7 Best Baby Slides (safe and fun)

Playgrounds are a toddler’s favorite place to be and that’s why baby slides and swings will be a smart addition to your home, especially during summer. Although this may sometimes demand your attention for proper supervision, kids will enjoy exploring their play equipment, and you can have some time to do your tasks or have some rest.

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With several options in the kids market today, it can be challenging to choose the perfect baby slide that suits your kid per time. That is why we have compiled a list of top baby slides, and shared the tips that will help you make an informed choice.

How To Choose A Baby Slide

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The main factors to consider before settling for a baby slide include;


This is one of the most important factors to consider when going for a slide. However, it is  good to have a generous budget because sometimes low-cost options are often made of lower-quality materials that can be damaged quickly.

For the safety of all the kids at the playground, you should consider a high-quality slide from a reputable manufacturer, with good reviews.


Slides are designed in different heights and weights to suit the needs of different categories of kids. For instance, slides meant for a five-year-old may not be safe for a two-year-old to play on.

The best slides for your child will depend on the age of your little one, the width of the slide, and the space available for the slide.  

Standard slides allow only one child per time to slide down at once while wider slides provide kids the opportunity to compete against each other, therefore making playtime a real fun time.

Shape And Design

Slides are also designed differently to suit the purposes they are meant to achieve and it tells how simple or complicated their installation will be. Slides can be designed in any of the following ways;

Straight: This design is easy to install, will take a moderate amount of space, and allows kids to have great fun during playtime. It is also perfect for children of all ages.

Spiral: Spiral slides will send kids on a winding ride and it requires a little amount of space when compared to the straight ones. It can also add some height and a twist to the playground.

Wavy: The wavy slides feature humps or waves in the slide that gives children the feeling that they are soaring over hills.

Tunnel: This is referred to as tube slides. They are often partly or totally enclosed and any of the slides mentioned above can take this form.

A sliding shape can be free standing or a component slide.

Free-standing slides stand on their own, unattached to any equipment on the playground and they are a great option for all playgrounds.

Component slides are attached to other playground equipment parts which allows you to combine slides into detailed jungle gyms where kids climb from one piece to another.

In addition, slides lying flat against the ground are safe but avoid a slide with a slight drop-off because it could injure a kid’s tailbone or cause them to hit their heads on their way down off the slide.

Whereas a slide lying flat against the ground allows children the opportunity of a smooth ride.


Slides are made from materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and metal. These materials are durable and last long though metal slides are often slicker giving kids an exciting ride. However plastic is the most common because they are more heat resistant, cost-effective and they can easily be made into different colors and shapes.


Photo of a baby girl on a baby slide with her parents behind

Slides are made in a variety of color options which allows you the opportunity to choose a color that is attractive to your kid and also complements other pieces of equipment on the playground.

Children are likely to be more attracted to bright colors like yellow, pink, or blue than dull colors.

When Can Babies Use Slides?

Kids should be allowed to ride down slides by themselves but you must make sure that the slide is in the best condition before a child is allowed to use it. Children younger than pre-school age (that is below 3 years old) should not be allowed to go down a slide that is more than five feet tall while kids already in school should use a slide that doesn’t exceed six feet in height.

Kids should not be allowed to use slides under the scorching sun or in the rain. The heat of the sun can burn children’s delicate skin.

Best Baby Slides

For your best baby slides options, check below.

Chad Valley 3ft Bug Toddler Slide

Photo of Chad Valley Baby Slide

This is a lightweight plastic slide that can be used directly out of the box which implies that you don’t need to couple anything together before you can use it.

This makes it a bonus for anyone who may struggle with assembling slides.  Its four steps are properly spaced for a toddler’s stride while the inbuilt handrail makes them suitable for kids still trying to perfect their balance.


  • Made of plastic
  • Reasonably spaced steps
  • An inbuilt handrail


  • It is a great value for money
  • Suitable for kids of two years and below.
  • Lightweight


  • No anti-slip treads
  • No color choices
  • Slope is high
  • Kids will easily outgrow it.
  • It doesn’t fold up
  • No grips on steps.

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Qwikfold Climb n Slide Garden Slide For Toddlers

Photo of Qwikfold Baby Slide

This molded-plastic slide is a bit smaller compared to several other starter slides though it has a wider slope that gives it an edge over others.

It has handholds at the top and wide steps on the ladder with the topmost step very close to the top of the slide making it easy for toddlers to step onto the platform easily.

It’s quick to assemble but it requires a bit of strength to slot the parts together.


  • Made of plastic
  • Has handholds
  • Has a wider slope


  • It can be assembled quickly
  • Perfect choice for younger toddlers
  • It is easy to fold.
  • Different color options.
  • It is lightweight


  • Kids will outgrow it quickly.
  • There is no built-in handrail
  • It is not UV-treated

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Smoby Medium 5ft Garden Slide

Photo of Smoby Baby Slide

This slide is made from high-quality, anti-UV-treated PVC. It has bright colors and an extra smooth slope that allows a speedy ride and a non-bumpy landing.


