Free Blog Setup Services - (Worth $75)

Love the look and feel of my blog? 

This is your chance to make it yours.

free blog setup and wordpress installation

Why do you need my help?

  • You don’t have enough time to setup a blog.
  • You don’t have the money to hire someone.
  • You don’t know know how to do it yourself.


You still want to start a blog and you want a blog that’s

  • beautiful,
  • speedy and
  • search engine friendly,

much like mine. =>

free blog setup service

I will install WordPress and configure it for optimal performance. All that for free too.

free blog setup and installation services


Some bloggers offer a free blog service so you can purchase their bluehost affiliate hosting service. While my commission with Geekstorage is a 3rd of what those bloggers get, I don’t want you being swayed to sign up for bluehost because of the free blog setup so here I am offering it too, questioning my sanity and hoping I don’t regret this 🙂 

I do get compensated by Geekstorage when you sign up through my link (lyrical host if you prefer) so it’s hopefully a win win situation.

Why use Geekstorage or Lyrical Host? Why not Bluehost or Siteground?

  • These are reliable small companies that are more interested in happy customers than happy affiliates.
  • They have excellent uptime and fast servers.
  • They don’t jack up their prices when it’s time to renew.
  • Lyrical Host has the best customer service and bonus packages ever.


WordPress Installation: WordPress is the best blogging site on the planet. I’ll install the latest version of WordPress and customize all the settings for best performance and functionality.


Permalink Structure Permalinks are important! I will configure SEO friendly permalinks to ensure that you rank on search engines.

What you’ll get is

instead of


Plugins: I’ll install my favorite resource friendly plugins available for WordPress so you are never left hanging.


Social Media Integration: Your website will have social media features on all blog posts so your readers can easily share your content with their friends.


Contact Form Page: I’ll setup a professional contact form with all the required fields like Name, email, subject etc. And all the emails will land directly to your inbox.

FREE 7 day core support: Even after setting up your new blog, I’ll provide you free email support for the 1st week but you can ask me questions forever.

How does it work?

Then buy webhosting from your preferred recommended host using my link. 

Geekstorage offers free domain and is best if you are strapped for cash, lyrical host offers better support.


  • Forward your receipt to my email address lily @
  • I'll reply to your email and have your blog delivered to you within 2 working days.

3 thoughts on “Free Blog Setup Done for You (Worth $75)”

  1. Hi, Lily! I’d like to take your offer for a free blog being setup for me by using the host(s) you suggest and everything but I also want to connect it with my wordpress free site that I already have. Do I have to transfer the host or what? I don’t know what to do. Please help.

    1. Hey Laura,

      I’m so sorry but this offer is only available through purchases made through me. It’s because the hosting company pays me an affiliate commission. If however you would like to me to still setup your blog for you please send me a message here so I can give you a quote.


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