag for twins looks like a designer purse straight off the runway. It will compliment your trendy outfit while still meeting all your mom needs and that of your twins. 

It is made with vegan leather and it comes with amazing functionality. Also, it is easy to spot items in this bag because the interior fabrics are light-colored and it will keep everything in the bag dry all through the day. 


  • Comes in six different colors 
  • It has one separate easy-access parent pocket 
  • It can be easily cleaned, both inside and outside. 
  • It has 17 pockets 


  • Few parents complained of faulty zippers 

13. Columbia Outfitter Messenger Diaper Bag

Photo of Columbia Outfitter; a diaper bag for twins

This is one of the best diaper bag for twins for dads. If your spouse is complaining of the diaper bag being too feminine for him to carry around, you can get him this. 

It is designed by dads for dads. It has a masculine color and design. 

This diaper bag for twins has 13 pockets, a large compartment, and an insulated side pocket to house two baby bottles. 

It is a bit smaller than other diaper bags for twins but that shouldn’t be a surprise because men pack light right? 

This diaper for twins for dads is lightweight, very comfortable to wear, and has padded shoulder straps for added comfort. 

Even after the twins are grown up, this bag can serve as a great everyday bag. 


  • Suits both mom and dad 
  • Includes a changing pad 
  • It has strong zippers 
  • It includes stroller straps 


  • This is an amazing bag and the only drawback we found is that it has a tight space which may not be suitable for longer outings. 

14. The hafmall diaper bag backpack

Photo of Hafmall; a diaper bag for twins

This is another best budget friendly diaper bag for twins on our list and the quality is amazing. It has many great features and comes in various colors. 


  • Water-resistant 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Has stroller straps 
  • It is versatile and spacious 
  • Has more than 13 pockets 
  • Practical and stylish 


  • The insulated pockets cannot hold large bottles 

15. The Blissly diaper backpack

Photo of Blissly; a diaper bag for twins

This is one of the best large diaper bags for twins and it also has the most pockets when compared to other diaper bags for twins. 

The insulated pockets of this diaper bag for twins can hold large bottles. It has a magnetic wipe pocket that makes it easier, faster, and more efficient to change your babies’ diaper. 

This diaper bag for twins gives you extra space to put everything you need both for you and your baby. 


  • It has 20 pockets 
  • Has large insulated pockets that can carry 8 oz bottles 
  • The magnetic wipe pockets makes it easier for you to change diapers 
  • It is water-proof and sturdy 


  • It is hard for the bag to stay in an upright position.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Diaper Bags For Twins

Photo of adorable twins

Can I use a purse as a diaper bag? 

Well, if it is for just a single baby, you can but in the case of twins, you can’t. Packing for twins in a purse won’t be easy, it is frustrating and the chances of your purse being big enough is also slim. 

Which is better, a diaper bag or a diaper bag backpack? 

Well, this depends on you, you know the kind of bags you use and what you are used to. If you love and carry a shoulder bag, you will definitely like a diaper bag and as your twins get older and can move on their own, you would be able to hold their hands while you hang your shoulder bag. 

For some women, the diaper bag may not go well with them, it may slide off their shoulder while holding the hands of their twins. 

This group of women will prefer a backpack or a crossbody diaper bag for twins. These types of diaper bags for twins make the hands free. 

So you think about all these features and also consider the type of bags you are already used to and you will know if you should go for a diaper bag or a diaper bag backpack for twins. 

Do I need two diaper bags for twins? 

Well, there is no need for two diaper bags for twins except you and your spouse like to have your own personal diaper bag for twins. 

Some couples take turns to look after babies and take them out and you and your spouse may want to pack your own diaper bag for twins yourselves. 

Also, some couples have different desires, while one loves spending time outdoors, the other may love spending time visiting families. In this case, it is advisable for each one to have their own diaper bag for twins. 

What should I put in my diaper bag for twins? 

Your diaper bag for twins should contain the following essentials: 

  • Diapers (at least one diaper for each child for every two hours that you will be out, then add four extra diapers, just in case, of necessity)
  • Wipes (check out the best baby wipes)
  • Extra shirts, (for your babies and also for you, we always forget about ourselves right? LOL) 
  • Baby hats and baby blankets 
  • Enough formula bottles that can give each baby one extra feeding. Just in case, you can’t get home in time for the next feeding. This is why your diaper bag for twins should have insulated pockets. 
  • Some breast pads if you are breastfeeding 
  • Bibs 
  • Burp clothes 
  • Pacifiers
  • Enough baby food
  • Baby spoons for each baby
  • First aid kits  
  • Hand sanitizers 
  • Toys 
  • Insurance card copies, both for you and the twins. You can also add emergency phone numbers 
  • Cash (money) 
  • Snacks for you and the twins 
  • Your phones and mobile devices  


It can be a challenge shopping for a diaper bag for twins and even knowing the essentials to carry around, that is why we put this post together to help make the process easy for you. 

In addition to diaper bags for twins suggestions, there are tips, advice, and frequently asked questions that will help you on your beautiful twin motherhood journey.

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