28 Perfect Gifts For 18 Year Old Boy

18 year old boys can be quite picky. This can make it difficult to get the best gift for them. Especially if they are going through puberty-influenced personality changes.

Image of gifts for 18 year old boy

Nevertheless, there is something common to all 18 year old boys, and it is that they need a gift that is both fun and practical, yet makes them feel manly. 

Here are some great gifts that can make your 18 year old happy.

Our Top 10 Picks from Best gifts for 18 year old boys

In this post, we have compiled 28 amazing gifts suitable for an 18 year old, but the ones below are top 10 picks we know any 18 year old boy would absolutely love.

  1. Beard grooming kits
  2. Kinto travel tumbler
  3. Garmin GPS Smartwatch
  4. Boxing reflex ball set
  5. House of Marley stir it up wireless Turntable
  6. Man box gift
  7. Phone soap
  8. Headphone stand with USB charger
  9. Adidas hiking shoes
  10. Grow the f*ck up

How to choose gifts for a hard-to-please 18 year old boy

  1. Ask him

You can save yourself a lot of stress if you ask your 18 year old boy what he wants to receive as a gift. However, if you want to make it a surprise, you shouldn’t ask him directly. 

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Say something like “what do you think your friend will get for you?” and use that idea to get the gift.

  1. Choose a gift related to their area of interest

Some kids are tech savvies, handymen, foodies, gamers, etc. Observe your 18 year old to see what he enjoys doing and buy a gift that will help him in that aspect.

For instance, you can give him a better gamepad if he is a gamer, or a cookbook if he is a foodie. 

  1. Ask his friends for recommendations

His friends will likely know more details about your 18 year old than you do. Also, there may be times an 18 year old will mention what he wishes to receive, to his friends.

This will save you from your search.

  1. Give the money or gift cards to buy what they want

You may be unable to buy your 18 year old boy the best gift he wants no matter how much you try. Save yourself the stress and disappointment by giving him the money to buy their choice gift, within your budget.

Best general gifts for 18 year old boys

  1. Beard grooming kits
Photo of beard grooming kit; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Hygiene has always been a thing of concern for teenage boys. That is why you need to help them out in the area of grooming. 

This beard grooming kit is a great gift for 18 year old boys. It comes with beard grooming and trimming essentials like beard balm, oil and wax, and other things he needs to have a well-groomed beard.

  1. Kinto travel tumbler
Photo of Kinto travel tumbler; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Your child has transformed into adulthood and needs a better-looking and functioning water bottle. This lovely travel tumbler from Kinto is a combination of class and function.

With a simple design, this water bottle can keep your child’s drink hot or cold, depending on their initial temperature. 

You can clean every part of this water bottle in a dishwasher. It is very durable, and won’t even scratch after falling from some heights.

This water bottle is very suitable for your child If he is stylish and active.

  1. Garmin GPS Smartwatch
Photo of Garmin GPS Smartwatch; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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This beautiful display smartwatch is a must-have for 18 year olds. It is compatible with Android and iPhones. 

It has a rubber handle and health monitoring features that your child can use to track their estimated heart rate, respiration, energy levels, sleep, stress, etc. Girls will also appreciate this gift because they can use it to track their menstrual cycle too. 

It is also easy to download songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, or Deezer which they can listen to when they connect a headphone. Besides 18 year olds, you can also get this gift for your partner. It is very functional and suitable for everyday use.

Veronica recommended this gift

Veronica is the COO of Everyday Power. She said:

“As a mother, I’d like to share my experiences. Here are my thoughts: 

Product Name: Garmin 010-02173-11 Smartwatch

Smartwatches are really “in” recently, so the Garmin 010-02173-11 Smartwatch is a good gift for 18 year old boys. This model has a beautiful and colorful display, plus it boasts of its 5-day battery life. It can also monitor several health features such as every level, menstrual cycle, stress and sleep cycles, heart rate, body temperature, and many more. You can even play songs from here. Hence, this is a really good smartwatch to give as a gift.”

  1. Boxing reflex ball set
Photo of boxing reflex ball set; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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This boxing reflex ball set will be a great gift for your son if they show some interest in boxing. They can use it to improve their resilience, timing, and stamina to become better at the game. 

Serious boxers and those doing it for the fun will still benefit from this gift. They are fun to use and each color ball poses a different level of challenge. 

  1. House of Marley stir it up wireless Turntable
Photo of House of Marley turntable; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Your child can use this vinyl record player with any headphones or Bluetooth speaker. It offers a classic Marley sound despite what you are connecting it to.

It has a minimal and sophisticated style. The Bob Marley quote engraved on the tonearm makes it stand out.

This record player has a metal tonearm and aluminum platter which contrasts against the solid bamboo plinth. It uses eco-friendly Regrind silicone, Rewind fabric, natural bamboo, and recyclable aluminum. Even the packaging used for this material can be recycled.

