15 Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy

Are you brainstorming for the best gifts for a 10 year old boy? We know that hitting the double digit (10) is a big deal and you might be wondering what kind of gifts will be suitable for your boisterous 10 year old. Well, we’re here to help.

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At 10 years, the average toys might not serve anymore, as kids become more creative, increasingly curious, and a lot more energetic. 

Therefore their toys should also be at par with their developing mind and adventurous spirit.

That’s why we’ve made this list of amazing gifts that 10 year old boys can handle and will cherish. 

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Tips To Consider When Buying Gifts For Your 10-Year Old Boy 

Photo of a boy; there are best gifts for 10 year old boy

Gifts for 10 year olds come with different functionalities and features. Some toys are educational and promote learning through play, while others are just for fun and adventure. 

The multitude of gift and toy options out there may leave you confused on what to get for your 10 year old. 

However, the factors below will guide you in picking the best gift for your 10 year old boy. 

Age group 

This is the first thing you should consider when buying a gift or toy for your son. 

Modern toys are made according to the needs of different age groups. So, the age group will determine the toys that are suitable for their development. 

Therefore, a 10 year old will need toys that can develop his reasoning capacity and decision making skills. 

Learning features 

Kids learn best during play. In fact, most can’t differentiate between learning and play. This is why it is best to encourage kids to learn through play. 

Look for toys that are designed to improve the motor and cognitive skills of your 10 year old during play. The toys or gifts should help improve hand-eye coordination. 


You also have to consider the quality of the material the toy was made with. It must be made from safe and high quality materials so that your child won’t be in any danger of health problems. 

Toys made with inferior materials can cause skin rashes and some skin conditions in children. Read the package or product description online before purchasing. 


This is also an important factor to consider when buying gifts for your children. Toys are quite expensive these days because they have been upgraded. 

Besides, some toys are beyond toys, they are also educational tools. 

However, it is better you go for high-quality toys regardless of the price. This will ensure your kids are safe and they get the best skills, and learn, while playing. 


Ensure that whatever gift or toy you buy for your child is useful so that they can appreciate the gift better. The toy or gift should be realistic, beneficial, and useful. 


Books are great gifts for 10 year olds, but the mistake some parents make is giving them academic books – children consider these kinds of books boring. 

Instead, give them non-academic books with interesting stories or contents. The book should have captivating pictures, and engaging stories. Comic books are a great idea. 

Gifting your child interesting books outside their academics will build up a reading habit in them. Reading with your child will also encourage him to interact with adults and enhance his thought process.

Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy

1. Robotics: Smart Machines Science Kit

Photo of Robotics Smart Machines; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

If your 10-year-old boy is interested in the world of robotics, you can get him this gift. It is a smart machine kit that will introduce him to the world of robotics and how machines work at an early age. 

It will give him the chance to build a robot by himself. All he needs is a tablet to use the app and then he connects to the robot via Bluetooth. 

Your child will have a fun, simple, and customizable introduction to robotics. He will be able to build motorized machines with this kit. 

Any 10-year old boy who loves science and robots will love this machine. 

2. Moon Lamp 

Photo of Moon Lamp; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

Is your 10-year old a space lover? This moon lamp will be the perfect gift for such a child. 

It has a 3D printing to look like the lunar surface which lights up in 16 colors, it also has a timer mood to shut off automatically. It comes in 4 sizes. 

Your 10 year old boy will love this gift. 

3. Physics Kit For Kids

Photo of Physics Kit for kids; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

If you want your kid to learn Newton’s Laws during play, then get this gift. It comes with 12 pages of theory and facts, 6 pages of experimental activities explaining Newton’s law, and 16 pages of step by step 3D illustrations. 

It will enable him to build collision cars, catapults, moving cabins, and gravity fans. 

While doing this, he will be learning about the fundamental properties of potential and kinetic energy. 

This kit also comes with a manual that has a quiz section that will help the child get better at physics in school. 

4. Think Fun Hacker Cybersecurity Coding Game and STEM Toy for Boys

Photo of ThinkFun Hacker Cybersecurity; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

A lot of young boys are tech lovers. If you notice your child loves tech, you can get this hacker cyber security game for him. 

ThinkFun is the world leading manufacturer of brain and logic games. The game was inspired by real life events of cybercrime in our world today. 

In this game, he takes on the role of a coder, security engineer, and hacker and the game has 120 challenges for him to solve. 

This game will help your boy learn how hackers work, it will also teach them how to secure their information better from future attacks. 

Think Fun Hacker Cybersecurity Coding Game and STEM Toy for Boys will help develop critical, reasoning and planning skills in your child. It will also teach your child core programming principles through play. And it comes with a clear and high quality instruction manual that is easy to read and understand by a 10-year old. 

5. Spin Chromebook 

Photo of Spin Chromebook; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

If your boy doesn’t have a laptop already and you are thinking of giving him his first laptop on his 10th birthday, then you should go for this. 

