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Let me optimize EVERYTHING while you sleep

Blog Audit, Pinterest Profile Setup, Optimization, and Management

Everything I do has one goal, capture qualified leads.

How can I help you?

YOU’re a strategist, product creator, blogger, social media manager, graphic designer, shall I go on?

YOU’re all these things all at once but above all, you’re a woman who just wants to put her feet up and have some well deserved rest.

Who knew being a mom would be so hard right? 

Then you went and built a business too!


You Are A Strong Woman

But your strength isn’t what’s in question here, it’s your health, your peace of mind, YOU!

Blog Audit

Why do you even need one? Simple, unbiased feedback to grow your blog!

You don’t need your ego boosted, you need to be told exactly where you need to improve.

But most people who know you don’t have the guts to tell you that they would never read your blog because it contains way to many ads, or that they can’t find a clear direction…

I don’t know you, I’ll tell it to you straight. + I actually know what to look for.

I’ve been able to start a blog that had brands approach me for collaboration and pulled income in its first month.

I’m not some random girl in a bad mood, trolling the internet looking to tear down site creators with ads in the sidebar :). 

Rate: $79

What’s Included:

  • Web Design and structure critique, tips and recommendations
  • Content critique and copywriting tips
  • Social media related tips.
  • Blog monetization tips.
  • List building tips.
  • SEO tips.

Audit Report delivered within 7 days of accepting your booking.

Pinterest Profile Optimization

Tried everything yet nothing seems to be working? Don’t give up on Pinterest.

There’s a system.

Let me set it up for you so you can get dibs on the 200+ million active, rich and spend happy users on Pinterest.

Profile Optimization

Price: $197

What’s Included:

  • Analyze current profile and provide suggestions for improvement
  • Keyword optimize existing boards (up to 10 existing boards)
  • Create new keyword-optimized boards (up to 10 new boards); add 20 pins to each board
  • Removal from irrelevant group boards.
  • Validate Rich Pins, if necessary.
  • Apply to five niche-specific group boards±
  • Join two niche-specific Tailwind Tribes±
Account Set Up from scratch

Price: $245

What’s Included:

  • Set up keyword-optimized profile.
  • Verify domain and enable Pinterest analytics.
  • Enable rich pin status.
  • Follow 100 Influencers in your niche.
  • Create 20 keyword-optimized boards; add 20 pins to each board.
  • Apply to ten niche-specific group boards.
  • Join five niche-specific Tailwind Tribes.

Pinterest Management Service

Don’t have the time or energy to stay on top of Pinterest. Let me handle it. 

Price $375 per month

  • Schedule approximately 1000 pins (1 pin to 5 board = 5 pins) per month in Tailwind (Tailwind subscription required)
  • Share your pins up to 10 times per week to Tailwind Tribes (1 pin to 1 Tribe = 1 share)
  • Creation of one new keyword-optimized board per month (if needed)
  • Creation of 20 new Pinterest-friendly pins per month (for new posts or existing ones)
  • Apply to one new niche-specific group board per month (if needed)
  • Monthly report of your top performing pins, boards (group and personal), and Tailwind Tribes
  • 1 hour worth of email support and consultation access.

Other Services

  • Pin designs
  • Powerups
  • Or lower plans

Every package can be customized to suit your particular needs.

*Minimum budget of $100 required.



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