Fun And Functional Kids Walkie Talkies (Best 5)

Do you want to buy walkie-talkies for your kids but are wondering which walkie-talkie will suit them best? There are many brands of kids walkie-talkies, and this review will help you make the right choice based on your needs.

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Kids’ walkie-talkies are fun and great security tools for kids, especially when they can’t use mobile phones. Parents can also use them to speak with and monitor their kids. Make these effective kids walkie-talkies the next gift for your kids.

How does a walkie-talkie work?

Walkie-talkies operate with batteries and can transmit and receive messages when they are set to share the same channel frequency band. When a child speaks into a walkie-talkie, the device picks up their voice with a microphone. It then encodes it through a radio frequency and transmits it through the antenna to another walkie-talkie that shares the same channel. 

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This receiving walkie-talkie decodes the voice through a radio signal and transmits it to the holder via a speaker.

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How to choose walkie-talkies for kids

Before buying any walkie talkie for your kids, consider the following:

  1. Your kids’ needs

Why do you want to buy a walkie-talkie for your kids? If your kids are between three and five, they may only need one for fun. That means you may not need to invest a lot into the device.

  1. Your budget 

Walkie-talkies are available at a wide range of prices. Though you must not always need the most expensive professional-grade walkie-talkies for kids, going for the cheapest may be disappointing. The range may be too short, and the device may not be durable.

It is sensible to buy better quality walkie-talkies that will last longer even though they cost a little more.

  1.  What range do you want?

Do you want to get a walkie-talkie for your kids that covers several city blocks or neighborhoods? Your kids may want to talk to their friends in different locations, and you can get some inexpensive walkie-talkies that cover up to a mile. 

However, you need to buy sophisticated models if your older kids will use them for longer distances. Some high-quality walkie-talkies can transmit up to 36 miles.

  1. What type of walkie-talkie do you need?

There are three basic types of walkie-talkies: wristwatch, handheld, and headset. 

The wristwatch walkie-talkie is the coolest of all, and your kids can use them as a watch and walkie-talkie in one. 

The handheld walkie-talkie has a belt strap or lanyard for carrying, and it has a push-to-talk button. 

The headset walkie-talkies are worn like headphones and have an adjustable microphone.

All types of walkie-talkies have their pros and cons. For instance, you may get the best distance ranges from traditional walkie-talkies, while the cool wristwatch walkie-talkie makes it difficult for children to lose from their hands.

  1. How many do you need?

The number of walkie-talkies you need will determine the kind of system you get. If you’re unsure of the number of walkie-talkies you need, get a system that will allow you to add other walkie-talkies later.

Besides getting walkie-talkies for kids, you can also get one for yourself. It will help you monitor what your children are doing.

  1.  How will you power them?

Would you prefer a walkie-talkie with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, or do you have any plans to invest in a monthly subscription for batteries? There are multiple power options for walkie-talkies, and you can choose which suits you best.

Which is the best walkie-talkie for kids?

1. GCOPFOA walkie-talkies for kids – Best budget Wise walkie-talkie

Photo of GCOPFOA kids walkie talkies

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This budget-wise walkie-talkie is a perfect gift for kids aged 3 to 12. It’s suitable for boys and girls alike.

It has 22 main channels with 121 CTCSS subcodes, making it safe for kids. It also has a continuous encoding system that gives you 2662 combinations. There’s little or no chance for other people to interfere in their conversations.

It also has a long-range and covers up to three miles.

There’s no need to worry about sudden rain because this walkie-talkie Has IP45 for the proof function that resists rain.


  • Durable

This walkie-talkie has high-quality ABS material and non-toxic water-based paints, which are safe for children. 

  • LED flashlight

The LED flashlight is bright and suitable for camping at night.

  • VOX function 

It has a VOX function that allows kids to communicate without pressing the PTT (push-to-talk) button.

  • Noise reduction technology

With intelligent noise reduction technology, kids can use this walkie-talkie to communicate even in noisy environments.

  • Long-range

This walkie-talkie covers up to 3 miles of range.

  • Privacy

With 22 channels and 121 CTCSS encryption, no one will interfere with your child’s conversation.


  •  Short battery life

This walkie-talkie requires 3AAA batteries which are not included in the package. Also, AAA batteries do not last long and need replacements.

