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Let me tell you why I’m personally so excited about this new traffic loophole.

Four months ago, I was sitting at around 2,000 pageviews per month despite starting off strong with around 1,500 pageviews my first month blogging. 

True I wasn’t really blogging actively but for a blog with around 40 posts and a tailwind subscription, that’s awfully low. 

Just in case you still don’t grasp how bad it was, that amounted to around 50 pageviews per month per post! And most of that even was coming from my email list.

Yes, for around a year, I was content to just sit at 2,000 pageviews chalking it up to my niche being too “competitive” on Google and “unpopular” on Pinterest.

Until an unexpected pregnancy kicked me in my fat behind. I had to get to work!

That was when I discovered the system in Roadmap to 10k and guess what happened?

I went from 2,000 pageviews in September to over 20,000 in December and 40,000+ in January! Qualified for two premium ad networks and suddenly increased my income over 10x.

And here’s the shocker 👇

I only wrote and published two new blog posts in all that time! 

There are literally hundreds of thousands to millions of blog traffic available for grabs.

I’m talking about 1,000 monthly pageviews per blog post on average.

But in order to take advantage of this opportunity, it’s important that you first understand where all this traffic is coming from.

The first thing you should know is that it doesn’t come from being on a host of social media networks, share for share threads or link parties.

It’s actually just a SUPER simple combination; Your competitors’ hardwork + Google + Pinterest.

  • You use Google to find exactly what to write FOR YOUR LEVEL thanks to the hardwork your competitor already did.
  • You use Pinterest to give your new post a headstart, releasing powerful social signals that alert Google of this fabulous new post everyone loves.
  • Then just as Pinterest traffic starts to level off to your new post, Google traffic kicks in.

A snowball of viral then consistent traffic growing upwards.

And sometimes, you get to rank on Pinterest too for even more blog traffic!

Ready to stop doing all of these insanely tiring stuff below and start experiencing real growth for less work?

To do the absolute minimal work possible and still get quick, sustainable, ever-growing blog traffic month, after month, after month?

Look, you’ve seen how you can get to tens of thousands of monthly pageviews in no time… All by using my simple blog traffic system.

You saw how people who are following this system are already making it big blogging in their spare time…

I’m ready to show you how to grow your blog traffic with less work.

But only you can decide. Do you want my help or are you ok with going at it alone?

Here’s what I’ll be teaching you again:

for $37 Only $20 OFF!



Got questions? I've got answers.

About the ROADMAP

What is this for?

Roadmap to 10K helps you do smart competitive research, create posts with the best chances of doing well, and promote them effectively. Its job is to take the guesswork out of what you should be doing to grow your blog traffic while saving you time and getting you concrete results. 

Every single tactic in this collection has been tested and proven to work.

I’m new to Blogging. Will this eBook help me?

Yes! Roadmap to 10k will help newer bloggers get the traffic they deserve. Most blog traffic courses don’t cover competitor research from an angle that gives new blogs a chance. This one does!

Does Roadmap to 10k work for bloggers who don’t want to blog about blogging?

Yes! Roadmap to 10k was put together with ordinary people in mind, not marketing experts (even though it works for bloggers blogging about blogging too). In fact, this is the system I use for my pregnancy blog, and my personal finance blog. 

I’ve bought several blog traffic courses. How is this different?

I’ve been in that situation, too. It’s no fun. But Roadmap to 10k is not like them. These are brand new strategies that don’t require a ton of work to implement so you don’t lose motivation. I use them personally because they work and they give me quick, sustainable wins. Remember what Eve said about the book in her unsolicited review? 

Do I get access to the entire strategies at once?

Yes! You get full instant access to the entire product as soon as you purchase it. Read through first while taking notes or start implementing as you read, you decide!

This will only stay exclusive to a number of bloggers for so long. There’s no better time to make the best $17 investment ever for your blog than now.


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