5 Kickass ‘About Me’ Pages Blowing Up The Internet (Their Anatomy + How To Recreate One)

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…the about me page. Your one chance to talk freely about yourself, your gorgeous beau, your cute little kiddos, and your bald one-eyed kitty Fred. They want to know you right?…

Why did you start a blog?


I started a blog because some people said “Hey you can make money from home talking about the things you love.”

I’m sure that’s why you did too.

how to write about me page pin image

But somewhere along the line, those same people came up again and said “Hey you can’t really make money blogging if you are going to talk about the things you love (aka your life)”

You have to

  1. Enter a profitable blogging niche,
  2. Write posts people want to share,
  3. And convert the people who come to read your posts so you can eventually sell to them.

Geez thanks, I’ve only wasted 6 months blogging. 

But make money blogging you must. So you revamp your whole blog, maybe even invest in a pretty theme to increase your conversions and you see it working! Except, your new blog could very well be just anyone’s blog, there’s no you.

Image result for disappear gif
I’m gone, there’s no me

Enter the about me page. Your one chance to talk freely about yourself, your gorgeous beau, your cute little kiddos, and your bald one-eyed kitty Fred. They want to know you right?

Wrong again, they don’t really want to know about you, yet. They want to know why you are the best person to listen to about their problem.

Every single clickthrough to your about page is your reader actually saying “Hey you write great stuff, now convince me to take every word you say as law”. And if done right, your about me page will have conversion rates your other pages can only dream about.  Plus those subscribers will be your most engaged subscribers. They were already looking to be won over, challenged you and you killed it!

Every single clickthrough to your about page is your reader actually saying 'Hey you write great stuff, now convince me to take every word you say as law'. And if done right, your about me page will have conversion rates your other pages can only dream about. Click To Tweet

So how do you create an about page that compels your new challenger to bow down?


Let’s start with some great about me page examples.

5 Creative About Me Page Examples For Moms By Moms


Example #1 – About me page for blog

About me page for blog example - free range kids about me page screenshot

This about me page example was taken from FreeRangeKids.com
Why it rocks:

Captures your emotions

Lenore starts her about me page with a controversial story that makes you choose a side immediately and leave if you aren’t her target audience (thats a good thing) or be dumbfounded and fall in love with her if you are.

Her very first two sentences provoke you to either say “Serves you right” or “Oh, that’s awful”, either way she’s got your attention.

When I wrote a column for The New York Sun on “Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Take The Subway Alone,” I figured I’d get a few e-mails pro and con.

Two days later I was on the Today Show, MSNBC, FoxNews and all manner of talk radio with a new title under my smiling face: “America’s Worst Mom?”

But that’s not all, she proves she’s worth your attention from the very first sentence; not just anyone gets to write a column for The New York Sun.

The rest of the page takes you on an emotional roller coaster that has you setting your kids free in the yard immediately! She’s used her about me page to consolidate her influence and now you can’t forget her name.


Example #2 – About me page for website

great about me page example - screenshot of dashing dish's about me page

This about me page example was taken from DashingDish.com
Why it rocks:

Clearly spells out what you get

As you can see from the image, Katie uses her above the fold space to say exactly what you should expect from her and her website.

But it’s not all “this is what you get”. After all, people can get that elsewhere too, Katie goes on to tell you why you should get those things from her:

Dashing Dish recipes are different than other ‘healthy recipes’. Every recipe is made with healthy, wholesome ingredients without losing any of the flavor! … they are made with 100% whole ingredients and do not contain any flour, sugar, or processed ingredients. … Every recipe also lists the calories, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, and protein contents for each serving, and Weight Watchers Points Plus are included, too.

Then she doesn’t hesitate to show her personality, values… making sure that whoever follows her after reading her about me page is hyper interested in what she’s saying.

See what else she’s done? She’s cleverly included a link to those amazing recipes she talked about.


Example #3 – About me page for portfolio

screenshot of elna cain' writing portfolio about me page, a perfect example of about me page for portfolios

This about me page example was taken from InnovativeInk.ca


Why it rocks:

Speaks to your pain points

When you are looking to hire someone, you don’t have the time to sift through several pages to find ‘the one’. Elna makes it easy to be won over with her about me page. Straight up delivery of irresistible value.

