10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors

You may be wondering why you need a magnetic screen door. Well, it gives you the benefits of an open door which includes easy entering and coming out, natural light, cool breeze, and also prevents bugs from entering your home. 

image of best magnetic screen door

It is designed like a curtain that fits around your door frame and the magnetic strip in the center promotes hands-free opening and closing. 

Below are the best magnetic screen doors you can find. Please remember to measure your door before ordering any product. 

1. Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

Photo of Flux Phenom screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

Made with fiberglass, this magnetic screen door offers greater visibility and air flow. It is tightly woven and the edges are reinforced fully with thumbtacks for extra security and strength. 

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This hands-free magnetic screen door can fit any doorframe 38 inches or less in width and 82 inches or less in height. Pets and kids can easily push the mesh and it has 26 heavy magnets running down the seam that will close the mesh behind them. 

A video tutorial on how to install the door comes with the package. It is a single door type and pretty easy to install. 

It comes with hook-and-loop tape for people who have aluminium door frames and it also comes with thumbtacks for people with wooden door frames. 

This magnetic screen door has a Velcro system that makes it easy to remove if there is a need to do so. 


  • Heavy-duty mesh screen with reinforced edges 
  • Fits single door frames 
  • Comes with clear installation guide 
  • Comes with everything needed for installation 
  • Can work on doors measuring 38X82 inches
  • Opens and closes easily 
  • No-hands entry, it simply opens with a nudge 


  • The thumbtacks are flimsy
  • If you paint the walls, the Velcro won’t stay 
  • May not work well for sliding doors  
  • May not withstand high wind 

Check out the price on Amazon.

2. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Fiberglass

Photo of Magzo screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

This product made it into the list of best magnetic screen doors because it is fireproof and resistant to corrosion. 

The MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Fiberglass (single door) mesh has better durability than polyester mesh products. It measures 38X99 inches and can easily open with a push. 

It has strong magnets sewn into the screen edges that pulls the both sides into place. 

There is a windproof sticker clasp design in the middle and bottom of the screen door to prevent it from being blown open by high winds. There are extra thumbtacks to secure the adhesive strips used in installation. 

This product is heavier than polyester mesh screens and its weight keeps it in place even when it is breezy. There is also a latch design in the middle and bottom part of the screen door curtain to keep it in place when it is windy. 

It opens easily when you pass through it and pets can also go in and out without pulling it off the walls. 


  • Heavy duty screen material with reinforced edges 
  • Resistant to fire and corrosion 
  • Comes with clear installation guide 
  • Windproof hook and loop design 
  • Pet friendly 
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble (takes minutes) 


  • The hook tape doesn’t stick well on stone or concrete 
  • The screen may not be resistant to tear 
  • The magnets are poorly spaced thereby leaving large gaps along the magnetic screen. 

Check out the product on Amazon

3. Homearda Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass

Photo of Homearda screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

If you are on a tight budget but need a magnetic screen door to keep your home free of flies and bugs, go for this. 

It makes use of Velcro strips for easy and quick installation to your door frame. This allows for easy installation and take down, 

The Homearda Magnetic Screen Door Fiberglass has weighted sticks at the bottom to prevent wind from blowing it open. It has 26 powerful magnets sewn into the reinforced edges to give a fast and silent closing. 

This single door type of magnetic screen door is sturdy but it doesn’t come with optional thumbtacks to keep it on uneven surfaces or in place. 


  • Durable fiberglass mesh 
  • Affordable 
  • Reinforced edges seams 
  • Comes with full frame magic adhesive tape 
  • 12 months’ warranty 
  • Resistant to damages by cats 
  • Can work on sliding doors 
  • Has heavier and stronger magnets 


  • Does not come with thumbtacks 
  • The gray screen is more noticeable
  • The adhesion may not hold up for long  

See more reviews on Amazon

4. AUGO Magnetic Screen Door – Self Sealing

Photo of Augo screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

This product is unique and works well. Instead of using numerous magnets, it makes use of just one magnet that runs the entire length on each side of the edges, from top to bottom, and they keep the door closed. 

It has hewn-in snaps to keep both sides of the screen parted. It measures 38 by 83 inches and comes with both adhesives and thumbtacks for added strength. 

Also, it can be removed easily for cleaning because the screen is hung from a Velcro lining. 

It opens and closes with ease, it is also thinner than other magnetic door screens. It is a single door screen and made with polyester. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Side snaps to keep it open 
  • Has magnetic strips along the entire length of the screen 
  • Super easy to install 
  • Comes with adhesives and thumbtacks 
  • Kid and pet friendly 


  • Can’t hold up to high amount of animal and people traffic, it is best suited for low traffic doorway
  • May not fit all doors 
  • The Velcro adhesive may not be of high quality 
  • It is flimsy and not thick enough 
  • May not fit a sliding door  

Check out the product on Amazon.