  1. Man box gift
Photo of Manbox gift; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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The “Man Box Gift” will make your son feel like you have truly recognized him as the adult that he has become. This gift box will be a great gift to him if he loves camping because it contains a Rambo knife, fun fire starters, an insulated mug, natural coffee grit soap, etc.

Remember to add a sweet birthday message, welcoming him to manhood. The manufacturers can personalize a message for you if you tell them. 

  1. Phone soap
Photo of Phone soap; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Dirtiness is a common thing for teenage boys, and it gets beyond their bodies. Their phones also get dirty.

Get this phone soap for your son on his birthday to help him kill 99.99% of the germs on his iPhone. This phone soap has  UV-C bulbs which clean the phone and remove germs. The most interesting part is that it charges the phone while cleaning. 

  1. Sushi socks
Photo of Sushi socks; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Socks are important, but how do you gift them to your child without looking boring? Place them on a sushi tray.

Sushi socks are colorful and usually wrapped and presented on sushi trays. They have beautiful designs and patterns to impress your fashionista son. They are usually presented in fruit shapes and can also impress a foodie.

  1. Personalized leather wallet
Photo of a leather jacket; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Credit cards and driver’s licenses will start coming into the scene when your child turns 18. Give them a personalized wallet to keep them safe.

Contact the makers of these leather wallets to engrave your son’s initials on them. They don’t charge money to personalize these wallets. The wallets are available in different shades of brown and black.

  1. Wireless charger desk stand
Photo of wireless charger desk stand; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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This desktop organizer and charging station will help your kid stay organized. The teen can put his essentials into the organizer while charging his phone on the wireless charging station.

The exterior is made of faux leather and gives a masculine feel to the organizer. Also, it is a very durable gift that can serve your son for years to come.

  1. Laptop backpack
Photo of laptop backpack; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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A backpack has always been a necessity, and is even more important now that he will be carrying his laptop to school.

The best laptop backpack to buy should have a concealed double zipper, an anti-theft design, and a waterproof exterior. That is why we love this one from amazon. 

Best gifts for 18 year old techie

  1. Headphone stand with USB charger
Photo of headphone stand with USB charger; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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A new adult techie will appreciate something outstanding. This lovely headphone stand will make them feel proud. It has 3 USB ports and two outlets. They can use the two outlets to charge their lamps, Bluetooth speakers, laptops, or printers. 

It is also a great gift for your son if he struggles with staying organized. They will have a better place to store their headphone and cables.

  1. Yootech wireless charger
Photo of Yootech wireless charger; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Teen boys spend a lot of time on their phones. This makes their phones need frequent recharge. Gift your 18 year old this wireless charger to help them to move around cord-free. It is a perfect gift for kids that can’t stop misplacing their cords. 

Your child can use this pad to charge their phones or tablets despite their models. However, the device must be Qi-enabled. 

He can use any of the four charging modes provided on this charging pad. His device will be protected with the built-in surge protection in the charging pad. This surge protection makes the pad suitable for every device.

  1. Solar power bank portable charger
Photo of a solar powerbank charger; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Kids that love camping or outdoor games may not always have electricity at their disposal, hence, they need some that powers their devices on the go. This solar power bank will supply enough batteries for their phones, speakers, and others. 

Though you can charge this power bank via solar energy, it is best to charge it at home, and only use solar during an emergency. 

Your son can charge all their Qi wireless devices on the wireless charging pad of this power bank.

  1. Coolulu skincare mini fridge 
Photo of Coolulu skincare mini fridge; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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This fridge is indeed a tech spec for nerds. Though it is called a “skincare mini fridge” your son can use it to store their food, keto chocolate bars, drinks, medication, and skincare products if they have some. You can even use it to store breastmilk for them to access quickly and give to their younger ones.

This fridge is versatile and can work as a cooler or warmer. It can cool items to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and warms them up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. It has plastic and aluminum parts and weighs only 4lbs.

They can use a wall power source, car cigarette lighter, or USB Power Bank to power it.

  1. Wireless graphics drawing tablet and software
Photo of wireless graphics drawing tablet; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

Check price on Amazon

With this wireless drawing tablet and software, you can help your child practice their animation, graphics design, and photo editing skills. You don’t need to buy extra software to use this tablet. It comes with all your child’s needs.

This tablet has a very flexible pen with up to 4096 pressure sensitivity levels. The pen is also battery-free and doesn’t require charging.

This tablet is suitable for left and right handlers. You can configure it to fit them and use the four programmable buttons to customize shortcuts based on their needs. 

  1. Aquasonic electric toothbrush
Photo of Aquasonic electric toothbrush; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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This electric toothbrush has whitening properties and can give your new adult the confident smile. 

This toothbrush has four modes for gentle brush, standard brush, gum massage, and deep cleaning. 18 year olds can choose the mode that suits their oral care needs best. 

