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What if I told you that you CAN 👇
Get to 10,000 monthly pageviews in 3 months or less.

You’d probably think I was crazy right?

Hi, I’m Lily Ugbaja, the Mom of 3 behind FindingBalance.Mom

I’ll introduce myself fully in just a moment. But right now I want you to look at this graph 👇

It’s a screenshot of my analytics showing the difference between two consecutive months of traffic.

A 562% growth from 2,000 pageviews to over 14,000 in just one month.

And the start of my adventure with a powerful NEW blog traffic system…

THE ONLY SYSTEM I know of that can get you quick, sustainable, and ever-growing traffic…

With LESS work and WITHOUT guesswork.”

I call it the “Roadmap to 10k” because it’s like this failproof system that gets you to 10,000 monthly pageviews and beyond… In. Less. Than. 3. Months!

The truth is, you’ve been leaving A LOT of traffic (and money)
on the table and you don’t even know it!

You think that in order to get blog traffic, you need to:

And you are not alone.

99.9% of everyday bloggers are still in the dark about what I’m about to share with you right now…

Heck! I myself didn’t know about this until recently.

Right now, only a handful of new blogs out there have either purposely or accidentally caught on to this.

AND they are silently doing tens and hundreds of thousands of pageviews, making up to $3,000 monthly in the first year without even creating a single product of their own.

And NO ONE is reporting on what they are doing or how they are achieving this.

But I’ll show you the truth in a second…


I’ll even show you some sites that PROVE that this is not just some over-hyped myth.

Like this 2 year old blog doing over 300,000 pageviews a month with just a handful of posts.


Does that seem fair to you?

While these new bloggers are working less, and collecting hundreds of thousands of blog traffic,

Most hardworking bloggers like you don’t even know about this SIMPLE blog traffic system…

And you’re all left missing out on traffic and income simply because this blog traffic system has been buried deep in camouflage…

Until now…

What if you could get the exact process plan, checklists, data-based info, tools, tips and tactics you need to grow your blog traffic up to 500% month over month?

If you got the exact step by step roadmap I used to achieve the results I share further down this page AND with so little blogging effort…

Introducing... ROADMAP TO 10K

A new step by step blog traffic system that will show you how to piggyback on your REAL competitors to get 10,000 pageviews blogging in less than 3 months.

A hybrid of Google, Pinterest and Competitor research based blogging.

The key to building quick and sustainable blog traffic with less work and without guesswork.

Value price $164 

$37 ONLY!


My favorite unsolicited review:

Listen, if you’ve invested in other blog traffic systems in the past and failed…


It’s NOT your fault.

The real problem is this:

...all other methods that I’m aware of are based on creating a lot of content (which let’s admit, only people with large budgets or time can do) from looking at the same things that EVERYONE else is looking at.

Then HOPING for a viral pin to happen, or for Google traffic to kick in “when it’s the right time”

See the problem?

Too much WORK based on overused tactics, hope and GUESSWORK.

But with all the raving reviews about the product that you keep seeing, you start doubting yourself, your niche, everything that has to do with YOU instead of questioning the program itself…

The blog traffic system you’re about to see is totally different….

It’s a BRAND NEW way of getting sure traffic.

It’s all about:

Veteran bloggers from the glory days of Pinterest-by-invite only and group boards with their super old domains already in the good books of Google keep busy trying to sell us their overpriced courses. To teach us how THEY. STUMBLED into blog traffic… Seriously.


Then they tell us that it “takes time” and “passion” when we don’t see any results months after…


We now have the power to steal the thunder from underneath them with this groundbreaking new blog traffic system that could benefit established and NEW bloggers like you.

You won’t see any of this in most income reports worth looking at, but a few everyday bloggers like you are already pulling in crazy traffic thanks to this new system.



There are also more big businessmen with large budgets moving into the blogging space.

You probably already see them buying blogs left and right. And once they discover this system, the impact on blogging will be huge.

It will be like another era of the Pinterest glory days for people who were already “in”, and those who didn’t jump in early enough will have to struggle A LOT or wait for another train. If it ever comes.

Which is why you need to act RIGHT NOW.

Let me tell you why I’m personally so excited about this new traffic loophole.

Four months ago, I was sitting at around 2,000 pageviews per month despite starting off strong with around 1,500 pageviews my first month blogging. 

I did plateau at around 7,000 pageviews about 6 months in but dropped back down to 2,000 pageviews, as I showed you earlier, when I couldn’t keep up with blogging actively.


Did I mention I had been blogging for close to a year? To put it in perspective, not much growth from the time I launched. 

True I wasn’t really blogging actively but for a blog with around 40 posts and a tailwind subscription, that’s awfully low. 

Just in case you still don’t grasp how bad it was, that amounted to around 50 pageviews per month per post! And most of that even was coming from my email list.


Yes, for around a year, I was content to just sit at 2,000 pageviews chalking it up to my niche being too “competitive” on Google and “unpopular” on Pinterest.

Until an unexpected pregnancy kicked me in my fat behind. I had to get to work!


