8 Best Stroller Fans To Keep Your Baby Cool

When you have to take your baby outdoors with you, do you worry that it might be too hot outside? Well, a stroller fan got you covered. It makes your time outdoors more comfortable so that your baby doesn’t get cranky in summertime during walks. 

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You also get to enjoy the nice breeze alongside your baby. That’s a side benefit you get for pushing your baby around in the heat. 

Importance Of A Stroller Fan

Photo of a woman pushing her baby in a stroller

Walking a baby in the stroller under the high heat of the sun is like being inside a tent when it is hot – that’s how your baby feels. Even if you use a sunshade to protect your baby from the heat of the sun, it will reduce the circulation of air thus leading to overheating.

However, it isn’t just about them, you also would need some air because you will get hot walking under the sun too. 

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Using a stroller fan will increase air circulation and prevent your child from overheating. It also provides a gentle hum that is calming and fascinating to children. 

Another good thing about a stroller fan is that its use is not just limited to the stroller alone. You can use it in the home and in the nursery during naps. You can also use it in the car during trips or when playing in the yard. 

Stroller fans run on batteries and there is always somewhere convenient where you can clip them. 

How To Select A Good Stroller Fan

Photo of a woman pushing her baby in a stroller

The design 

We all know that fans can be dangerous and children can be curious. So consider the design and get a stroller fan with a closely spaced guard. 

This will prevent your baby from putting his/her fingers in the fan blades. You should also place the fan out of the reach of your child even though the air should reach them.

Some stroller fans have sponge blades and no guard. They are less effective even though they are popular. There is also a high chance of your baby ripping the blade of the fan off if they grab it. 

Ease of adjustment 

A good stroller fan should be easily adjusted to choose how much or how little the air should flow. Good stroller fans can produce gentle breeze to powerful gusts at just a touch of a dial or button. 

The oscillation and rotation 

It can be a challenge directing air to the position you want. So you have to choose a stroller fan that has a rotation feature so that you can direct the flow of air. 

Remember that babies sit in all kinds of positions in the stroller. 

Oscillation helps to move air around the stroller instead of in one direction only. 

Sturdy clip 

A good stroller fan should have a sturdy clip, it makes it more portable and the fan won’t be sliding down the handle of your stroller or moving around anytime your stroller hits a bump or an uneven unground. 

Get a stroller fan that has a strong clip with some good padding. And make sure it can open wide enough to fit on your stroller. 

Charging method and battery life 

The battery life of stroller fans varies, so you have to opt for one that lasts long. A good stroller fan should last for two to four hours on a fast speed setting. If the wind is turned down, they should last longer. 

Check out the type of batteries used. It is better to choose fans with rechargeable batteries so that you won’t spend a lot of money replacing batteries. 

Most stroller fans also make use of a USB port for charging which also powers the fan when attached. If you need a boost, you can get an independent power bank when you are outdoors for a while. 


Consider the ease of cleaning, you need to keep the stroller fan free from dust and grime. Also, ensure that the casing is easy to open and the fan blades easily accessible for cleaning. 

However, most stroller fans are generally low maintenance. 

Level of noise 

Stroller fans with white noise are okay because it can soothe your baby but ensure that the noise of the fan isn’t too loud. 

Check the package to see the decibel level of the fan. It should not be more than 80 decibel, because below this level is best for delicate ears and prevents hearing damage. 

The Best Stroller Fans

1. Comlife F170 Clip-On Stroller Fan

Photo of Comlife F170; one of the best stroller fans

This stroller fan will boost air flow for your child. It is a caged clip-on stroller fan with a small grid. It has two rechargeable batteries to ensure long lasting air flow but it can only work using one battery at a time. 

This stroller fan is rechargeable via a USB connection. It has 360 degrees rotation, meaning that it can turn in any direction and it also oscillates through 80 degrees horizontally. 

It has a graduating dial that can control the speed of the fan, all you need to do is to set it where you want it to be. On the lowest setting, the fan can operate for 40 hours and it comes with a three-year warranty. 

