Top 9 Kids Pottery Wheels (To Aid Creativity)

Pottery can improve your child’s creativity. Every child with a passion for pottery deserves a high-performing pottery wheel suitable for them. Gladly, there are many of them in the market. But how do you choose?

image of kids pottery wheel

We have listed some factors to consider before choosing a pottery wheel for your child while recommending the best pottery wheels for different scenarios. 

We have also added reviews from real-life moms.

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What is a pottery wheel? 

A pottery wheel also called a pottery lathe is a machine that potters use to shape or throw round ceramic wares from clay. It usually has a circular wheel head that rotates while the potter uses their hands to shape the clay.

This rotating wheel head helps the potter shape vessels uniformly. 

Types of pottery wheels

There are two types of pottery wheels, manual and electric pottery wheels. The difference between them is the spin mechanism which can be manual or electrical.

Manual (foot pedal-operated) pottery wheels

The manual pottery wheel operates with a foot pedal. It is similar to a sewing machine, and your child will use their foot to apply pressure on the pedal to spin the wheel. Though they are classified as “manual,” most of them depend on electricity to function.

This pottery wheel is very good for those who need more control over what they are doing. But it also needs more focus and coordination. Coordination in the sense that your child must be able to use their hands to shape the clay while pressing the foot pedal with their leg.

The manual pottery wheel is great for older kids and they can use it in the long term. However, younger kids will find it a bit complicated.


  • It gives a child more control
  • It allows free hands to work on clay
  • It  is great for long-term use
  • It is good for older kids


  • It needs more focus and coordination
  • Younger kids may find it  complicated 

Electric (switch operated) pottery wheels 

The electric or switch-operated pottery wheels use electricity and a switch button to rotate the wheels. They are easy to use and center clay with. 

Since these wheels are smaller and lighter than manual wheels, they are compact and do not need a permanent studio.

Electric wheels have multiple speed options to help them regulate the speed for your little one. Although, they do not offer much control over speed like the manual. However, they are still great to use and allow your child to concentrate on the clay in hand.

Electric pottery wheels are great options for younger children (6+) because they do not require much coordination like the manual. They are also a great choice for beginners who are just learning to manipulate clay.


  • Easy to use
  • Since there is no foot pedal, it does not need hand-foot coordination.
  • Great for younger children and beginners


  • The speed options are limited
  • There is no precise speed control

How to choose the best pottery wheel for kids

Below are some factors to consider before buying a pottery wheel for your child. 

  1. Your child’s age

Some pottery wheels are designed for younger children, from age six, and others for older. The set for younger kids will contain smaller pieces for the kids to handle. Meanwhile, the set for older kids may be more complicated for the young ones to manipulate. 

  1. How long do you plan to use the pottery wheel?

There are different components in different brands of kid’s pottery wheels. Some have single manually operated wheels, while others have more advanced tools.  

Pottery wheel sets with more advanced tools will help your child study pottery on a higher level and create more sophisticated items. Some even come with paints. 

  1. The spinning mechanism

Some pottery wheel kits operate on batteries or AC adapters. The manual has foot pedals that work like the conventional pottery wheels. Consider your child’s age and skills before deciding the spinning mechanism to go for. 

  1. The pottery wheel material

Kids’ pottery wheels should have quality but lightweight material. The construction should also be durable and reliable so that they don’t fall apart and injure your child while in use. 

Also, the material shouldn’t be toxic since your child spends much time with it. When buying a pottery wheel with plastic parts, read about the plastic used in that part. This will help you know whether it is toxic or not.

  1. Your budget

Pottery wheels are available in different price ranges. Determine how much you are willing to spend on a pottery wheel before you choose. 

Some expensive kits may contain additional items your child does not need if they won’t be doing pottery in the long term. Hence, consider the other factors listed above, before choosing how much you should spend on your kid’s potter wheel.

The best pottery wheels for kids

The following pottery wheels are best for different scenarios.

Cool Maker pottery wheel craft kits – Best starter kit

Photo of Cool Maker kids pottery wheel

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The pottery cool studio kit has all the items your child needs to start pottery. It has ten lovely metallic paints and six different projects included. The paints are enough to coat all the projects provided. Some of these projects include a Smartphone holder and jewelry holder.

There are step-by-step directions for all the projects included. Though some projects can be more work-intensive than others, they are all doable, when you follow the instructions.

This pottery studio from Cool Maker also contains two coloring tools, two sculpting tools, two sleeves, and one paintbrush. It also comes with 2 pounds of non-toxic air-dry clay for your child to make whatever they love.

Cool Maker pottery wheel craft kit is an electric pottery wheel that runs on 4 C batteries. You will need to get these batteries separately because they do not come in the studio pack. It does not have a foot pedal but comes with two-speed options. 

It is great for kids aged 6 and above and is great for people with no experience in pottery.