I save you time, money and headaches.

Elna strikes great balance between showing off her personality and showing off her expertise and the result is one of the best about me pages on the internet.

She also makes a good point to address problems a prospective client may have experienced before with hiring on her about me page. I think everyone looking to offer services should learn how to write an about me page for a portfolio using this or Pam Neely’s example which is straight up kickass too.

My copy is: Easy to read, Informative and interesting, Search-engine friendly, Social media friendly…

But are you wondering, why me?

I’m an easy going person with a lot of passion in me. I know how precious time can be now that I have twins! I treat my freelance writing as a business and work great with timelines and people…

I know how to craft my writing so that it ranks in Google.

Then she includes proof with photos, her formatting… By the end of the page, you know 2 things; you’ve found the right writer, she’s a human being.


Example #4 – About me page for lifestyle blog

screenshot of my brown baby about me page, a great about me page for lifestyle blog example

This about me page example was taken from MyBrownBaby.com


Why it rocks:

Chock full of personality

Of all the modern about me page examples in this post, Denene’s is the one that focuses least on design.

Like with Lenore’s Denene’s about me page starts with controversy, but she quickly wins her audience with her strong personality, a “what’s in it for me?”, and an “I’m the one you should listen to”. She speaks their language.

MyBrownBaby is irreverent. Funny. Full of posts that make you think. Maybe even say, Amen, because it reminds you of what’s going on behind your closed door, with your family.

It’s a place where African American parents and parents of black children and their opinions matter, and are heard, respected, and revered. For their poignancy and strength. For their intelligence and authenticity.

She makes it succinct but includes a link to a more detailed and more personality infused about me page where she sells her books to you!

Best about me page in her niche? Yes ma’am.

Example #5 – About me page for photographers

 great about me page for photographer example - Kate's about me page screenshot


This about me page example was taken from KateLPhotography.com


Why it rocks:

Targets one audience

Kate’s about me page is targeted at moms and she isn’t shy to say so. If you are a photographer looking for about me page inspirations, this is it. This is exactly how to write an about me page for a photographer.

From the very first line she speaks to one audience and she speaks in their language.

Kate uses the exact words these women use, the exact emotions they feel, she’s their friend.

I’m here to give you more than a new Facebook profile picture (although you’ll be proud of that, too!). I’m here to show you the significance of all of your diaper changing, chauffeuring, and lunch-packing. I’m here to show you that as a mom, you matter to your kids. I’m here to show you the beauty that’s inherent in motherhood when you’re too tired to see it on your own. I’m here to give you happy family memories that will help make the tough days a little sweeter.

Kate then lists her awards and accolades casually, shows off some really cool photos,  and introduces her unique selling point;

I seek out genuine moments that evoke FEELING. Whether that’s your newborn daughter’s hand brushing up against your cheek, or your 3-year-old son tackling his dad, I’ll be ready with the world’s faster shutter finger.

Hers’ is a beautiful example of a modern about me page every photographer and even blogger should see.

Tip: People connect most when they feel like you ‘get them’, use the words they are using to show that you do.


How To Write An About Me Page That Rocks

Quick steps you shouldn’t miss.

Grab Their Attention

how to create a great about me page grab attention

Every about me page should have a killer hook. There’s no compromising this one.  You could start with a thought provoking question, or a story that makes them feel ‘me too’ but whatever you do, start by grabbing attention.

And it’s not just with your words, use pictures, formatting…

Make your page reek of value that doesn’t look like self promotion.

People have very short attention spans so make your about page as succinct as you can.

To borrow Antonione de Saint’s words, “Perfection isn’t when there’s nothing else to add, it’s when you can’t take anything away!” 

Blow Some Trumpets

how to create a great about me page - blow some trumpets

Nothing makes people follow you more than the fear of missing out. It’s called FOMO in marketing terms. If you can show (not tell) people what you’ve accomplished or even better, use social proof, the battle is halfway won.

How can you get social proof to include.

