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Want to start a blog?

There’s so much more to it than buying a domain name and hosting.

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Why do you need my help?

  • You don’t have the funds to outsource the tech part of starting a blog.
  • You don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it all by yourself.
  • You don’t want to spend months googling simple yet confusing tech stuff.


You still want to start a blog and you want a blog that’s

  • beautiful,
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I will show you where to buy the BEST hosting for your blog + grant you access to my $49 Tech Blogging Course that will teach you all of the following things for FREE.

You’ll Learn:
  • How to install and configure WordPress (the recommended content management software that makes it possible for you to start a website without doling loads of cash to a web developer)
  • How to connect your domain name with your hosting
  • How to make your site load securely
  • How to Change Your Blog Theme and customize its appearance
  • How to add social sharing buttons
  • How to add plugins to your blog
  • The important pages you need to create and how to add a contact form
  • Things you should delete
  • How to get Your Blog On Google And Track your blog Traffic
  • How to Create Your First Blog Post
  • The difference between posts and pages
  • Adding images to posts
  • Adding links to posts
  • How to make your blog graphics look great
  • Where to get the best stock photos
  • Things To Do Beyond WordPress
  • How to Setup a custom email address
  • How to make your emails land in your gmail inbox
  • How to check your emails
  • How to make your picture associated with your new email address across the web
  • How to automatically monitor your webhosting performance
  • Things to do to improve your site speed
  • And lots mor
free blog setup and installation services


Some bloggers offer a free blog setup service so you can purchase their bluehost affiliate hosting service. While my commission with Siteground is half what bluehost pays, I don’t want you being swayed to sign up for the wrong hosting service (trust me I know) because of the free blog setup so sometime last year, I started offering it too. 🙂 


I noticed that setting your blog up for you, as attractive as that sounds, only gave you a false start.

In the end, you go back to square 1 and you don’t even know how to do something as simple as editing your navigation menu. That’s why I took several weeks to record over 20 over-my-shoulder videos showing you everything you need to do for a true headstart in blogging.

More than I could ever do for you with the free blog setup service.

I do get compensated by Siteground when you sign up through my link so it’s a win-win situation.

Why use Siteground? Why not Bluehost or Hostgator?

  • This is a reliable small company that is more interested in happy customers than happy affiliates.
  • They have excellent uptime (your blog almost never goes down) and fast servers.
  • And my favorite, the best customer service ever. You’ll need this if you don’t want to spend the first couple of months tearing your hairs out and frantically searching google for tech help. It’s also why I stopped recommending Geekstorage to beginners. 


7 Jam-packed modules that will teach you how to:

  • Install and Configure WordPress correctly
  • Setup and Brand your WordPress Blog
  • Create Important Pages
  • Things You Should Delete
  • Get Your Blog On Google And Track Traffic
  • Create Your First Blog Post
  • Things To Do Beyond WordPress
  • And lots more!

FREE support: Even after setting up your new blog, I’ll provide you free email support for the 1st week but you can ask me questions forever.

How does it work?

Then click the button below to signup for webhosting from Siteground using my link. 

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  • Forward your hosting receipt to my email address lily @ with the subject "My Hosting Bonus"
  • I'll reply to your email and send you your unique pass to the course within 12 hours (faster most times).