12 Safe & Non-toxic Nail Polish For Kids

Natural and safe nail polish for kids is a top concern for many parents who are concerned about the dangers of synthetic chemicals used in making these nail polishes. 

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Due to this reason, some parents forbid their kids from using nail polish but this doesn’t have to be the only way out as there are lots of kid-friendly and organic nail polish out there. 

Advantages of Natural/Organic Nail Polish For kids 

We all know kids love colors and they also like to act like adults. They love having their nails painted just as they see on their moms or aunts. Restricting them from using nail polish will make them unhappy. 

Trends are also changing these days. In the past, many parents thought it unethical for little girls to paint their nails but that notion is almost gone in this present time. 

A lot of Americans feel it is okay for little girls to paint their nails. We are also seeing little girls wearing adult clothes design, so also, many think it’s acceptable for kids to paint their nails. 

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If you feel kids can paint their nails, then you are in the right place as we will be giving a list of natural and safe nail polish for kids. Adult products are very toxic and shouldn’t be used on or around kids. 

Another reason why kids love nail polish is because it is a fun way for them to express their creativity. You can support this by providing safe and natural nail polish for your girls. In this way, your children can have fun without you worrying about dangerous chemicals getting into their bodies. 

Most of the dangerous chemicals in conventional nail polish cause allergies, immune dysfunction, autoimmune disease, and other health complications, not only in kids but even adults who use them. 

Providing your kids with organic and even edible nail polish will reduce their risks of coming down with any of these health problems. 

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Why You Should Choose Natural Nail Polish For Kids 

Parents worry about what their kids eat and if they are getting the right nutrients or if the wrong things are going into their bodies. This is good but most tend to forget a very important aspect, which is what kids apply on their skin. 

These chemicals enter the bloodstream through the pores of the skin and cause a lot of problems. What makes synthetic nail polish more dangerous for kids is that they are fragile and still developing, so these chemicals can affect them more than even adults. 

Even if little of these chemicals or irritants enter their bodies, they will negatively affect their metabolism in a huge way than adults. And remember, children love to put everything in their mouths. 

Some of the dangerous chemicals found in conventional nail polish brands are:

  • Camphor 
  • Xylene 
  • Ethyl tosylamide 
  • Formaldehyde resin 
  • Toluene 
  • Dibutyl phthalate 
  • Formaldehyde, etc. 

These ingredients can cause infertility by interfering with reproductive hormones, they damage major organs of the body like the kidneys and liver, they cause headaches and migraines, dizziness, and irritations of the eyes and throats. 

Health experts agree that adults shouldn’t even use them much less little children. 

If you are worried about the chemicals in nail polish for your kids, then don’t worry. We’ve gone through the stress of getting you a trustworthy list of non-toxic and natural nail polish for kids. 

For more lists of chemicals and products to avoid, go to EWG database to give you an idea of why these chemicals are dangerous. 

Switching to natural & organic nail polish will protect your kids from all the nasty chemicals found in regular nail polish and their dangerous impact on the body. 

Criteria for Choosing The Best Natural Nail Polish For Kids 

Here are some things you have to look out for when choosing the best natural nail polish for your kid:

  • Free from acetone 
  • Free from toxic chemicals 
  • Biodegradable nature 
  • Edible ingredients 
  • Performance and durability (how long does it last on the nails?)
  • FDA approved 
  • Water-based colors 

Below is the list of the best organic and kid-friendly nail polish for kids. A lot of people might not find these perfect, but they are better and safer for everyone and the environment. 

Best Organic Nail Polish For Kids

1. Piggy paint

Photo of Piggy Paint; a nail polish for kids

A mom of two girls founded this brand of non-toxic and kid-friendly nail polish for girls after searching for safer options and couldn’t find any. 

The smells of regular nail polishes left her with severe headaches and she was worried about the chemicals. She then brought up this safer alternative for children who love painting their nails. 

The piggy paint non-toxic nail polish for kids is water-based, free from all forms and kinds of harsh chemicals, and it is also odorless. 

Aside from being safe, it is also fun. It comes in dozens of beautiful colors and has amazing branding too. Above all these, the piggy paint is very affordable. 

Parents can buy individual polish or themed sets. This company also has other natural and safe alternatives like fun sticker add ons, and safe nail polish removers. 

You can buy piggy paint nail polishes for kids on Amazon

2. Keeki 

Photo of Keeki nail polish for kids

This non-toxic nail polish for kids was started by a mom of 2 living on an organic farm and this is just one of the awesome non-toxic products made by her brand. 

She started this safe and natural nail polish for kids when she couldn’t find safe and natural alternatives. So she started experimenting with ingredients right from her farm in her kitchen. 

Today, Keeki is one of the safest and best natural nail polish for kids out there. It is made with the safest natural ingredients and it is free from acetone, soy, gluten, and also cruelty-free. 

Keeki is available in a lot of vibrant, fun, and attractive colors for kids. It also has natural and safe nail accessories like nail polish remover, cuticle rejuvenator, topcoats, and base. 