2. Retevis RT628 walkie-talkies – Best rechargeable walkie-talkie

Photo of Retevis RT628 kids walkie talkies

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Retevis RT628 kids walkie-talkie is a great communication tool for children. Though kids can use them indoors, they can also use them outdoors during camping, hiking, gardening, and other outdoor activities in remote areas where phone signals are poor. It offers clear sound and covers an extended range to help parents stay in touch with their kids. 

It weighs 3.17 ounces and requires 6AA batteries which are long-lasting.

You don’t have to worry about your kids splashing water on this walkie-talkie because it has VOX functions for hands-free communication. So, they can talk without pressing the push to talk button. It is also easy to adjust the volume. They only need to press the up and down button, and the volume is set.

The best thing about this walkie-talkie for kids is that it has a professional finish, and can go over 1.7 miles range depending on the terrain.

Retevis is a reputable brand, and this walkie-talkie is available in different colors, including silvery, red, black, and camouflage. Your kids will enjoy this walkie-talkie as long as you use the right sets of batteries. Also, the required 6 AA batteries come with the pack. The Retevis RT628 is suitable for children aged 4 years and above.


  • Key lock

You can lock the walkie-talkie so that your kids do not change their settings after you’ve turned it on. This can help you keep in touch with your kids at any time.

  • VOX function

With the vox function, your kids can talk to you or their friends without pressing the PTT button. So even when their hands are wet, they can’t still communicate.

  • Call tone tag

With 10 ringtones, kids can customize an assignment for each person. They will know who’s trying to reach them by hearing the call tones.

  • Highly durable

Kids drop things a lot, and this walkie-talkie is drug resistance. It has high-quality and durable materials to give a better user experience for every kid.

  • Belt clip

This walkie-talkie comes with a belt clip that allows your kid to wear it on their waist or any part of the body.


  • Short-range

Though this walkie-talkie has 22 channels, it only covers 1.7 miles. This shouldn’t be a problem if your kids will only be using the walkie-talkie at home when camping or communicating with friends a few blocks away.

  • Kids can still unlock the key lock

Though you lock the keypad, kids can still maneuver and unlock it if they are good with technology.

  • Difficulty unclipping

Since there is no button at the back of the clip, little children between five and six years find it difficult to unclip.

3. Fayogoo 4 mile range walkie-talkie – Best walkie-talkie for twins

Photo of Fayogoo kids walkie talkies

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This walkie-talkie covers a four mile-range and provides clear sound for kids to communicate. It is a helpful tool for outdoor communication, road trips, camping, running in the woods, or playing in the neighborhood. And can also be suitable for indoor activities like shopping, pillow talks, etc.

Besides, they are also durable. It has a 1.2-meter anti-drop resistance and is waterproof.

It also comes with a VOX function for kids to speak without pressing the PTT button. Additionally, it has power-saving functions and a battery indicator for kids to know when he’s running low.

The Amazon reviews praise its quality and consider it an excellent gift for kids.


  •  Long-range

 This walkie-talkie can handle large terrains for up to four miles in open areas. However, it can only go between 0.5 to one-mile range in residential areas. 

  • Earpiece connection

Though this walkie-talkie doesn’t come with an earpiece, it offers an earpiece connection for more private discussions.

  • Built-in flashlight

Talking at night or camping? It has a built-in flashlight that is useful for every kid.

  • Channel auto scan

If you hate to waste time selecting channels, this walkie-talkie has an auto channel selection option to make it easy to find and set channels.

  • Power saver functions

The walkie-talkie can activate its auto shut-off function when batteries are running low to save it.

  • VOX Function

Though it is waterproof, kids can still communicate without touching the walkie-talkie with wet hands. The VOX function makes this possible.

  •  Privacy

This walkie-talkie for kids has 22 channels, and 38 CTCSS sub-codes secure it to minimize interference.


  • Short battery life

This walkie-talkie requires 3AAA batteries each which are not even included. AAA batteries do not last long. 

4. Retevis RT37 walkie-talkies for kids – Best walkie-talkie for trio

Photo of Retevis RT37 kids walkie talkies

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This lightweight walkie-talkie is suitable for three kids. Each weighs 80 grams and comes with lanyards to help them hang on their necks.

