10 Best Craft Ideas For Adults To Sell For Profit

Are you looking for craft ideas for adults to sell? If yes, we have put together fast selling craft ideas that can bring you good income.

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One of the best ways to diversify your source of income or meet a particular financial need or goal is to engage in sales. And in doing this, you don’t just sell any item, you have to do your research to know craft ideas that are in high demand that you can sell. 

Luckily, we’ve done part of the work for you. Here are 10 most profitable crafts to sell and make money in 2022. 

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Craft Ideas For Adults To Sell

1. Gift baskets 

Gift baskets are popular, almost everyone has gotten one or gifted one to someone that they care about. This can be on the occasion of their birthdays, anniversary, valentine, or just a gift to let your friend or loved one know that you care for them. 

These are the reasons why gift baskets are popular. 

If you are good at making and arranging beautiful gift baskets, then you can make good money selling them. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make gift baskets 

Gift Baskets : Tips for Making Gift Baskets

Even if you can’t make them, you can buy from people or small businesses who do and add your profit before selling them either online or offline. 

2. Pillows 

When we hear the word “pillow”, we instantly have the image of being snuggled up in a bed and resting peacefully on its plum and soft support. 

Pillows of all kinds are in high demand, be it baby pillows, decorative pillows, throw pillows, and even sleep pillows for adults. You will make good money if you can make pillows. 

Do you know that April second of every year is International pillow fight day

Beautiful and handmade pillows are used for many things, some of them are: 

  • Sleep, pillows give comfort during sleep but this is not the only use of pillows 
  • Pillows can be used to decorate the home. Pillows used for decorative purposes are more fancy and beautiful. Their decorative features show elegant embroidery or pretty designs or patterns. 
  • Pillows are used as tomb headrest. This practice didn’t start today, it can be traced back to ancient Egypt where pillows made from woods and stones were used to support the head of the deceased. 
  • Pillows are also used as prayer rest. This practice started in ancient Europe where pillows were used in churches as knee rest when praying. They are more comfortable than the hard concrete or wooden floor and it also helps people pray longer. This practice is still carried out in some churches today. 
  • In ancient China, energy and healing stones were used to make pillows. These pillows were made from stones like jade and the Chinese believed that these stones transfer their healing energy to the brain when you sleep on them. It was even believed that these kinds of pillows can cure headaches and boost wisdom. Due to this, they were so expensive that only the rich and royalty could afford them. 
  • There are orthopedic pillows designed to correct bad posture and even help with back problems. These pillows are in high demand. 
  • Reading pillow also known as boyfriend or husband pillow, this high-back pillow has 2 large arms that are used to prop you up while you read or watch TV. The market demand for reading pillows is also high and you will make a good fortune selling this. 
  • Hugging pillow is used for cuddling across the world. They are long and narrow which helps you wrap your legs and arms around them. In Japan, hugging pillows even have anime character designs on them. You can make yours creative and beautiful. 
  • Pillow fort is one of the most entertaining ways people love to use pillows. Kids even love them because they provide a safe, soft, and fun hideout during their hide and seek games. Even adults love them too. You can learn how to build a beautiful pillow fort
  • Pillow fight, this may sound childish but a lot of adults engage in it. Pillows are great tools for friendly fights between lovers, couples, family members, and friends. 

With these many and interesting uses of pillows, you won’t go broke selling them. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make pillows.


3. Artwork

Artworks are always in demand, from the beginning of humanity and it is not about to go out of demand. Beautiful artworks like: 

  • Paintings 
  • Drawings 
  • Abstract art 
  • Sculptures 
  • Wooden crafts 
  • Clay products, etc. 

are in high demand and wanted by art-loving people. If you are good at any artwork, why not make good money by selling your creativity? 

4. Beaded jewelry 

Jewelry are loved and used by millions of women worldwide. If you are good at making beautiful and quality beaded jewelry, you will make lots of money. 