He will love this flexible Chromebook that comes with built-in virus protection. It also comes with the basic Google apps that he needs to get started. 

The best part about this laptop is that it is safe in the hands of a 10-year old boy because even when dropped, it can withstand the shock and it is also water resistant. 

Great Gifts for 10 Year Old Boy

6. A5 LUX Kick Scooter 

Photo of A5 Lux Kick Scooter; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

Children of these days are more sedentary than children of the past. They sit all day in school with just a few minutes of break time and come home to watch TV or play games while seated. 

If you want to encourage your child to be more physically active, you can get him this kick scooter to scoot around the neighborhood. 

It offers a super smooth ride and an adjustable handlebar that your little one can adjust to his level to have a comfortable grip without getting tired or uncomfortable. 

It also has a rear brake which gives an easy stop to the scooter. 

7. The Big Fun Kids Baking Book 

Photo of The Big Fun Kids Baking Book; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

If your child loves being in the kitchen and helping out, you can get him this cookbook for kids as his birthday present. 

Even if your boy doesn’t like cooking, this book will entice him into the kitchen.  

It has over 100 simple recipes for kids and the photos are inviting, kids will love to try these recipes and even eat them. 

This cookbook for kids also has other activities like tips and crafts, fun food trivia, etc. 

8. Gravitrax Marble Run

Photo of Gravitax Marble Run; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

If you need an educational toy for 10-year old boys, you should opt for this. Your boy will design his own race tracks and also learn the concepts of physics by experimenting with magnetism and gravity. 

This educational kit comes with a lot of tiles, features, levels, etc. He won’t get bored playing this game and he will have endless possibilities to work with. 

9. K’NEX Model Building Set

Photo of Knex Model Building set; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

If your kid loves building, then get this building toy for boys. What makes this brand stand out from other building toys is that whatever creations your boy makes, they will be able to move. 

This building kit comes with tracks, wings, rotors, and wheels. Also, this game will develop hand-eye coordination, imagination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills in your child. 

They will be learning and having fun at the same time. 

10. Multiplayer Laser Tag Set

Photo of Multiplayer Laser Tag set one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

Kids love to play games with their friends, siblings, or parents. Getting them this game set as a gift will encourage even the shy ones to socialize and get some exercise also. 

Your 10-year old boy is going to love this laser tag set. It comes with a vest and 4 laser guns. You can turn your home or backyard into a laser tag arena for your kid. 

This game can accept up to 4 teams at the same time and your child can easily switch between the unique powers of rocket, machine gun, shotgun, and pistol. 

It is a fun game for the whole family to partake in. It can also be used as a way to create cherished memories during family time. 

Cool Gifts for 10 Year Old Boy

11. Jump2It Indoor/Outdoor Bouncy Jumping Shoes

Photo of Jump2it Bouncy shoes; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

This is a very fun way to encourage your child to increase his physical activity and become healthier. This footwear will make exercise fun for them. 

The sole of this shoe is non-slip so you have nothing to worry about. It is very safe for kids and it also has non-scratch thread which will prevent damage to your room floor. 

This fun shoe feels like mini trampolines on the feet of your kids. This is a perfect way for children to burn off all their energy. 

12. Discovery Kids Model Engine

Photo of Discovery Kids Model Engine; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

Does your boy love engines and loves working on them? Well, since he is too little to be working on a real engine yet, why not get him this engine model to calm his curiosity and make him learn more about engines.

This will prepare him for the real thing. He will have fun putting everything together and even get to play with the pistons, cranks, valves, and much more. 

13. Toys Smart Circuits

Photo of Toys Smart Circuit; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

Is your kid interested in electricity? Why not get him this toy that teaches children the basics of electrical engineering? 

With this game, your boy can stick to the 50 projects suggested in the manual. One interesting thing about this game is that once your son learns how this mechanism works, he would want to design some new games and gadgets on his own. 

14. Studio in a Box

Photo of Studio in a box; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

Does your 10-year old boy love drawing and painting? If yes, get him this amazing gift. 

This studio in a box is a collection of color pencils, markers, drawing pencils, acrylic paints, washable markers, paint brushes, canvas boards, water color paints, mixed used paper, and many other tools your child will love. 

With all these, your child will easily and happily create masterpieces. 

15. How to Draw Cool Things’ by Rachel Goldstein

Photo of How To Draw Cool Things; one of the best gifts for 10 year old boy

Still on gifts for young artists, this book will show your child step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Draw 
  • Make his illustrations pop out
  • How to use optical illusions  
  • Cartooning effects and other neat tricks

This gift will teach your 10-year-old the basic principles of art and designs. It is a must have for young artists. 

If you notice that your child is constantly doodling on the margin of his notebook, get him this book as a gift on his 10th birthday. 


A gift is a way to show your child you love them and that you want what’s best for them. 

This post contains a list of wonderful gift ideas that will help convey this message to your child. The best gifts for a 10 year old boy listed above are fun, practical and very educational. He would love them!

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