10 Best Cash Envelope Wallets

The best cash envelope wallets will help you budget your hard-earned money effectively. It will also help you track your spending. 

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In case you are wondering what a cash envelope wallet is, it is a budget wallet that has various compartments that can house different envelopes and cash. 

It eliminates the need for charts and spreadsheets. All you need to do is use designated envelopes to create your budget categories and you put the cash allotted for each category into the envelopes. 

The various compartments help people improve their budget planning. 

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Below are the best cash envelope wallets. 

1. Saveyon Budget Envelopes Wallet

Photo of Saveyon; one of the best cash envelope wallets

This is one of the best and currently rated 5-star cash envelope wallet on Amazon. 

It has 12 expense trackers and can contain 12 budget envelopes that are enough for you to list your categorization. 

The Saveyon Budget Envelopes Wallet is an A6 sized wallet and it has a modern magnetic closure. 

There is one unique feature of this cash envelop wallet that makes people love it. It grants users access to a digital budget planner almost for a lifetime. The access is in the package insert. 


  • Slim and beautiful design with premium materials  
  • Secured with RFID technology for an extra layer of protection 
  • Contain slots for 8 cards, pen loop, a stretchable pocket, 
  • Six plastic budget envelopes for budgeting perfectly 
  • A yearly budget planner included and 12 tracking sheets 


  • It may be too small for some users 
  • Some users complained of the quality as the zipper broke after few uses 

Check it out on Amazon.

2. Three-way Cut Cash Envelope Wallet

Photo of Three-way Cut; one of the best cash envelope wallets

This cash envelope wallet has enormous space and numerous storage options. It has slots for 12 credit cards, coupon slots, ID window, bill compartments, binder note, and 12 budget envelopes. 

The outstanding compartmentalization can meet all your needs. 

It comes with additional budget sheets for 12 months and stickers used for naming the envelopes. 


  • Quality leather wallet with stylish design 
  • Has lots of storage 
  • Has a wide opening that offers easy access to cash 
  • Each envelope has a different pattern helping you to easily spot the exact envelope to look for when paying bills 
  • You won’t lose or drop any envelopes because they are attached to the internal binder of the wallet 


  • It may be too huge for some users and may not fit into a small or medium-sized purse. 
  • It may be difficult to close even while empty.
  • The zipper may break easily 

See more reviews on Amazon.

3. IAmNard24 Cash Budget Envelopes Wallet

Photo of IAMNard24 wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

One amazing thing with this cash envelope wallet is that it does not cover the budget for just one person but for the whole family. It is one of the best options for family finance. 

It is made with durable materials, has 12 stylish patterned envelopes, a binder, and 12 budget sheets. 

One great feature about this brand is that the envelopes are re-usable. They are not the regular types. 


  • Premium quality and stylish solid colored wallet 
  • Has 12 envelopes, 12 budget sheets, a binder
  • Slots for storing bank cards, bank notes, coupons, coins, pen, and photos.
  • Each of the 12 envelopes has a unique color and a blank label for you to fill in the category.


  • It may be difficult to get the money in and out of the vertical envelopes 
  • The zipper may break easily 

See more reviews on Amazon.

4. Clever Fox Cash Envelope Budget System

Photo of Clever Fox wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

If durability is your main concern when looking for the best cash envelope wallets, then choose the Clever Fox Cash Envelope Budget System. 

The envelopes are made from a high density polyethylene fiber which is resistant to tear, and it is also waterproof. 

The wallet has 12 colorful envelopes and 12 budget sheets. It is user friendly as it comes with a quick guide and a year summary. 


  • Tear resistant and waterproof envelopes 
  • Has a carry pouch and 12 budget sheets 
  • Can easily fit into a bag or wallet 


  • The envelopes are so thin and flimsy 
  • Difficult to tuck in the envelopes 

Check it out on Amazon.

5. Dave Ramsey Wallet – Starter Envelope System

Photo of Dave Ramsey wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

The Dave Ramsey Wallet – Starter Envelope System makes it easy for one to start using the cash envelope wallet system. It is particularly helpful for people who are new to using it as it comes with a guide on how the wallet works. 