5. IKSTAR Magnetic Screen Door for French Door

Photo of Ikstar screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

This brand of magnetic screen door comes in a wide range of sizes so that you can choose the size that perfectly fits your door. Its range is between 39 by 80 inches to 72 by 80 inches. 

There are also seven additional options that fall between these two extremes. 

It is made with lightweight polyester that allows fresh air in and keeps bugs out. it is also pet friendly and it can be installed on metal or wooden doorframes using adhesive strips. 

It also comes with thumbtacks for additional security. 

This double door magnetic screen door can perfectly fit an average-width French doorframe. It is easy to install and the directions in the guide are straightforward and easy to understand. 

However, this is a light duty screen door and can be easily opened by a strong wind. It is dark enough to protect your privacy from the outside world and it wouldn’t obstruct your view from the inside. 


  • Does not obstruct views 
  • Reinforced double lining on the edges 
  • Full frame hook and loop design 
  • Self-closes 
  • Fits all door sizes up to 46 by 83 inches. 


  • Not windproof 
  • It may not close on its own sometimes 

See more reviews on Amazon.

6. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Size 72 x 80 Inch

Photo of Magzo screen door size 72; one of the best magnetic screen doors

The MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Size 72 x 80 Inch is a double door magnetic screen door with wind-resistant hasps in the middle and bottom of the screen to keep it closed. 

It works well even during heavy winds. It is made with long-lasting fiberglass that can be attached to either wooden or metal frames.  This screen also comes with adhesive Velcro strips. 

It comes in a wide range of sizes, from 40 by 82 inches to 72 by 96 inches, helping you to get the perfect size for your door. 

The MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Size 72 x 80 Inch is suitable for standard, French, and sliding doors. 

This magnetic screen door is heavier than the double door polyester screens which helps keep it standing on windy days. It can also withstand heavy traffic doors and opens and closes easily. 


  • Available in a lot of sizes 
  • Heavy duty mesh construction 
  • Wind resistant hasps 
  • Suitable for high traffic doors 
  • Suits pets and kids 
  • Takes minutes to assemble and take down 


  • The hook tape doesn’t stick well on stone or concrete 
  • It may tear easily 
  • May not hold up 

See more reviews on Amazon.

7. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

Photo of iGotTech screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

This magnetic screen door is extremely sturdy. The entire frame is reinforced with a unique hook and loop seal which makes sure it never falls off. 

It has 26 built-in magnets that promotes hands-free operation. It can fit a wide range of doors, from 34 by 82 inches to garage doors measuring 194 by 97 inches. 


  • Mesh is durable 
  • Easy to install, comes with instruction manual and video tutorials 
  • Perfect for hands-free operations 


  • It does not lock 
  • Susceptible to wind as there are no weights along the bottom 
  • The Velcro may not hold up 
  • Thin and flimsy 

See more reviews on Amazon

8. Mkicesky Reinforced Mesh Magnetic Screen

Photo of Mkicesky screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

This high quality magnetic screen door is available in many sizes for you to make your choice. It has strong magnets and a reinforced fiberglass mesh to keep flies and insects out of your home while letting in fresh air. 

It allows hands-free operation. The installation is easy and effortless and does not require any tool. It is double door screen with a mesh stronger than most brands out there. 

It has strong magnets sewn in the reinforced edges and they are no gaps between the magnets neither can it be broken by dogs. 

This magnetic screen door opens and closes easily. 


  • Resistant to scratch and tear 
  • Multiple size options 
  • Has ultra-strong magnets 


  • Does not lock 
  • Adhesive tape can tear the pain off the wall when removing it 

Check out the product on Amazon

9. TheFitLife Mesh and Snap-Shut 

Photo of FitLife Mesh and Snap-shut; one of the best magnetic screen doors

This magnetic screen door is best for those with larger doors. It is durable and resistant to scratches and stains which are common with pets. 

Also, it stops mosquitoes and insects from invading your home due to its mesh that is minutely designed. 

It is made with 26 high grade magnets that keeps your doors closed. As the weather changes, you can detach the doors easily. 

It takes minutes to install and detach this magnetic screen door and it comes with a same size hook and loop tape, some backup pins and an instruction leaflet.


  • Beautiful and stylish design 
  • Insect-proof 
  • Made with superior magnets to seal the door 
  • Suitable for sliding doors 


  • The performance of the Velcro may not be consistent 
  • May not align properly 

Check the price and availability on Amazon

10. Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door

Photo of Aloudy screen door; one of the best magnetic screen doors

Most screens won’t fit vertically tall doors but this brand would. It is super easy to install and has powerful magnets that ensures the door stays close. 