  • It is a good option for younger kids (6+) and beginners 
  • Comes with many supplies
  • Has six projects with step-by-step instructions
  • Has in-built tool keepers to prevent tool loss


  • It uses only batteries 
  • It doesn’t come with its own batteries 
  • Has no foot pedal
  • Limited speed controls

Faber-Castell pottery studio Best pottery wheel for older kids

Photo of Faber-Castell kids pottery wheel

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This potter studio kit contains all the items your kid needs to study pottery. It is an inexpensive kit, yet suitable for kids and adults alike. 

It comes with 3 pounds of synthetic and non-toxic modeling clay with illustrated and detailed instructions on how to use it. Each studio kit contains 6 instruments, twelve pots of paints, an apron, and a table cover. It also contains one glaze, two brushes, and one sponge. 

Kids younger than 8 years cannot use this pottery tool because it has smaller project details. It is the mini version of a real studio, and kids can use it to create real crafts like tableware, figurines, and toys.

It uses lightweight and durable material. The wheel shape is designed to reduce splashing and the added apron saves your child’s cloth from dirt. 


  • It has a foot pedal to control the speed
  • It has all the needed tools including clay and one apron
  • The wheel has a reliable and high-quality material
  • It is great for kids and adults with some experience in pottery


  • It is not suitable for kids younger than 8 years
  • Spins slowly
  • Needs C batteries to run, which you will buy separately

Yofuly Mini Pottery Wheel with 3 Mini Turntable – Best for making professional ceramics

Photo of Yofuly Mini kids pottery wheel

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This is a great pottery wheel for kids and adults. It has professional features and you can use it in a school, home, or DIY class. It comes with 6 pottery shaping tools with an electric pottery wheel.

This pottery kit uses an aluminum alloy turntable that doesn’t rust. it is available in three sizes, with a powerful wheel to do serious pottery work. The wheel rotates smoothly with an adjustable speed of 0-2000RPM. 

You don’t need to press down on the clay, it will give you great results when you lightly touch it down. This mini pottery wheel is simple to use if you have some experience with pottery. Hence, you or a director must guide your child through the pottery process with this machine.


  • Great for making professional ceramics
  • Uses high-quality no-rust aluminum alloy turntable
  • Powerful wheel motor with stable rotation
  • Adjustable speed
  • Gorgeous design


  • Not great for beginners
  • No foot pedal

CABINAHOME mini pottery wheel machine – Most compact pottery wheel

Photo of CabinaHome Mini kids pottery wheel

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This CABINAHOME pottery wheel is very compact for easy use and storage. Hence, it is very easy to carry about. 

It has great small units and is best used for smaller projects. It also comes with easy-to-use shaping tools for kids. The spinning wheel has a powerful motor that comes with different speed controls. There is also a switch and power cord to connect to a power source. 

The case has a lovely floral design. The electric studio also has high-quality parts. It is great for older kids and adults that need a mini pottery wheel.


  • It is suitable for older kids and adult beginners
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has different speed controls


  • It doesn’t come with clay like other pottery kits
  • Does not have a foot pedal
  • Doesn’t have many accessories like other pottery kits

National Geographic kid’s pottery wheel – Most educational pottery wheel 

Photo of National Geographic kids pottery wheel

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National Geographic created this pottery kit to teach kids the basics of pottery. Hence, kids that use this pottery kit will learn to create different pottery. 

This pottery kit has two-speed electric motors with steady power and rotation. It also has two-speed levels for the different parts of pottery making. It also comes with 3 sculpting tools, 3 arm attachments, 6 paint colors, a brush, palette, apron, and 2 pounds of air dry clay.

Kids aged 8 years and above can use this pottery wheel. The innovative arm tool will help your child center, open, and shape the clay.

There are also video lessons and instructions that come with this kit. They show your child how to do each project. These learning guides will also teach your kid the science and history of pottery. 


  • Kids can learn higher educational pottery from the learning guides provided in this kit
  • It comes with many accessories to make a different pottery
  • Has two speeds for different aspects of pottery making
  • Has one power cord that gives the pump more power
  • It is great for kids that learn better from videos and pictures than from written materials


  • It is not suitable for kids below 8 years of age
  • Does not have a foot pedal

Made By Me pottery wheel – Most realistic pottery wheel

Photo of Made By Me kids pottery wheel

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You will love the Made By Me pottery wheel if your child wants to produce authentic pottery. It has a foot pedal to power the wheel, and make them feel like they are practicing the real craft.

Your child can use this kit to produce gifts for people with the many handy tools provided. Some of these tools provided include clay tools, cutting cords, paints, and other pottery-making tools. It also comes with 2 pounds of air-dry clay for your child to use on the go.

This pottery kit is designed for children from age six and above, but you should supervise them while they use it. They will also need your guidance to get around with the system.


  • It gives kids the feeling of the real pottery wheel
  • It has a foot pedal and better speed control
  • It comes with many accessories


  • Kids need adult guidance to use the machine
  • Kids may find it difficult to shape the clay

MindWare pottery wheel for beginners – Best pottery wheel for left handlers

Photo of MindWare kids pottery wheel

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This pottery wheel has a switch for kids to change the spin direction and speed. It also has a foot pedal for kids to use and control the speed better. 

Though it uses D batteries, you can use the AC adapter in place of the batteries. This makes it cheap to operate since you may not need to change the batteries frequently. 

