Best Planners For Moms (Top 10)

The best planners for moms will help you stay organized through a very busy week. Having a planner helps you stay sane and gives you a sense of fulfilment because it helps you to get everything done. 

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In case you are wondering what a planner is, it is a tool that helps you to keep track of important activities and what you want to do. It also helps you to prioritize your tasks. 

With a weekly planner, you will stay on top of things and it will also give you a timeline, like “if I don’t get this done by Friday, I won’t be able to do it again”. 

Here, we have compiled the best planners for moms to make it easier for you to choose. 

How To Use Planners

Photo of a planners for moms

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It is very important for busy moms to use a planner. Especially the ones designed specifically for moms. It will help you plan how to spend your time and how to strategize according to your busy schedule. 

Below are six tips that will help you use a planner successfully. 

  1. Choose a planner that works for you. There are different types of planners and even the ones recommended in this post are from various brands. So pick a planner that suits you best. 
  2. Mind how you write in your planner, you should keep it relatively simple and not complicated. You should know what kind of information you want in your planner, and the style you want to use i.e Bullet points, tabular form etc. 
  3. Use a planner for one week at a time. Don’t try to put four weeks worth of activities into one planner. If your life is already busy, don’t make it more complicated by adding too many things you want done at once. 

It will be difficult for you to stay focused and motivated when your planner is congested with activities. 

Use a planner for one week only so that you can stay focused and organized on a specific task. 

  1. Make space for uncertainties. If you are unsure of something in the future, leave room for it on your planner. This will help you to be flexible and sane. 
  2. Pick a place where you will use your planner. This looks simple but it is one of the most important tips that will help you succeed with a planner. The place you pick should be accessible, organized, and convenient for you. 
  3. Don’t be hard on yourself and always give yourself grace. It is normal to start something and then life happens and you fall off the wagon. 

In fact, you may realize that it’s been days or weeks since you’ve looked at your planner. When you realize this, don’t be hard on yourself, just simply get back to using it. 

Best Planner For Moms

These are some of the top planners we found for moms. 

1. Weekly planner by Trees 

Photo of Weekly Planner by Trees; one of the best planners for moms

This Weekly Planner by Trees is broken up into 52 weeks. It is designed for moms and helps one to easily cultivate healthy lifestyle and habits. 

One good thing about this planner for moms is that it is not dated. 

This means, you won’t waste weeks if you are not using it. You can pick it up after the new year and still use it anytime you want. 

Its back is made from premium quality paper and it has a thick, light coral cover with rose gold coil. 

On our list, this is one of the best weekly planners for moms. 


  • It is undated 
  • High quality 
  • Can last up to 52 weeks 
  • It is beautiful 


  • We didn’t notice any drawback with this planner

Get it on Amazon.

2. Brilliant weekly planner by Paperian 

Photo of Brilliant Weekly Planner by Paperian; one of the best planners for moms

This is another great weekly planner for moms. It has a very unique design, different from most brands out there. 

It has 60 weeks planning sheets and each sheet has a memo area on the backside for note keeping. 

Also it is a dateless planner. This means that you can start using it at any time of the year. This planner also comes with a stand for keeping the planner upright. 

It can also fit perfectly in front of your laptop or keyboard for easy reading. 


  • Has a beautiful and unique design 
  • It comes with a stand 
  • Contains 60 weeks planning sheet 
  • There is a place for note taking on each sheet 
  • Can fit perfectly in front of a laptop 


  • No drawbacks were noticed 

Get it on Amazon

3. Life and Apples weekly planner 

Photo of Life and Apples; one of the best planners for moms

This is more than just a planner for busy moms, it is also a motivational planner that won’t just help you do all your tasks, it will help increase your productivity and happiness. 

One thing we love about this planner is that it has a goal setting section. It also has the following sections: 

  • A gratitude section 
  • A vision board 
  • Year in review
  • Undated weekly agenda
  • Self-care routine 
  • Affirmations 
  • Journaling pages 
  • Prompts 
  • Inspirational quotes and many more 

It also has a calendar that will help you in completing all your weekly tasks and keep to all your weekly appointments. This is one of the bests planners for busy moms. 