It is a durable gift because it comes with 8 extra heads. It also charges quickly and has a carrying case. 

  1. Men’s cycling Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphone
Photo of Men's cycling bluetooth beanie hat headphone; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

Check price on Amazon

Wouldn’t it be cool to give your son a cycling hat and headphones all in one? This hat comes with integrated Bluetooth headphones with outstanding connectivity. 

It is made from 70% acrylic and 30% polyester, and has a long-lasting battery life, up to 21-22 hours after every recharge. It can keep your child entertained throughout their sporting session, depending on how much volume they use.

The audio quality is superb with this hat headphone and can offer up to 120DB sound output. This will help them answer calls in a noisy environment.

It is comfortable, warm, breathable, lightweight, and suitable for sports like cycling, running, skiing, rock climbing, etc. 

Best gifts for the 18 year old male fashionista

  1. Adidas hiking shoes
Photo of Adidas hiking shoes; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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An outdoor fashionista will love to stand out even when hiking. This boot from Adidas provides all he needs, from comfort to durability and style. It can track any terrain and come out unhurt. 

They are lightweight and have rubber soles.  Also, they give a good grip. This will be a great gift to show off to friends.

  1. Champion men’s reverse weave hoodie
Photo of Champion men's reverse weave hoodie; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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18 year old boys will love to have this hoodie in their collection. Champion is an outstanding brand and your boy will be proud to wear it. Their branding is mild and can suit most people’s tastes.

The fabric is also machine washable and won’t be a burden to boys who don’t love to wash. 

Choose from any of the available 24 colors to surprise your 18 year old.

  1. Crave box
Photo of Crave box; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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The right snacks can keep a foodie happy for a long time. This crave box contains many popular snacks like cookies, chips, granola bars, candies, etc. 

It may not be the most durable gift, but it will be something to remember. Gift this to a college student, and he will thank you every time it satisfies his hunger.

Best gifts for 18 year old gamer

  1. Monopoly: Fortnite edition board game
Photo of Monopoly fortnite board game; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Your son will love this edition of Fortnite monopoly game if they enjoy playing Fortnite video games. This board game uses popular locations as properties and the target of the play is to earn Health Point chips in place of the Monopoly money.

It is a paper game and needs two to 7 players. It comes with 27 Fortnite outfits and pawn stands, so your child can choose the one he loves most.

  1. Gaming floor chair
Photo of a gaming floor chair; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Every gamer deserves a comfortable chair to enjoy his game, which is why this gift is thoughtful. It is comfortable and has a Bluetooth connection system that he can use to connect to his gaming headset and system. 

However, know that your son will be more immersed in his games when they sit on this chair. They are so comfortable and may not even know when hours have passed. It may not be a great gift for them if you are trying to get them off the game.

  1. Spikeball ball kit
Photo of Spikeball kit; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Young adults will love this gift. It is a great door for 18 year olds that love playing outdoors. It is easy to set up and your child can take it to the beach, park, or stay in the backyard to have fun.

Also, it doesn’t matter if your son has no experience playing spike ball. It is easy to learn and teach their friends. It is even more fun because this game can be difficult to master, so there will be tons of challenges for them to overcome.

Best gifts for 18 year old reader

  1. Grow the f*ck up
Photo of Grow the f*ck up book; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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You may not have the time to teach your son all he needs to know about adult life, but you can get him this book. He will learn all the essentials he needs to become a grown adult, from doing his laundry to changing a tire or writing a check. 

There is no need to wait for life to teach him lessons the hard way when one book can.

  1. Manual to Manhood
Photo of Manual to manhood book; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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Every new male adult needs a set of instructions to properly develop into a man. The book,” “Manual to Manhood” will give your child those tips. 

Since it will be quite awkward to present it to him on just any day, give it on his birthday as a way of welcoming him into manhood.

Some of the tips he will find in this book include wearing a cologne the right way, getting his dream job, and the likes.

  1. Adulting 101: Wisdom4Life
Photo of Adulting 101 book; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

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There are so many things an adult needs to learn, and this book provides insight into many of them. It addresses issues on how to apply for jobs and manage finances, what they need to know about having a car, or home, and insurance.

Your son will also learn how to manage their personal relationships better with this book and know what it takes to live alone for the first time.

  1. Somnilight rechargeable book light
Photo of Somnilight rechargeable book light; one of the best gifts for 18 year old boy

Check price on Amazon

A late-night reader will benefit so much from this light. It is a warm amber night light that goes easy on the eye. It is a better version of the blue light options and doesn’t cause much strain on the eye.

Also, it has an adjustable arm and a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for 20 hours. There are also two light heads with four LEDs each.


Finding the best gift for your 18 year old boy entails learning about the subtle areas of his life to know what he needs most. At 18, they need an ego boost, which is why gifts like beard grooming kits and books about manhood work well. 

Let this list of gifts for 18 year old boys inspire you to get the best gift for your teen.

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