10 Best Toddler Harness (And Why You Need It)

You will appreciate a toddler’s harness when traveling, taking a walk, or going shopping with your young child. It is useful in helping to keep your child safe and close to you. 

image of toddler harness

A toddler harness prevents your child from getting lost in a crowd like in an airport, big markets, parks, train stations, cities, etc. 

Below are the best toddler harnesses. 

1. Blisstime Anti Lost Wrist Link

Photo of Blisstime anti lost wrist toddler Harness

This toddler’s harness has a tether for attaching you and your child wrist to wrist thereby, enabling you to walk side by side. With this, your child can’t stray without you knowing.

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It is soft and comfortable and also durable. 

The Blisstime Anti Lost Wrist Link has a coil to prevent the tether from getting knotted around your child or you. 

This safety harness is best for toddlers who don’t like their hands being held when in a busy place or when they want to cross the road. 


  • It is not easy to take off 
  • Has double layers of hook and loop for kids’ hands
  • The wrist pad has a soft sponge pad that makes it comfortable 
  • The size of the wrist pad can be adjusted 
  • The harness is durable as it is made with stainless steel and wrapped with plastic. It can’t be cut by a knife.  


  • Not suitable for younger kids, only for older kids who can walk on their own (4 years and above) 
  • The length is short 
  • Some parents complained that their toddlers can take it off 
  • The wrist pad may be too small for chubby kids 

See more reviews on Amazon.

2. EPLAZA Toddler Walking Safety Butterfly

Photo of EPLAZA Toddler Harness

Your little girl will love this harness because it is cute and it will feel like she is playing dress-up. It is specially designed for girls. 

This harness is durable as it is made with heavy-duty clips and D-rings thereby making it safe and reliable. 

The shoulder and chest straps of this harness are comfortable because they are made with cotton/polyester fabric. 

The tether for this harness is attached to the center of the back and this is safer for your child. 

The tether is removable so that you can detach it from the harness while your child is in the car seat or stroller. 


  • The connectors between the tether and harness are made with stainless heavy-duty clips and D-rings 
  • The wristbands are comfortable to wear because they are embedded with sponge 
  • The wristband is stretchy and adjustable 
  • Beautiful design 
  • Can be used as a dress-up costume


  • Hand wash recommended only 
  • May cause chaffing when placed on bare skin 
  • The harness may go up when your kid is walking instead of it staying on their back 
  • Some toddlers can open it easily and free themselves 

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3. Skip Hop Toddler Leash and Harness Backpack, Fox

Photo of Skip Hop Toddler Harness

This is a fun and attractive harness for toddlers. It comes in ten beautiful designs including unicorn, bumblebee, and owl. 

The tether is removable and when removed, it turns into a backpack that is large enough to contain a few diapers, a couple of toys, and snacks. 

This backpack is ideal for everyday use. It can be used for outings, picnics, and carrying stuff for your childcare or preschool. 

It has a durable and comfortable chest buckle that ensures the backpack stays on the back. 

This is a good choice for parents who are looking for a multi-purpose backpack. 


  • Has friendly zoo faces that kids will love 
  • Has a top grab handle and adjustable pack straps 
  • The harness is a mini backpack with a detachable tether


  • The tether attaches to the bottom of the backpack and this can make your toddler tip forward and fall if they pull it too hard. 
  • Some parents complained that it is too small 
  • Some users complained of a persistent smell that doesn’t fade 

See more reviews on Amazon.

4. HappyVk Safety Harness for Kids

Photo of HappyVK Toddler Harness

This is the best option for parents who want their hands free so that they can carry items or help other children. 

This harness for toddlers is worn over their shoulders like a backpack but you have nothing to worry about because it is comfortable, breathable, and adjustable. 

It also has a locking buckle that makes it difficult to be removed by toddlers. 

The HappyVk Safety Harness for Kids is available in beautiful unicorn and dinosaur designs. 

The leash for this harness is removable and the harness comes with a drawstring bag for storage. 

The best feature of this safety harness for kids is the waistband which enables parents to be hands-free while keeping their kids close by. 


  • Offers both a hands-free option and the traditional one 
  • The waistband length is adjustable 
  • It also comes with a detachable padded neoprene handle that can be switched easily from hands-on to hands-free in just seconds. 
  • Attractive design 


  • Does not have a backpack 
  • It may pop off if your toddler runs 

See more reviews on Amazon

5. Toddler Leash for Walking

Photo of Toddler Leash For Walking

This is a great choice for parents who move with their kids at nighttime and have safety concerns about them. This harness for toddlers has reflective strips that make it best for nighttime walks, outings in the evenings, or fireworks shows. 