  • It boosts productivity 
  • It keeps you motivated 
  • Has many sections apart from just listing your tasks 
  • It is undated 


  • It is quite bulky 

Get it on Amazon.

4. Bliss collection weekly planner 

Photo of Bliss collection Weekly Planner ; one of the best planners for moms

This is one of the most unique planners for busy moms. It is not just a book, it is also a desktop paper pad. This makes it easy for you to write your notes as you work on your laptop or computer. 

It is one of the best weekly planners for working moms. 

It is undated, includes a calendar and has 50 weeks planning sheets with a beautiful floral design. Also, it has a section for you to write ideas, notes, and to do lists. 


  • Beautiful with a gorgeous and awesome layout 
  • It is colorful with lots of rooms 
  • Quick tear-off pages 


  • It is not magnetized 

Get it on Amazon.

5. Planberry weekly schedule planner 

Photo of Planberry Weekly Planner; one of the best planners for moms

This elegant weekly planner for busy moms has an hourly and weekly to-do list schedule that can make life easier for you. It also has a budget planning section. 

It won’t only help you manage your schedule properly, it will also help you manage your budget, your goal setting, and in turn, help you live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Also, every week, this planner will prompt you to learn and make use of new tools to become healthier, happier, and more successful. 

This planner is undated, and has 52 week sheets. With this planner, you will feel highly productive. 


  • It is motivational 
  • Has a budget planning section 
  • Undated 
  • Can last for a year 


  • No drawback noticed 

Get it on Amazon.

6. The Bloom daily planner

Photo of The Bloom Daily planner; one of the best planners for moms

This is one of the best planners for moms who have problems reaching their goals and bringing balance into their lives. 

This planner is unique from others due to its unusual design. It is deliberately designed to make sure you achieve your goals every month. 

For each month, there is a page that allows you to write and remind yourself of your personal goals, family goals, work goals, and even fun goals. 

If you want to achieve a balanced life between being a mom and anything else, this planner by Bloom will help you achieve that. This planner also comes with fun stickers, washi tapes, and other accessories to give you the fun of a happy planner mixed with all the business side. 

These accessories will help you personalize every inch of your planner while you slay your goals. Another good thing about this planner is that it is cheaper than other planners. 


  • Beautiful, sturdy, and lightweight 
  • Has spacious weekly sheets and a two-page monthly overview spreads 
  • Comes with stickers, life coaching worksheets, and inspirational features. 
  • It is affordable 


  • No cons were noticed 

Get it on Amazon.

7. Very busy planner 

Photo of Very Busy Planner; one of the best planners for moms

This is one of the best planners for very busy moms. It is also a very good planner for stay-at-home moms who are trying to combine everyday life at home with kids. 

Apart from helping you stay on top of your goals and tasks, it also has self-discovery and inspirational nuggets through its pages to help you find your best self. 

There are also pages for reflections, planning, and even having fun by just creating a music playlist. There are also calendars and dates in this planner. 

The Very Busy planner is best for busy moms because it is more geared around your family and your own self-discovery. 


  • Specially prepared for busy moms 
  • It is family-oriented 
  • Has rooms for planning and self-reflections 
  • It helps you discover yourself 


  • No con discovered 

Get it on Amazon.

8. The clever fox planner 

Photo of The Clever Fox planner; one of the best planners for moms

This is more than a planner, it is just short of a personal assistant. It takes into account every aspect of any mom’s life. 

From planning your week, to self-care, goal setting, and also reviewing your goals. 

This planner for busy moms incorporates bullet journaling spaces and lists, checklists, and even graphics. This will help you know the areas you’re spending more of your time and areas of your life that needs more of your attention. 

It comes with fun accessories like stickers, lots of cute stickers to add to your planner. It also has an amazing fabulous budget tracker.