Another wonderful feature about this stroller fan is that it comes with an aroma tank diffuser. You can use this to repel insects as it blows. 


  • Strong battery life 
  • Easily adjustable for maximum air flow 
  • Added aromatherapy 


  • The sound can be annoying 

Get this wonderful stroller fan on Amazon

2. SkyGenius Clip-on Mini Fan

Photo of Sky Genius Clip on; one of the best stroller fans

The phrase “small but mighty” can be used to describe this amazing stroller fan. It has child-safe housing and a sturdy clip. It also comes with a two-year warranty. 

The fan can work from six to 40 hours and it is powered by two rechargeable batteries. It charges via a USB connection and it can take up to four hours and 30 minutes to charge fully. 

The skygenius stroller fan can rotate through 350 degrees thereby making air flow in almost any direction. It also has an auto-oscillation feature that operates through a 90-degree angle horizontally for circulation air. 

This fan allows you add fragrance to the air by including an aromatherapy foam pad. 


  • It operates quietly 
  • It is portable 
  • Has a strong clip 
  • It is strong and sturdy


  • The batteries are not standard 

Buy on Amazon.

3. Anglink Clip-on Fan

Photo of Anglink stroller fan

If you are looking for a stroller fan with one of the best speeds, then go for this. 

Its casing has small slats that houses a six-blade fan. It is made from the durable ABS plastic. The base has protection pads (foam) and it also has a smooth rear cover. 

It is battery-powered and the battery is rechargeable. It is a quiet stroller fan as its decibel level is just 30. Also, it can work for 3 hours 30 minutes to eight hours on a single charge and runs all through when attached to a mini-USB. 

The Anglink stroller fan can rotate through 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally for targeted air flow. The clip has foam protection pads and can open to about 1 inch. 

This stroller fan comes with a 1-year warranty. 


  • It charges quickly 
  • Has a powerful air output 
  • Has battery charge indicator light 


  • The clip opening is narrow 

Buy on Amazon.

4. Jiffi Portable USB Clip on Fan

Photo of Jiffi Portable; one of the best stroller fans

This is one of the best multipurpose stroller fans. It can also be used on a desk, in the nursery, car, etc. 

It is highly flexible, the clip-on style is used for hanging and winding around and it can even be held. 

The Jiffi portable fan has three speed settings and a maximum of 2470 rpm (rotation per minute) to keep your child cool. Its 5000mAh battery will work for at least 20 hours. 

It can rotate through 360 degrees and its noise level is low thereby protecting the delicate ears of your baby. 


  • The battery life is amazing 
  • It is easy to clean 
  • The grill is baby-safe 
  • It is ultra-quiet 


  • It has tripod leg which may look a bit flimsy when converted to various positions 

Buy on Amazon

5. WiHoo Portable Mini Fan

Photo of WiHoo Portable; one of the best stroller fans

If you need a stroller fan with a very good flexi clip, then you should go for this. Having a stroller fan that slips when clipped on is very frustrating. 

This stroller fan has a tripod design that allows you to bend it at angle you want. It holds securely while blowing air on the go. 

It has a rechargeable 2600 mAh battery which powers the fan and it is recharged via a USB connection. All you need to do is connect it to a power source. 

This pan can supply uninterrupted air flow for eight hours. It has three speed options which enable you to determine how powerful or light you want it to be. 


  • It is versatile 
  • It has color options 
  • It has 2 power options 


  • The fan legs may be wobbly 

Get this sturdy and durable fan on Amazon.

6. Andrti Portable Stroller Fan

Photo of Andrti stroller fan

Apart from its strong airflow, this amazing design can keep your kids mesmerized while the fan blows. 

It is multifunctional and has three speed settings. The first gear is for sleeping wind, the second is for natural wind, and the third is for strong wind. 

It is powered by a strong inbuilt lithium battery that can last 20 to 10 hours on a single charge depending on the speed used. It takes 3.5 hours to charge fully. 