It is beautiful, breathable, has adjustable straps, and lots of great safety features. It also comes with the option for a wrist-to-wrist tether. 


  • Comfortable and breathable cushion 
  • The wristband is highly comfortable as it is made of high-quality cotton, a double layer, and an extra pad. 
  • Night reflective belt makes it easier for your child to be spotted by you, others, and even vehicles 
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable


  • It must be washed by hand to prolong the product service life 
  • It looks very much like a harness, so your kid may not like to wear it or find it fun to wear like other designs 

Check out the product reviews on Amazon

6. Toddler Leash & Harness

Photo of Toddler Leash and Harness by Mommy's Helper

Toddler Leash & Harness, by ‘Mommy’s Helper’ offers parents a much easier way to protect their toddler in public. The company claims it is designed for parents who are scared to take their toddlers out when they start walking. 

The harness is sturdy and secured thereby reducing the anxiety of taking your toddler out with you. 

The shoulder straps on the harness are padded thereby ensuring that your child has maximum comfort while wearing them. The length of the strap can also be adjusted from 30 inches to 42 inches easily. 

This harness is easy to clean as it is machine washable. 


  • Padded shoulder straps 
  • Sturdy and adjustable shoulder straps 
  • The harness supports the child’s torso and does not affect the lower stomach area
  • Parent wrist strap is also padded for comfort 
  • Versatile uses: Can be used on a high chair, grocery carts, or other types of seats 


  • The latch on the lease may come off easily 
  • The straps may not stay tight on the shoulders 
  • Some toddlers may easily free themselves from the harness as they loosen up very easy 

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7. Diono Safety Harness & Reins

Photo of Diono Toddler Harness

Diono Sure is a famous company known for producing some of the best security harnesses. This toddler harness of theirs has superior constructions that will give you rest of mind when out with your toddler. 

It has an ultra-secure back fastener and a wrist loop that gives you better control of your toddler in crowded places. Your toddler can roam around in it freely without any form of discomfort. 

The Diono safety harness for toddlers is easy to clean and maintain. 

The fabrics it is made of are strong yet soft and you can easily adjust it without any problem. 


  • Strong 
  • Made with soft fabric
  • The shoulder straps are extra-long and adjustable 
  • Has a secure back fastener and wrist loop 
  • Easy to clean 
  • The superglue Velcro is excellent 


  • The size may be too small and not fit most toddlers 
  • Some parents complained of the quality 

See more reviews on Amazon

8. AGSDON Toddler Backpack Leash

Photo of AGSDON Toddler Backpack Leash

This harness for toddlers has been trending for a while because of its innovative concepts. 

The leash of this harness is made from BPA-free and lead-free materials and it is also free from phthalates making it free from dangerous chemicals. 

Another amazing feature of this harness is the backpack it comes with for you to store all your kid’s needs. You can even store the harness in the backpack. 

The design of the leash has a beautiful butterfly design that can attract kids and make them fall in love with the harness. 

The backpack has two side pockets that can store your toddler’s snacks. 

The strap is adjustable and the harness is convenient as it is 39 inches long. 


  • Beautiful and attractive butterfly design 
  • Free from dangerous chemicals 
  • A big backpack that can contain kids’ toys, snacks, diapers, etc. 
  • Great for travel 


  • The size is small 
  • Tears easily 
  • A cup can’t fit into the side pocket 

Check price on Amazon

9. Flashbluer Anti Lost Safety Harness with Safety Leash

Photo of Flashbluer Anti Lost Toddler Harness

You can easily use this leash when your toddler wants to have his/her me time against your wish. It is suitable for kids aged 1 to 5 years old.

This harness for toddlers has a cute design and is made from quality fabric and a sturdy cord. 

It is not too heavy and it is also not too tight. Your child won’t mind wearing a backpack with this harness due to its lightweight. The vest size is adjustable. 


  • Adjustable vest that fits 1 to 5 years old 
  • Beautiful design 
  • Made from strong and sturdy materials 
  • Lightweight 


  • May not fit most kids 
  • May not be adjustable at the trunk at all 
  • It may be uncomfortable for some kids 

See more reviews on Amazon.

10. Yodo Kids Insulated Toddler Backpack with Safety Harness

Photo of Yodo Kids Insulated Toddler Backpack with Harness

This is more than a safety harness for toddlers as it comes with other helpful accessories. It is a combination of a safety harness, a lunch bag, and a backpack. 