Go through your facebook page, emails, comments, search mentions around the web using tools like mention.com and you should find some interesting testimonials to show.

Don’t have people talking about you just yet? Pull up your stats and use that! It could be before after photos in weight loss niches, beautiful photographs for photographers, whatever it is, make it relevant.

I show exactly where and how to include different kinds of social proof in my about me page template.

Give Them You

how to create a great about me page - give them you

People want results but they also want connections.

Jamie says in her post “The idea of #GiveThemJamie and what it means for YOUR business” people need YOUR knowledge, YOUR approach, and YOUR way of using your knowledge and wisdom to make their lives better.

They want to be able to connect to you and like you as a person so tell your uniquely relevant story and do not talk down to them. Nobody likes a jerk.

Example: Me saying just above right now ” do not talk down to them.” it just comes off as bossy.

But adding “Nobody likes a jerk” gives more insight and dumbs down the commanding tone a bit (a bit too small in my opinion). Try to read through what you’ve written and if you would be slightly offended if someone spoke to you like that, reword it!

Oh and keep your use of “I”s down, it just screams “me” “me” “me”. (I talked down again!)

Make It About Them

how to create a great about me page - make it about them

AKA make it relevant. Whatever you put on your about page should be hyperfocused on answering your visitors’ question “How can you help me?”. It may be your story but they want to know what’s in it for them.

In fact, I recommend using that question when drafting your about me page. If someone asked  you “How can you help me?” what would you say? Record that and then type out your answer, it makes for a great first draft.

Guide Them Like Sheep

how to create a great about me page - guide them like sheep

So you’ve done everything else, won the challenge and have them saying “Yes this one is it!”

Your work isn’t over. To make sure they don’t forget you, sink that hook and pull them to where you want them to be. It could be on your email list, you may want them to follow you on social, whatever you do don’t let them (the ideal ones) leave without meaningful interaction.

Here’s how I do it on my about page:

I hope you’ll stick around because I have a lot to share with you. In fact, I’m giving you these 7 Gorgeous Pin templates for free just so we can be friends. Download them, use them and tag me @lilyugbaja so I can see your beautiful creations and repin you to my relevant boards.

See what I did? I’m giving value and incentive all at once!

I would like to see you implement these tips and give your about page some oomph.


How do I start the about me page?

There really isn’t a best way to start the about me page. What works best for blogger ‘X’ won’t necessarily work best for you.

That said, the first thing your about me page should do is grab attention and the surest way to do so is to talk about them right off the bat using the words they’ve used to describe their problems. Elna’s About Page above does this very well.

How do I design my about me page?

Most people don’t give much thought to it but the design of the about page is almost as important as the words on it.

A great about me page should have simple, distraction-free design that breaks things up and makes it easy for your readers to focus on your words. It’s best to get ride of the sidebar.

see Katie’s About Page above for inspiration.

How long should an about me page be?

Long enough to convey the message yet not too long that it’s boring ramblings. If you aren’t sure, lean on the side of shorter. It’s always better to leave people yearning for more than to make them exhausted just trying to keep up. I would say around 600 words is a good place.

What should an about me page include?

I particularly like this question because it doesn’t look at only what to write on an about me page. Include:

  • Your photo(s) – lifestyle photos are best, they show the human in you.
  • Your voice – you really need to come through as you, a distinct personality.
  • Your story – only when relevant and such that it feels like their story. It makes them say if she can do it, I can too. This can also be described as your “Why?”.
  • Your mission – What you hope to help them achieve.
  • Social proof and testimonials – it’s just easier to have people see you than to sell yourself
  • A call to action – you’ve come this far, make sure they come back by getting them on your list or to follow you on social media.
  • Links – Include relevant links for more information. You could link to your most popular posts, places you’ve been featured, links that serve to position you as the expert to listen to.

Final Tip: The best about me pages start as a draft and remain so. Don’t dwell too much on creating the ‘perfect’ about me page, it will never be perfect. But you can have one that’s good enough and it takes improving upon what you already have. Treat your about page as a public draft and put it out there today!

how to write about me page pin image

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