Its design is kid-safe and it is also low noise. 

Craig, Co-Founder of Academia Labs LLC recommends this stroller fan, he says “I love going out with my child, especially during the summer months. Hence, stroller fans are very important. 

I purchased the Andrti Portable Stroller Fan and I’m loving it so far. The deformed jellyfish design is very useful since I can curl up its legs to fit stroller tubes. I can also even just make it stand on a table. 

Hence, the design is very useful. It has a built-in lithium battery that can be recharged through USB connections. So far, a single full charge has lasted about 10 hours of use. 

But the most important feature that I love about the product is that the fan blades are concealed and the little fingers of my baby cannot fit in the holes where the cool air comes out. 

After all, the safety of my baby is still the priority so in this case, I really recommend this product”.


  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Low noise 
  • Kid-safe 


  • The battery doesn’t last long as other brands 

Buy on Amazon

7. Koonie Rechargeable Portable Fan

One amazing thing about this portable stroller fan is its strong battery power. It comes with an inbuilt 10000 mAh battery which can last for up to 24 hours on a single charge. It must be charged fully to last this long. 

Also, it has a strong 3 inches clamp that allows for easy and strong attachment to any brand of stroller and even unusual places like a desk, the frame of a treadmill, and even a night stand. 

It has a strong airflow and it is super quiet. 

Ellie of findpeoplefaster recommends this stroller fan to parents, she said “The best stroller fan I know and can comfortably recommend is the koonie rechargeable portable fan. 

A close family friend of mine uses it for her kid’s stroller and is always full of praise for it. The feature I find most attractive and useful is how long lasting the battery is. 

It lasts from 6 to 20 hours without needing to recharge. The base clip is sturdy which makes it easier to attach to the stroller without being worried about it falling off during movements”.


  • Long lasting battery 
  • Strong and sturdy clip 
  • Very low noise 
  • Offers amazing air flow


  • No issue seen about this product yet 

Buy the Koonie stroller on Amazon.

8. Amacool Stroller fan 

Photo of Amacool; one of the best stroller fans

This fan was specifically designed for babies in mind. It is kid-safe, easy to clip on most strollers, has a flexible tripod/legs, and can turn 360 degrees thus supplying air flow to your child. 

Also, it can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to any direction to reach any part of the stroller. It is powerful yet whispers while working. 

The fan blades will protect the little fingers of your curious baby and it is durable and sturdy. 

Alexa Justine of Kostex Garage Repair recommends this product to parents, she said “I like a complete set of every baby’s needs and stuff because I love buying my son’s needs so I highly recommend this product to every mommy and people who don’t like summer. 

It is the Amacool battery operated stroller fan. The Amacool Battery Operated Stroller Fan flexible tripod clip on fan with 3 speeds and rotatable handheld personal fan for car seat crib is perfect for keeping your little one cool while they enjoy the outdoors. 

It has three speeds and can be used as a clip-on fan or hand held fan. It also comes with a flexible tripod that can be used as a tripod stand or to hold the device in place when not in use”. 

Jason of CocoLoan also recommends this product, he says “Amacool Battery-Operated Flexible Stroller Fan:  

This adaptable, portable fan also includes three-level LED lighting. (While you might not need the lights when taking your baby for a stroll outside, you could use them on camping vacations or as a fan and light at your desk when you’re not taking your little one for a stroll.) 

The Amacool portable fan offers exceptional value for parents searching for a reliable all-purpose fan thanks to its 360-degree spinning, three-speed capabilities, and adjustable tripod legs. The accompanying USB charging cord can be used to plug in the fan, which runs on a rechargeable battery”.


  • Kid-safe 
  • Can rotate in any angle 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • The battery is not standard 

Buy the Amacool Stroller Fan on Amazon.


Now, you don’t have to worry about taking your little one out in the summer when you have errands or outings to do. These stroller fans will help you and your baby stay cool. 

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