  • Made of high-quality anti-UV-treated PVC.
  • Has bright colors
  • Has an extra smooth slope.
  • Has a hose attachment


  • Ultraviolet (UV)treated
  • Has safety grips on the steps


  • It doesn’t fold
  • No in-built handrail

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Little Tikes Toddler Activity Gym

Photo of Little Tikes Baby Slide

This slide is designed with younger toddlers in mind. It is very easy to assemble and it has a cube-shaped plastic frame that provides extra stability for the slider. It also has portholes for kids to crawl through and a hideaway underneath that makes it perfect for a game of hiding and seek.


  • Designed for younger toddlers
  • Has a cube-shaped plastic frame.
  • Strong plastic


  • Very easy to assemble
  • It is durable
  • Has extra play features
  • Extra stable


  • It is quite small so kids will outgrow it quickly.
  • Not UV-treated
  • No in-built handrail
  • No color options

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XXBB Baby’s First Slide

Photo of XXBB Baby Slide

You can create a baby’s exclusive personal amusement park with this classic slide. It helps to build the coordination ability of your kids. It is environmentally friendly and very simple to assemble.


  • Made with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Polished surfaces
  • Raised armrests
  • Adjustable basketball stand height,
  • Non-slip pedal


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very durable
  • Builds the coordination ability in kids.


  • None

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Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center Playset

Photo of Step2 Sportastic Baby Slide

An amazing slide with multiple sports to pick from, your little one will have a great time with the Step2 sports-tastic activity center. It is a 3-in-1 playset with each sports accessory having its own storage.


  • Mini slide
  • Has a basketball hoop, a tethered Baseball, and a molded-In soccer goal.
  • Storage for all sports sets.


  • Kids have options to pick from.


  • Kids will outgrow it quickly.

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Play and Fold Junior Slide

Photo of Play and Fold Baby Slide

The Play and Fold Jr Slide is perfect for toddlers as they can grip the handrails to climb the ladder to the slide. Kids learn about sharing and patience as they wait for each other to take turns sliding down.


  • Durable compact plastic slide
  • Large steps and handrails


  • It is safe to use.
  • Very easy to move around and store.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • May not be suitable for young toddlers.

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Parents Reviews On Baby Slides

XXBB Baby’s First Slide

Photo of XXBB Baby Slide

Sharon Sanders- Co-Founder of  Philadelphia Weekly says:

“By far, XXBB Baby’s First Slide is the best baby slide I have bought for my daughter. First, it looks very pretty since it has a pink hue. It is also very durable and it is made of environment-friendly and safe materials. It is very stable and cannot be easily moved, providing better protection for the child. One of the reasons why I bought it is that it can easily accommodate children of up to 40kg, hence, my child will be able to use it for a long time. It also comes with a ball pool to catch your child and lessen any impact from sliding. Hence, this is a really great slide for children”

Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center Playset

Photo of Step2 Sportastic Baby Slide

Play and Fold Junior Slide

Photo of Play and Fold Baby Slide

Brianna Leonhard – founder of Third Row Adventures says:

“We have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a new baby on the way. So, we have had our share of baby slides at our house.

A baby slide is a perfect piece of climbing equipment that encourages safe exploration and some independence for new climbers. The key for parents is to ensure that they are watchful for newly mobile babies or babies who do not have great balance yet. Babies can start using slides between 6-9 months (whenever they can independently support their own heads) if they are being supported by a parent. Support from a parent should include the baby being held onto by the torso, arms, or hands at all times. 

Choosing a baby slide depends largely on the age of the baby. For younger babies and younger toddlers, we recommend, Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center Playset It is low to the ground, has no sharp or squared edges, and has big bulky pieces that are easier for younger babies to grasp (as opposed to small handles, ladder steps, etc). It also has an activity center on the side which provides some extra entertainment!

For an older toddler, we have owned Play and Fold Jr Slide and really liked it. It is taller than the slide listed above, making it great for growing babies and toddlers who can independently climb and slide. The base is also wide enough to prevent the slide from rocking or swaying from side to side. Step2 brand is extremely durable and makes great indoor/outdoor play equipment. When choosing a slide, it is just as important to research the brands that are frequently sold by companies like Amazon, Walmart, etc. to ensure the slide you are buying will last and is made of a high quality material.


When Can My Baby Go Down A Slide?

Your baby will be able to climb a slide between18- to 24-month-old    

Can Sliding Help With Kids’ Development?

  • Using a slide will help your child:
  • increase their flexibility
  • strengthen their muscles
  • develop depth perception
  • engage their sense of touch
  • improve their coordination and balance

What Are The Slide Safety Tips For Babies And Toddlers

Here are some slides and safety tips for kids

  • Kids should slide one at a time.
  • Check that the slide is not too hot before use.
  • Ensure your little one slides feet first and sits up.
  • The base of the slide should be clear of the trash.
  • Teach toddlers and other kids to hold the stair rail as they climb.
  • Don’t go down a slide carrying your child on your lap. Their foot may get stuck on the way down which may result in a leg or an ankle fracture.

Final Thoughts

Kids usually don’t always have the balance to stay upright, which implies that they can fall off the baby slide and get hurt on the way down. Therefore, make sure to supervise them and always keep your eyes on them, notwithstanding their ages. 

However, don’t stop them from playing and having fun unless it is a dangerous attempt they are about to make.

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