Also, Dave Ramsey is a popular advocate of the cash envelope wallet system and he promotes this one from the Financial Peace University. 

This wallet will help you start using the envelope system with ease. It will also help you create your budget, organize your money, and track your progress. 

Dave Ramsey Wallet – Starter Envelope System has 8 envelopes that are spiral bounded. They can fit into your check book. 

This brand is of two types, the Blue and the Red one.


  • Designed by a financial analyst.
  • Helps with budget planning and saving money 
  • Has lots of envelopes 


  • The paper envelopes tear easily, wear out too fast, and get lost easily.
  • Comes with a logo which some people may not like 
  • Expensive than other brands 

See more reviews on Amazon.

6. Anconkton Cash Envelopes Wallet

Photo of Anconkton wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

This unique zipper wallet will fit into your hand grip. It is an all-in-one budget system wallet. 

It has binder notes that collects your envelopes and has them categorized to meet your needs. 

This wallet makes budgeting easy as it comes with 12 card slots, 1 zipper pouch, a large space for envelopes and organizing your files. 


  • The envelopes are made from quality leather 
  • Durable and waterproof wallet 
  • Has 12 envelopes with unique patterns 
  • The zipper is sturdy and it is easy to zip 


  • The wallet does not close naturally because the binder rings are not in the middle but slightly to the right of the wallet 
  • The pen that comes with the wallet is too large and causes more strain on the zipper closing.

See the price on Amazon

7. Dayuup Reusable Cash Envelope Budgeting System

Photo of Dayuup wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

This ultra-durable cash envelope wallet has its envelopes made from reusable plastics. This makes them tear-resistant and waterproof. 

This wallet has 12 cash envelopes, 24 labels, and other interesting features to make budgeting and saving really easy.

You can easily pull out all the envelopes and fit them perfectly into your purse, clutch bag, or wallet. 


  • Comes with 12 envelopes, 12 budget sheets, 24 rainbow sticker labels, 24 blank white lables
  • Made from high-quality plastics which makes the envelopes durable and resistant to tear and water. 
  • The envelopes can easily fit into your purse 


  • The snap closure opens easily 
  • The envelope space is tight, it does not hold a lot of cash.

See the price on Amazon

8. Vowcarol Transparent PU Leather Budget Binder Envelopes

Photo of Vowcarol wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

This A6 sized cash envelope wallet is durable and easy to carry about. It has a premium leather notebook, A6 cash envelope binder, and 12 pieces A6 size binder pockets. 

Also, it comes with 16 pieces of adhesive labels. 

It is not easily damaged and it protects your privacy than clear plastic binder. 

The Vowcarol Transparent PU Leather Budget Binder Envelopes has a pocket that you can store bills, invoice, cash, cards, stamps, coupons, etc. and has a pen loop that keeps the pen in place. 


  • Beautiful and sturdy product 
  • Resistant to wear and tear 
  • The plastic envelopes are durable 


  • The binder may not be strong, it may break easily 
  • The snap may break easily 

Check the price on Amazon.

9. The Savvy Spender Budgeting Clutch Wallet

Photo of Savvy Spender wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

This wallet will help you stay organized financially with its 12 cash envelopes. It also comes with budget sheets, cash envelopes, and a sheet of blank adhesive labels. 

It has a 6 ring binder to hold the envelopes so that they don’t fall out anytime you open your wallet. 

The envelopes are made from fabrics thereby making them durable. It also has a large capacity to hold everything you need including a phone. 


  • Large capacity wallet 
  • Fabric envelopes which last long 
  • Has write-on adhesive labels to customize the envelopes 
  • 12 sticker labels 
  • Has lots of card slots 


  • It may be too big for some people 
  • The pockets for cash may not close with the magnets if you put plenty bills 

See price on Amazon

10. Mundi File Wallet

Photo of Mundi wallet; one of the best cash envelope wallets

This wallet is not only cute, it has RFID-blocking technology to protect your personal information from scanners.

The RFID technology also protects your credit cards, debit cards, drivers license, bank cards or any other RFID enabled cards against theft and electronic pick pocketing.