  • It is a luxurious and premium edition 
  • High quality 
  • Has lots of spaces for writing your daily appointments and tasks 
  • Undated 
  • Comes with cute stickers 


  • No con noticed 

Get it on Amazon.

9. Leuchtturm 1917

Photo of Leuchtturm Planner; one of the best planners for moms

This planner is so simple and very straight forward. It is best for moms who are looking for something minimalist and designed for just one purpose: to write down dates and times for you to remember. 

It is just a simple calendar with seven days on each page.


  • Simple and straight forward 
  • Quality hardback cover 


  • It may be too simple for moms who want to do more with a planner 

Get it on Amazon.

10. Live well planner 

Photo of Live Well Planner ; one of the best planners for moms

If you are a mom looking to stay on your tasks, then this is one of the best planners you can get. It will help you plan and complete all your projects by prompting you to review the beginning and end of your day. 

The Live Well planner will help you take control of your time and happiness. It has well-arranged laid out sections where you can list your tasks, schedules, reviews, and priorities. 

It has planning sections, sections for goal settings and writing your achievements. And the layout is easy to follow. 

Get it on Amazon.

Software Weekly Planners For Moms

1. One Note weekly planner 

Photo of a digital planner; great for moms who are always on their phones

Moms who want a digital planner will find this helpful, especially moms who use Microsoft office. 

This digital planner will help you stay organized and on top of your weekly schedules and activities. It is optimized for desktops and has three color options. It also has inspirational quotes that can keep you motivated. 


  • It eliminates the use of papers and carrying them around 
  • It comes with motivational quotes 
  • Unlimited flexibility 
  • You can always carry it about and there is no risk of forgetting it at home since your phone or tablet is always with you
  • You can set reminders 
  • You can search your reminders and tabs 
  • You can sync your tasks with your many devices 


  • It makes you spend more hours on your phone, this is not a good option for a busy mom who is trying to cut down the hours used on phones. 
  • It can be distracting. When you pull out your phone to add a task, you can get carried away by a text, a notification, or something. 
  • The notifications can be disturbing and noisy for some moms. 
  • Research shows that writing down stuff helps one remember it faster than just typing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do moms need planners? 

A mom’s life is very busy. There are many things she needs to attend to, like looking after the children, house chores, work, etc. and sometimes, it becomes difficult to remember what you did five minutes ago. 

A good planner for moms will help moms stay on top of their activities. They will be able to plan their lives very well. 

Do planners really help moms? 

Yes! Planners help if only you use them. 

What is the best planner for busy moms?

Well, there are lots of planners out there from different brands. So the best planner for you depends on what you want. It depends on the type of things you want to enter in it. 

Apart from goals and to-do lists, you may want a space for note taking or some other stuff. You may even want a planner with motivational quotes. 

The best planner for you also depends on your personality. So look for a planner that contains what you are currently trying to juggle in your life. That is why we have this select list of wonderful planners for moms. 

So the best planner is the one that works for you specifically. 

What can I write in my planner? 

There are lots of things to write in your planner and they include: 

  • Tasks and to do lists 
  • Playdates 
  • Chores 
  • Goals 
  • Daily gratitude 
  • Your accomplishments 
  • Things that happens to you on a daily basis 
  • Doodles 
  • Budgets 
  • Journals 
  • Exercise log 
  • Inspiration, etc. 

However, what you should write in your planner all depends on you. 

How do I use a planner as a beginner? 

You simply write down important dates and future appointments. You can write down birthdays you need to remember, upcoming doctor’s appointments, planned playdates for the kids, etc. 

As you advance in using planners, you can start adding to what you write in it. You can add certain chores to particular days of the week, fun days you plan with your kids and husband, and even the goals you have for the future. 

Should I keep old planners? 

It is not necessary to keep old planners, especially if you don’t have space for them or you don’t want clutter. 

However, if you know an occasion may arise when you will need to look back in your old planner to know when you did something, then you can keep your old planners. 


Planners for moms can make your life easy. They help you remember little details and stay on top of your tasks. 

This post contains a list of wonderful planners you will love. And all you have to do is to pick the one that suits you best. 

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