You don’t have to worry about kids dropping it because it is anti-drop resistant and waterproof. The backlight LCD is suitable for kids from age 3 and above. It also has an ergonomic design, built-in flashlight, and channel lock.

Your kids can enjoy a clear sound for up to three miles of coverage because the 99 low-frequency tones in this walkie-talkie prevent interference.


  • Privacy

There are lesser chances of interference because of the CTCSS privacy system and 99 low-frequency tone encryption on these walkie-talkies.

  • Built-in flashlight

The built-in flashlight makes it super easy for kids to see at night when camping.

  • Works with other walkie-talkies

If this walkie-talkie is set to the same channel as another walkie-talkie, kids can use them together. So even when one spoils, you can get another walkie-talkie for the kids to continue having fun.


  • No included batteries

The manufacturer doesn’t include batteries in this set, so that you will buy external batteries even for your first use.

  • Short battery life

Each walkie-talkie uses four AAA Batteries. Since they do not last long, you’ll need lots of batteries. 

5. Retevis RB19 walkie-talkie with earpiece – Best walkie-talkie for talkative toddlers

Photo of Retevis RB19 kids walkie talkies

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This fancy walkie-talkie is a suitable one for toddlers. It is lightweight, weighs about 0.17 pounds, and is available in blue and pink colors.

The great thing is that you can choose the color combination you buy. You can get two blue colors, two pink colors, or blue and pink colors.

It also has an LCD backlight display that it’s easy to read and protects your child’s eyes from damage. Also, the flashlight helps your kids see the environment at night, making it suitable for night camping.

It has 22 channels and has the required lithium polymer batteries and charging cables. So, you don’t need to use disposable batteries anymore. With USB charging, your child is good to go. The battery is also long-lasting. So if your kids are to make a continuous call without stopping, the battery can last between two and three hours.


  • Perfect for every gender

It comes in blue and pink colors, and you can get a combination for a brother and sister.

  • Rechargeable batteries

The rechargeable batteries make this walkie-talkie cost-effective.

  • High quality

Since it’s made from premium PVC materials, these anti-drop walkie-talkies can withstand a dropping pressure of 1.5 meters.

  • Easy to carry

This walkie-talkie comes with a lanyard that makes it easy for children to carry. They only have to wear it on their neck to prevent loss.

  • Built-in flashlight

Will you be camping with your kids? They don’t need to carry an extra flashlight. The built-in flashlight is beneficial at all times.


  • No key lock

There is no key lock to prevent toddlers from changing the channels.

Safety tips for kids using walkie-talkies

  1. Teach your kids how to use the walkie-talkies you bought and practice standing several blocks away from each other. This will help them know what to expect when they start using the radio.
  2. Try the videos when your kids use the walkie-talkie to their friend’s house to establish a route. Also, check-in with each other along the route to know if there are any dead spots.
  3. Teach your children never to disclose their exact location and radio. If possible, test how to identify locations with other names besides the popular addresses.
  4. Do not allow your children to place their walkie-talkies on a body system while camping or on the water.
  1. Have a backup plan on what to do if your child’s battery dies out or they get into a dead spot during transmission.
  2. Always check the batteries before leaving home. AA batteries last longer than AAA batteries, so check them up more often. Or get your child to carry a spare set, so they don’t die out before returning home.
  3. If you’re using a Motorola walkie-talkie for your kids, you can activate the power saving option to save battery when it’s running out. Or at least teach your children how to do so. If not, be sure to keep some extra batteries handy.
  4. Avoid talking to strangers when using a walkie-talkie with your kid because walkie-talkies are not private. 


What is Kid Zone on walkie-talkie?

Kid zone on a walkie-talkie is a feature that allows parents to block out unwanted conversations. This ensures that kids use their walkie-talkies to only communicate with their family and friends. You can also activate the kid zone mode to block out some channels from other users. 

How far can a toy walkie-talkie go?

There are two types of walkie-talkies for kids. The toy one and the real one. Real walkie-talkies can go as far as 4 kilometers, while toys can’t exceed 1 kilometer.

Hence, to use toy walkie-talkies, the kids have to be within a 1-kilometer range of each other.


Walkie-talkies are great tools for kids to have fun and communicate. It is also a safe way to communicate with your child in remote areas without strong phone signals. These walkie-talkies for kids will make a perfect gift. Try them out and let us know your reviews.

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