It also has a faux leather lining and snap closure. It has slots for 13 debit cards and it is one of the most affordable. 


  • RFID blocking technology 
  • Has 2 large hidden pockets 
  • 13 slots for credit cards 
  • 2 interior picture ID 
  • Interior zipper pocket 
  • 3 interior large gusseted compartments for checkbooks 


  • Some users were not happy with the delivery 
  • Some users complained that it smelled 
  • The actual product color or pattern may be different from what’s shown on Amazon. 

Check it out on Amazon.

Benefits of Cash Envelope Wallets

Photo of a lady making a budget

1. Reduces impulse purchasing 

Sometimes, you may yield to your impulse and make some purchases, this is called impulse buying and it usually makes people overspend money. 

Impulse buying for instance is when you come across a product that looks attractive and you buy it without planning or budgeting for it simply because you have the cash at hand. 

The cash envelope wallet system will deny you this pleasure that can cause a later pain, as it will make you stick to your budget. 

If the item is so important, it would have been in your budget in the first place. 

The cash envelope wallet will teach you that anything outside your budget is a mere want that you can live without and not a need. 

2. Helps you save money 

Just the act of sticking strictly to your cash envelope system to make any purchase will help you save money. 

It will make you so disciplined that you may have to look around for prices so that you can stick to your budget. It will also help you avoid things you didn’t budget for and stop spending when your budget has been exhausted. 

At the end, you will save more money and fatten your bank account than fattening the pockets of wholesalers and retailers. 

3. Track overspending 

The cash envelope wallet makes it easy to track overspending because it is easy to overspend and not even know it. 

The cash envelope wallet system has parameters in place that can help you know when you are overspending. You will know how much you’ve overspent by checking your balance in each category. 

This envelope budget system will alert you instantly when you are overspending. You will know this when a budget category finishes and you have to fill up from bank balances or other categories. 

4. Makes you conscious of your spending habits 

It makes you track your spending thereby helping you know the degree of your lavishness and helps you control it. 

It helps you become conscious of how you spend money. You can know how much of a spender you are if you exhaust a budget wallet weeks before it’s expiry date. 

This, in turn, can make you intentional about curbing your overspending. 

How to Effectively Make Use Of a Cash Envelope Wallet

Photo of a cash envelope wallet

Track your expenses 

The first line of action when you start using this type of wallet is to track your expenses since the function is to help you curb your spending. 

The expenses to make up this list are expenses that reoccur and that you can hardly avoid every month. 

Categorize your spending 

After listing your expenses and knowing the ne that carries most of your cash away, you categorize them by their name on the envelopes in the wallet. 

In some brands, these envelopes come in various colors. 

Create a budget 

In this step, you set aside how much you decide for each category after you’ve decided how much will cover each category for a period of one month. 

Then you put in the amount of cash you presume to be enough for one month into each envelops. 

Follow your budget strictly 

The steps listed above are useless if you don’t follow your budget strictly. Don’t ignore this step as it is the most important. 

If you want to see the impact of the cash envelop wallet and successfully budget money with it, you have to be very strict about following your budget. 

You will make this system a total failure if you run down a budget category or take out cash from a different category to fill the vacuum. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Cash Envelope Wallets

Photo of best cash envelope wallets
How does cash envelope wallet help budgeting? 

This type of wallet promotes frugality thereby helping one to be deliberate in his/her spending. It will help you decide how much you should spend on a budget category. 
Each category in the wallet should carry the name of the expenses with the budgeted amount in the envelop, hence the envelop system. 
It promotes financial discipline as it helps one stick to his budget and live by it during its validity period which is usually one month. 

Does the cash envelope wallet system work? 

Yes! It works but the success lies in the hand of the user. You will only realize the true essence of the wallet if you are disciplined and stick to your budget. 
If well used and the budget is well followed, it will help you track and control your expenses, improve savings, and also help you build a healthy spending habit. 
If there is a failure of the cash envelop wallet, it is from the person putting it to use. 


The best cash envelope wallet will help you to spend money meaningfully. This post will give you a list of the best cash envelopes in the markets, and answer other important questions you have regarding this topic. 

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