It is suitable for kids aged 1 to 4 years old and comes in different cute colors and designs like unicorn, owl, and dinosaur for kids to make their choice. 

This safety toddler harness is basically a backpack for kids that has a detachable leash and is hooked with a metal clip. 

The backpack straps are padded thereby making it comfortable for toddlers. There is a buckle that can close over your child’s chest and the backpack can be worn with or without closing the buckle. 

If you want to use the backpack as a safety harness, you will have to close the chest buckle and attach the leash to the loop located at the bottom of the backpack. 

Another amazing feature of this backpack is its BPA-free lining that insulates drinks or snacks and maintains their temperature for up to three hours. 

This makes it suitable as a lunch bag for kindergarten and outdoor trips. The backpack also has side pockets that can contain a little drinking bottle or a sippy cup. 

The backpack harness is also bigger than other brands listed here and this enables you to use it for an extended period as your toddler grows. 

There is also a name tag at the back of the backpack for writing your name and phone number in case the backpack gets lost. 


  • Cute 3D designs 
  • Name tag included 
  • Padded shoulder straps 
  • Backpack can be used without a buckle 
  • Bigger than most backpacks 
  • Has a washable and BPA-free insulated lining 


  • It is more expensive than other brands due to the many features 
  • The D-rings are made from plastics on some models 
  • The leash may not be sturdy enough but this depends on the strength of the toddler. 

Check it out on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Toddler Harness

Photo of a mom and child using a toddler harness
Why should I buy a toddler’s harness? 

Harness for toddlers is important because they offer safety to your child and also gives you peace of mind. They also give your little adventurer a sense of independence while they are within your reach. 
A toddler harness is recommended for parents who live in busy cities where daily walks around with your child could be risky. Safety harness also comes in handy when walking in crowded places like parks, airports, etc. with your kid. 
Toddler harness helps parents with multiple kids, children with special needs, health issues, pregnancy, etc. It helps to keep their toddler safe while they take care of competing needs. 

What age range can use a safety harness? 

Note that harnesses are not made to help toddlers learn how to walk, they are for kids who are already walking. 
A safety harness for toddlers is recommended as soon as your child can walk on his or her own. 
You can gradually reduce its use or stop it when your child has increased his skills and now has the ability to stay close and listen to instructions. 
For kids with special needs, you may use the harness for longer periods if they need more time to learn the skills needed to walk safely. 

What are the benefits of toddler harness? 

When toddlers start walking, they are overjoyed by this newfound freedom and wouldn’t want to be restrained. They also have no idea of how dangerous the world is or how to avoid busy streets and hazards. 
This is why a harness is important for toddlers. It gives them a sense of independence while keeping them safe and within the reach of their parents. 
Constant vigilance is required at this stage and this can be quite overwhelming when you have other competing things that need your attention. A toddler safety harness will make things easy for you. 

What features should I consider when buying a toddler harness? 

There are a few features you should look out for when selecting a toddler harness for your child. Here are what to look out for: 
Buckles and safety locks, they prevent your child from trying to get out of the harness 
Reflective strips for nighttime use 
The length of the cord; some are short and some are long. 
Also, children react differently to harness, some like it and some don’t. So you have to consider your child’s reaction so you can know what to get for him or her. 
You can get a toddler harness with flurry animal designs to make it more appealing and fun for them. 

How should I introduce a safety harness to my child? 

Include your child in selecting the harness. Pick 2 or three safety harnesses you know will work well for both of you and have your child choose the one he wants. 
Allow him to open the pack and try it on in the house. Then gently explain to him the importance and why you both are going to use it. 
Exclude the scary things that can happen, just tell him that you both will be able to walk around together without holding hands, so this will enable you both to stay side by side. 
Also, make sure that the harness is comfortable and not too tight. 

What safety measures should I put in place when wearing a safety harness for my kid? 

A harness doesn’t eliminate the need for constant supervision. If you don’t monitor them or use the harness properly, it can make them fall or get tied around their neck. 
So, you still have to stay close to your child and tell them not to pull too hard. 

Is toddler harness a long-term solution?

No! harnesses are just used to teach kids how to stay close to their adults as they learn to navigate the world. 
In the traditional way, children are asked to hold hands with their adults but some kids may feel restrained, and kids with autism or sensitivity may have difficulty with hand holding. 
A harness is just a short-term solution and as your child learns how to listen and follow instructions, you can use it less often or stop its use totally when it isn’t needed anymore. 


If you are always worried about your toddler getting lost or running into danger, then what you need is a toddler harness. 

This post contains answers to your questions about safety harness for toddlers and some of the best you can find today. 

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