You can buy this brand on Amazon

3. Suncoat girl 

Photo of Suncoat nail polish for kids

This cool brand of non-toxic nail polish for kids won the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards in 2011. It was created by a mom looking for safer nail polish for her daughters. 

This brand is made specifically for kids and does not contain any harsh chemicals. The formula is water-based and does not give less quality and finish than the regular nail polish. 

The suncoat girl is even tested and certified by board-certified toxicologists for extra safety and precautions. 

It is available in a variety of colors kids will love and it is easily peeled off thereby removing the need for nail polish remover. Suncoat girl lasts for just a day especially if your girls are pickers. 

This brand also has natural and safe hair care products and makeup. You can find this product on Amazon

4. Honeybee Gardens 

Photo of Honeybee Gardens nail polish for kids

This natural and safe alternative for Kids received a good rating on EWG. It is free from harsh and dangerous chemicals, it has no nasty fumes and odors, and you don’t need toxic nail polish remover with this product. 

Also, it comes with a natural and safe nail polish remover and you can easily remove it by rubbing alcohol, vodka or grain alcohol. It has a nice consistency and it is smooth when applied. You don’t need a second coat. 

The manufacturer advises that you remove it within a week of application because it gets harder the longer your kids wear it. The only drawback we found with this product is that it chips and wears off easily. 

Get this amazing safe nail polish for little girls on Amazon

5. Emosa water-based nail polish 

Photo of Emosa Water-based nail polish for kids

This water-based and 100% non-toxic safe and natural nail polish for kids is designed to come off in a day or two when applied. It has no harsh and dangerous chemicals, it is odorless, environment-friendly, and one of the best nail polishes you can get for your kids. 

It is also easy to remove as you do not need toxic nail polish remover. All your girl has to do is soak her nails in warm water for 1 to 2 minutes and the nail polish will be easy to peel off from one corner. 

This product needs 2 coatings and even with this, you can still see the nails through. Emosa comes in bright colors which girls will love and it dries so quickly. 

The cons of this product are that it needs 2 to 3 coats, it is not attractive on the nails, and it lasts for just a short time. 

6. Townley girl 

Photo of Townley Girl nail polish for kids

This natural nail polish for kids is safe for girls 3 years old and upwards. It has no dangerous chemicals, it is water-based, and has a bubble gum scent thereby making it safe for little children. 

This product is easy to apply and it dries quickly. Your little girls can apply this and go to play immediately without waiting. It comes with toe separators and a nail file so little children can perfectly paint their nails without smudges. 

You don’t need a nail polish remover with this product. You simply peel off the dried polish from the nails. This brand can serve as a birthday gift for little girls as it comes in vibrant colors and each bottle in the set is decorated with an image of everyone’s favorite ponies or trolls. 

The multiple colors will give room for creativity and even appeal to their personality. Get this awesome product on Amazon

7. Airdom non-toxic nail polish 

Photo of Airdom Non-toxic nail polish for kids

This quick-dry nail polish for kids is water-based and non-toxic. It has no dangerous chemicals, it is eco-friendly, odorless, and safe for little children. 

It has glitters which little girls will love. Also, it is easy to apply and peel off. It dries in the twinkling of an eye. You can touch the nails 3 minutes after application and you don’t have to worry about staining the wall, furniture, or clothes. 

Get this great product on Amazon

Edible Nail Polish For Kids 

1. Kid licks 

Photo of Kidlicks edible nail polish for kids

Do your kids love to paint their nails but their hands are always in their mouth or they are always biting their nails? Then get this edible nail polish. 

All the ingredients used in this product are food-based and 100% eatable. This nail polish for kids is biodegradable, long-lasting, non-toxic, and you don’t need any harsh chemicals to remove it. 

It can easily be removed using soap, alcohol, and water. This brand was made by a family with 4 young kids who love painting their nails and their parents couldn’t find better options. 

So they decided to make this safer alternative. Kid licks are available in a variety of fun and vibrant colors. You can buy them individually or as a set. 

You can purchase this edible and kid-friendly nail polish on Amazon

2. Ella + Mila 

Photo of Ella + Mila nail polish for kids

Are you looking for a vegan, eco-friendly, natural, and safe nail polish for your kids? Then we think you should consider this brand. 

Ella + Mila was inspired by the twin daughters of one of the founders of this brand. It is non-toxic and cruelty-free. 

Ella + Mila has endless color options and this brand offers pre-paired Mommy & Me collections so that moms and daughters can look fabulous together. 

This brand also has a line of non-toxic makeup and other natural nail accessory products. Get this on Amazon. 

3. Prim & Pure 

Photo of Prim and Pure nail polish for kids

This is a “peel-off” nail polish for kids and it is safe and natural. It doesn’t need a nail polish remover thereby removing another source of dangerous toxins – regular nail polish remover. 

It is designed to wash and peel off easily and this, in turn, eliminates the need for nail polish remover which is filled with toxins that dry the nails. 

Fruits and vegetables are used as the base, they are odorless, dry, and last long until you decide to wash it off. This natural, safe, and quality peel-off nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and contains no nanoparticles. 