That was when I discovered the system in Roadmap to 10k and guess what happened?

I went from 2,000 pageviews in September to over 20,000 in December and 40,000+ in January! Qualified for two premium ad networks and suddenly increased my income over 10x.

And here’s the shocker 👇

I’ve only written and published two new blog posts in all that time! 

There are literally hundreds of thousands to millions of blog traffic available for grabs.

I’m talking about 10,000 monthly pageviews per blog post on average.

But in order to take advantage of this opportunity, it’s important that you first understand where all this traffic is coming from.


The first thing you should know is that it doesn’t come from being on a host of social media networks, share for share threads or link parties.


It’s actually just a SUPER simple combination; Your competitors’ hardwork + Google + Pinterest.


  • You use Google to find exactly what to write FOR YOUR LEVEL thanks to the hardwork your competitor already did.
  • You use Pinterest to give your new post a headstart, releasing powerful social signals that alert Google of this fabulous new post everyone loves.
  • Then just as Pinterest traffic starts to level off to your new post, Google traffic kicks in.

A snowball of viral then consistent traffic growing upwards.

And sometimes, you get to rank on Pinterest too for even more blog traffic!

Ready to stop doing all of these insanely tiring stuff below and start experiencing real growth for less work?

To do the absolute minimal work possible and still get quick, sustainable, ever-growing blog traffic month, after month, after month?

And what do you have to lose when your purchase is backed with a full 30 DAY money back guarantee.

Look, you’ve seen how you can get to tens of thousands of monthly pageviews in no time… All by using my simple blog traffic system.

You saw how people who are following this system are already making it big blogging in their spare time…

And should you invest in this NEW blog traffic system, you are even covered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Now it’s time for a decision.

The Way I See It You Have Three Options…

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If you already have enough traffic and you’re not worried about increasing your blog income now that there’s a new “Glory” train to ride on…

Then maybe you don’t need this blog traffic system.

But if you’d like to grow your blog traffic and blog income while working less, that leaves you with two other options…

Option #2: Do it yourself.

You can try to keep track of all the hundreds of changes your competitors are making every month… 

Then try to analyze all their individual blog posts that are currently doing well for them and hope you’ll uncover the secret of the blog traffic system… the one that could get you to 5x your traffic in a month while writing fewer blog posts. 

If you’re willing to work hard and spend hours in front of your computer, you might be able to pull it off.

Option #3: Skip all the hardwork by using my already compiled system.

I give you access to my blog traffic system where I’ve done all the legwork and testing to show you exactly what works.

All you need to do is follow my instructions, and create content if you decide to invest…

Enjoy more time away from your computer… Then watch as your blog stats begin to grow and grow.

Of these three options, ask yourself…

What’s Going to Be Easier for You?

You see, there are two types of people in this world…

Those who only dream about achieving their financial goals without ever taking any action to make it happen…

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want to make money blogging.

But we both know very few actually make it happen.

It’s a natural law of financial wealth….

The classic tale of the willful and the wishful.

Most people will keep dreaming…

While the few who are actually serious about their financial future will take action.

Since you’ve come this far, I think you’re one of the few special ones…

One of the first 100 people I’m looking for.

If I’m right and you’re still with me…

I’m ready to show you how to grow your blog traffic with less work.

Only you can decide. 

Here’s what I’ll be teaching you again:

for $37 ONLY!


Got questions? I've got answers.

About the ROADMAP

What is this for?

Roadmap to 10K helps you do smart competitive research, create posts with the best chances of doing well, and promote them effectively. Its job is to take the guesswork out of what you should be doing to grow your blog traffic while saving you time and getting you concrete results. 

Every single tactic in this collection has been tested and proven to work.

Who is this for?


What if I don’t have a blog. Will this help me?

Yes! If you plan to become a blogger, Roadmap to 10k is the right foundation for you. It’s the best chance you have at succeeding and why not use it from the start.

I’m new to Blogging. Will this eBook help me?

Yes! Roadmap to 10k will help newer bloggers get the traffic they deserve. Most blog traffic courses don’t cover competitor research from an angle that gives new blogs a chance. This one does!

Does Roadmap to 10k work for bloggers who don’t want to blog about blogging?

Yes! Roadmap to 10k was put together with ordinary people in mind, not marketing experts (even though it works for bloggers blogging about blogging too). Infact, I’ll wager this will work better to drive more traffic to blogs that don’t blog about blogging

I’ve bought several blog traffic courses. How is this different?

I’ve been in that situation, too. It’s no fun. But Roadmap to 10k is not like them. These are brand new strategies that don’t require a ton of work to implement so you don’t lose motivation. I use them personally because they work and they give me quick, sustainable wins. I invite you to try them out for the next 30 days without risk. Don’t think it’s worth it, you get your money back.

Do I get access to the entire strategies at once?

Yes! You get full instant access to the entire product as soon as you purchase it. Read through first while taking notes or start implementing as you read, you decide!

This will only stay exclusive to a number of bloggers for so long. There’s no better time to make the best $37 investment ever for your blog than now.

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