This pottery studio comes with many tools and an instructional manual to guide your kid through each project. The kit also comes with 2 pounds of clay to get things started.

If you won’t be able to watch your child throughout the project, you can activate the “safety stop” feature that will stop the wheel if your child applies excess pressure on the pedal. This feature will help your child understand how to mold with clay.

It is suitable for kids aged 7 and above.


  • Suitable for left-handlers
  • Has a “safety stop” feature
  • Has a foot pedal
  • Has an AC adapter


  • The wheel motor is not very powerful
  • It is loud

Cra-Z-Art children’s motorized pottery wheel set – Best value 

Photo of CraZArt kids pottery wheel

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Cra-Z-Art is a budget-friendly pottery wheel for kids. It has all the accessories your child needs to start their project. The supplies provided are also enough to finish multiple projects.

dIt has a foot pedal and runs on C batteries which you must get on your own. Besides the foot pedal, it has a switch that you will use to put on the spinning foot pedal function. 

Younger children can use this pottery wheel until they turn 8. Though it is cheap, it also comes with some clay to get started. You can use any other clay to continue your project after exhausting the provided.


  • It has great features for its low price
  • It has a foot pedal
  • Younger kids can use it


  • It is loud
  • Older kids cannot use this pottery tool
  • It needs batteries to function 

IAmGlobal Pottery Wheel – Best for inspiring creativity 

Photo of IAmGlobal kids pottery wheel

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This pottery wheel is an educational toy that helps your kids improve coordination. It runs on batteries and comes with pottery tools like a cutting cord, 6 colors of metallic paint, 2 sculpting tools, and 800g of air dry clay, alongside the Pottery Cool Clay studio.

It doesn’t have an AC adapter; hence, you depend on batteries alone. Also, the batteries are not provided. Nevertheless, it has two different speeds to manage the pottery-making process.

You can get replacement clay when your child exhausts the provided, but you can also use any kind of clay on the machine. 

IAmGlobal Pottery Wheel does not have a foot pedal; hence, does not provide the kind of control you get from a foot pedal. However, they provide adequate control to help your child focus on shaping the clay with their hands.

It is a suitable option for young children who just started working with clay.


  • It is suitable for younger kids
  • It is simple to use
  • The switch allows kids to focus on the clay


  • It has no foot pedal for precise control
  • It runs solely on batteries which are not provided
  • Has limited speeds

Reviews from real parents on the best kids’ pottery wheel

Luka loved Made by Me

Photo of MadeByMe kids pottery wheel

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Luka Juretic is the SEO Specialist at BuzzLogic. He said:

“I have a kid who has always loved watching pottery videos so I decided to buy him a pottery wheel for Christmas. The Made by Me wheel I bought him is not incredibly big and is quite well suited for a child. I do not know whether it is the best one but I know for sure he loves it. “

Jeff loves Yofuly Mini Pottery Wheel with 3 Mini Turntable

Photo of Yofuly Mini kids pottery wheel

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Jeffrey Moore, Founder & CEO of Everyday Power said:

“I highly suggest the Yofuly Mini Pottery Wheel with 3 Mini Turntable for your kids. I bought this for my kid, and my child is very happy. The turntable itself is made of aluminum alloy wheels, so you are ensured that it won’t rust. It also has a high-quality, stable motor partnered with an adjustable speed, so it is really perfect for kids’ hands. I love that it is very user-friendly and comes with different pottery shaping tools, making art time with your child much easier. Overall, I am very happy with this product.”

Kathleen loves Faber-Castell

Photo of Faber-Castell kids pottery wheel

Buy on Amazon

Kathleen Fletcher is the CEO of Kitty Baby Love. She said:

“As a pretty creative and ‘artsy’ family, we have a go at all sorts of creative endeavors; crafting, woodwork, painting, and even a little pottery! We all love pottery in this house. The kids find it great fun, and seem to be especially enamored with how messy things can get… I must admit, I like that part less, but I love seeing my kids having fun whilst doing something creative. 

The pottery wheel our kids use is the Faber-Castell Pottery Studio.

We’ve had other pottery wheels before but for one with a balance of realism and ease of use for the kids, none have been quite as good as this one. There are also a bunch of neat features that include the option to run on USB, which I prefer over batteries (we all know how difficult batteries are to dispose of). This pottery wheel is more expensive than some, but in this case, you get what you pay for. I’d be more than happy to recommend it to a friend with young children.”


Can you use air-dry clay on a kid’s pottery wheel?

You can use air-dry clay on a kid’s pottery wheel. Some pottery wheels even come with some of this clay. However, read the user guide to know the exact clay to use for the wheel.


Pottery is a great skill for kids. It can help them develop coordination and unleash their creativity. Getting a pottery wheel for your kid is one of the best things you can do to support their dreams and help them have fun during their idle time. 

But you need to consider your child’s age, the purpose of getting the wheel, your budget, and how long you want to use the wheel. These factors will help you choose the best pottery wheel for your child.

The pottery wheels above have great reviews and parents love them. Get one for your kid.

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