Aloudy Magnetic Screen Door allows fresh air into the home while keeping invaders outside. It is pet and kid-friendly and also suitable for sliding and camper doors. 


  • Perfect choice for tall doors 
  • Durable 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to install 


  • The glue may not last long 
  • May not close 
  • May tear easily 

Check the price on Amazon.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Magnetic Screen Door

Photo of best magnetic screen door


You need precise measurements so that you can get perfect size for your door. You need to take the accurate height and width measurement of your door and the existing screen door, if there is. 

This will help you get the correct size of the magnetic screen door to buy. 

Some brands of magnetic screen doors come in one size only while others offer various widths and lengths. 

Material used 

There are many materials used in making magnetic screen doors but fiberglass and polyester are the main materials used in creating the mesh on magnetic screen doors. 

ABS plastics, metal, and wood can also be used. 

  • Fiberglass mesh allows cool breeze to enter your home, that is why a lot of people prefer it. It enables proper circulation of air in the home. it is more durable than other materials, especially in areas of heavy traffic like the sunroom or back door. 

It is also more expensive than other materials. 

  • Polyester mesh, is easier to see through it, it lets in more natural light than fiber glass, and it is more affordable. But it is less durable. If you want a magnetic screen door made with polyester, go for the one with higher fiber cunt because it is a good indicator of efficacy and quality. 
  • ABS plastics are used to give pets access both in and out of the home. the frame encases a fiber glass mesh or polyester mesh door in pet-sized openings. 
  • Metal doorframes are durable and can resist fluctuations in temperature but it can be prone to moisture buildup, corrosion, and rusting at the joint. 
  • Wood doorframes can expand and crack when faced with high humidity or very low temperatures. They are also prone to insect attack. 


There are many types of fasteners used with magnetic screen doors. They are used to install the door and hold it closed. Some of the most common fasteners are magnets, thumbtacks, and wind-resistant hasps. 

  • Magnets are used to close the both sides of magnetic screen doors. They stitch heavy magnets securely into the hem of the screen and their weight in turn will cause the door to close automatically. 
  • Thumbtacks increases the strength of the installation. They may be colored to match the screen or they may have a brass finish. The thumbtacks (adhesive) can be installed on the top and sides of the doorframes). 
  • Wind-resistant hasps are used in windy areas. This is a locking mechanism like a leather buckle with a slotted hinged plate or a leather buckle with a button fastener and a nylon loop. 

The hasp is placed on either sides of the magnetic screen door where it meets in the center when the door is closed. This keeps the both sides of the door closed during high wind. 

Type of magnetic screen doors 

We have two main types of magnetic screen doors. We have the single and the double door opening. Knowing which type of door to go for will help you invest in the correct door type that will fit your space correctly. 

  • The single door magnetic screens are 30 to 40 inches wide and they are more affordable than double doors. They are smaller in size but they can’t be used to fill double door spaces. 
  • Double door magnetic screens cover double door openings and they are 60 to 80 inches wide. Their size ensures that both doors and any filer inbetween them are covered by the mesh screen. 

Additional features 

Magnetic screen doors come with extra features to make it easier to use. Some of the features are full-strip magnets, pet doors, and side snaps to hold the door open,

  • Full strip magnets: In some models, these are used instead of individual magnets to keep the door closed even when there is a strong wind. The entire closing strip of the magnetic door is filled with rectangular and thin magnets. 
  • Pet doors are small screen doors that can open with just a push from your pet. They are installed directly into the mesh of a standard screen door. The pet door stays close when not in use using magnets in the frame holding the swinging portion of the door in place when not in use. 
  • Side snaps are available on some models and they help to keep the doors open without anyone having to push through the screen. They act like curtain tiles and they keep the two mesh screens open. 

They can be unsnapped when closing the mesh screen. 


Most magnetic screen doors are easy to install by anyone if the manufacturer’s directions are followed. 

Before you install the magnetic screen door, you need to see if your door opens inwards or outwards, then you install the magnetic screen door opposite your door swing. 

You need a strong adhesive, thumbtacks, or finishing nails to fix the magnetic screen door to the doorframe. The material of your screen will determine the type of fastener used. 

After installing the magnetic screen door, you need to check if the magnets at the end of each screen are linked to each other. If they are not linked, your door will not close properly because it means that the installation was not done rightly. You will have to remove the door and re-install it again. 


Magnetic screen doors should be easy to clean because this will extend the lifespan of the product. Dust it frequently with a duster or a microfiber cloth to remove debris and dirt from the mesh. 

You can wash the screen weekly with a damp cloth and mild soap, air dry them and don’t use a dryer to avoid damage. 


Magnetic screen doors help in protecting your home from flies, bugs, and other unwanted invaders while letting in fresh air and moderate sunlight into your home. 

This post contains a list of the best magnetic screen doors and how to select the one that suits your needs. 

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