You can sell these both online and offline and get cool money. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make beaded jewelry.

Jewelry making tutorial. Beading pattern. Beaded bracelet, Learn how to bead.

5. Festive decorations 

There are many festive periods during the year, we have Christmas, New year, Chinese new year, The Muslims Salah, the Hindus celebrations, etc. 

We also have birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and parties, and all these require decorations and decorative items. If you are good at making these, you will make good sales due to their importance in the society.  

6. Planters 

Home plants, office plants, indoor plants, etc. are popular due to their decorative and therapeutic benefits. 

Therapeutic plants like Lavender, aloe vera, etc. can be planted indoors to help with sleep, purify the air, relieve stress and depression, etc. while others are planted to make the home or office look beautiful. 

These are the reasons why the demand for planters is growing. 

If you can make beautiful planters, you will make money selling them because they are becoming very popular these days. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make planters.

How to Make Modern Garden Planters

7. Handmade clocks 

Wall clocks have other functions apart from telling the time – they beautify the home. Beautiful handmade clocks or wooden wall clocks are in demand. They serve as good gift items for couples and loved ones. 

If you can make beautiful handmade clocks, you will sell well because there is a huge market for this. 

Make different designs, shapes, colors, and even use different materials. You can sell your beautiful clocks both online and offline. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make handmade clocks.

DIY Handmade wall clock | Wall decor handcraft | Cardboard craft

8. Hats 

Hats will never go out of fashion, both men, women, and children use it. People who go to the beach or sun bath also use hats. Hats are won on some clothes to complement the dress. They are used to make fashion statements. It is one of the favorite accessories for women. 

Hats are also worn to get protection from extreme climates like high heat of the sun. It also protects the eyes from the brightness of the sun. People whose skin are sensitive to sunlight use hats a lot. Hats help prevent skin cancers and sunlight-induced skin damage. They protect your face from harsh weather and even regulate your body temperature. 

Hats also protect the hair from sun damage which can fade the color of the hair. They protect your scalp too from sunburn. If you are busy outdoors either exercising, playing or working, you can use a hat to hold back your hair from your face. 

So with all these great uses of hats, it is hard not to make a decent amount of money selling them. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make hats.

How to Sew Bucket Hat for Beginners | GA001

9. Wigs and hair extensions 

Wigs and hair extensions are no more just for fashion, in fact they have become a necessity and life saver for many. They protect the hair from damage and with them, you can easily upgrade your looks for any occasion. 

Whether human hair or synthetic hair, they are used to promote beauty, confidence, and improve overall elegance. They help people change their hairstyles without changing their original hair at all. 

Wigs and hair extensions save money also. Instead of spending to make new hair, you just switch between your wigs and natural hair. People with hair problems like thinning or falling hair can hide these using wigs. These are the reasons why wigs and hair extensions are hot selling products. 

You will make good money if you sell quality wigs and hair extensions. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make wigs.

How to make a Quick Wig

10. Scarves

Scarves have many uses, from religious to fashion and even protective functions. They protect the neck with ease and comfort, and even the nose and ear in cases where the jacket collar does not protect them. 

Scarves keep people warm in winter and even prevent asthma attacks. They are used to bring life to dull outfits and at the same time, they keep you warm. These are the reasons why scarves will always be trending. 

If you can sell quality scarves, you will benefit from the huge market demand and make good money. Watch the video below to guide you on how to make pretty scarves.

How To Sew Scarves

Where To Sell Your Crafts

Photo of sale; there are various craft ideas for adults to sell

There are many places you can sell your crafts. 

If you offer quality products, you can make use of these platforms to sell your crafts and make good money. 


The above crafts ideas for adults to sell will bring you good profit because these crafts are always in high demand. Also, make use of well-established and legal websites including the ones listed above to sell your crafts. Remember the more creative you are, the more your crafts will stand out and the more sales you will make. Check out other easy crafts that make money.

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