The con with this product is that it will come up if you pick at it. Apart from this, it is easily applied, only one coat is needed, it has no smell and it lasts long. 

You can get this nail polish on Amazon.

4. Karma organics nail polish 

Photo of Karma Hues nail polish for kids

This 100% organic nail polish is gentle and easy on the nails. It has more than 100 exciting colors and is free from toxins and dangerous chemicals. 

Kids, pregnant women, and people suffering from allergies can use this nail polish without any worries. People who don’t want to take chances with their nails can also use this as it is chip-resistant, safe, and non-yellowing. 

This product is cruelty-free and 100% recyclable. It is eco-friendly and can even make a wonderful birthday gift for your little girls. Get it on Amazon

5. Bontime 

Photo of Bontime nail polish for kids

This vegan and water-based nail polish for kids has no chemical scent and it is eco-friendly and free from chemical solvents that are corrosive to the nails. It is 100% edible as it is made from fruits and vegetables. 

It comes in a set which saves you time and money you spend in a salon as you can easily paint your kids’ nails at home using the nail polish set. Also, it dries quickly and you don’t need a UV lamp or nail polish remover. 

Each layer takes 90 seconds to dry and it lasts for 2 to 3 days. It is easy to peel. With this, kids can change the colors of their nails every 2 days or peel it off and use a matching color with their clothes. 

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6. No-miss 

Photo of No Miss nail polish for kids

This 100% natural nail polish for kids is made with vegetarian ingredients and it’s totally edible. It has vibrant colors that keep kids both happy and safe. 

Get it on Amazon

How To Make Nail Polish For Kids

Photo of a nail polish being used

If you would love to try to make some nail polish yourself so you have greater control over what’s applied to your child’s body, then you can try this one below. 


  • Water-based non-toxic nail polish in clear (you can use honeybee gardens or piggy paint) 
  • Non-toxic eye shadow (use true mineral eye shadow because they are safer and don’t contain oil, fragrances, and preservatives) 
  • A small container to put the DIY nail polish in. Don’t use any container you don’t want to be ruined. 
  • A stick-like toothpick or a popsicle to mix the DIY nail polish. You can also use a thin paintbrush, remove the bristle end. 


  • Get some mineral eye shadow, (any color of your choice) and crush it into a fine powder. Put this powder into your disposable container. Use as much eye shadow as you need. 
  • Open the natural clear nail polish you bought and pour the entire content into the container with the eye shadow. 
  • Use your mixing stick and mix these two very well to ensure there are no clumps. You have to take your time doing this. 
  • Test the color on your nail to see if you are okay with this, you can also apply a second or more coats to get your desired opaqueness.
  • Once you’ve fully mixed your nail polish and it’s okay to you, pour it carefully into the original bottle. Screw the cap on and shake the bottle vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes so that everything can be incorporated together. 
  • Now you can apply this on your baby girl’s nails. Follow the drying instructions of the manufacturer for the best results.  

If you choose to use piggy polish clear nail polish, note that it is very thin and you will need about 3 coats to get a dark color. And the longer you wear piggy paint nail polish, the harder it takes to get off. 

Piggy paint also has no scent. On the other hand, honeybee gardens polish is thicker and needs only 2 coats. It also has a mild scent. 

DIY Nail Polish Remover For Kids 

If you are also worried about the toxic nature of regular nail polish remover out there, there are natural and safer alternatives and you can also make yours just as you made your DIY nail polish for kids. 

Below are some DIY natural and safe nail polish remover for kids:

You can increase the effectiveness of the above natural nail polish remover by soaking your nails in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes before using any of them. 

This will help to soften the old nail polish and make it easy to remove. 

Nail file/emery board 

If you have an emery board or a nail file, you don’t need chemical-based nail polish removers because these can do the work effectively. 

Use this and softly file the nail polish away, one finger at a time until all is gone. Children usually giggle during this as it tickles their toes. 

White vinegar and citrus fruits 

The acid from the vinegar will break down the nail polish after rubbing it on the nail using a cotton ball. To use this, pour some vinegar into a bowl and add some citrus juice. 

Citrus fruits are orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime. Mix any of these juices with the white vinegar in the bowl and use a cotton ball to apply it on the nails. 

If there are polishes still left on the nails after this, you can remove them with a nail file or an emery board. 

Clear nail polish 

Use a topcoat or a base coat to apply a thick layer of clear over your colored nails. Wipe all the polish away, one finger at a time. 


Use a strong (80+) proof vodka to remove nail polish. 

Rubbing alcohol 

Rubbing alcohol is a natural substance and it helps to remove nail polish. Use it in a well-ventilated area because it can be toxic when inhaled and use caution because it is flammable. 

Apply it topically on the nails using cotton balls. 


If your kids love painting their nails, you can help them do it in a safe way. Throw away those toxic regular nail polishes and replace them with any of these safe, natural, and even edible nail polish for kids. 

Most of these brands are created by caring parents just like you and buying from them is a good way to support small businesses and also protect your kids from toxins. 

Do you have any other recommendations for the best non-toxic and natural nail polish for kids? Please let us know in the comment section. 

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