22 Fun Cnc Projects In 2022

Have you ever thought about creating fun CNC projects? Most of them can be done over the weekend with minimal stress, allowing you to create lots of nice products in a short while. The great thing about a CNC router is that it allows you to get more work done compared to using hand tools. Therefore, the following are CNC router projects you can make for fun (and for cash!).

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Fun CNC Router Projects Ideas in 2022

  1. Shelves

Shelves are used to store or display items. They can be made into different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose you want them to serve. It is one of the fun CNC projects to make and it costs between $14.95- $69.99

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Learn to make shelves here.

Smartshop CNC Shelf Project | Laguna Tools
  1. Wooden Spoons And Forks

Wooden utensils are used for stirring ingredients while cooking. They are often preferred over plastic ones because they don’t melt into hot foods. They cost between $13.59- $37.98.

Learn to make wooden utensils here.

CNC Router make Wooden Spoon
  1. Name Signs

Name signs are used to identify a person within a community without fully spelling their names. Metal name signs cost about $39.95.

Learn to make name signs here

How to Make Custom Wooden Sign on CNC | X-Carve
  1. Board Games

It can be described as a teacher’s assistant as it helps the teacher develop certain skills in children such as general social skills, problem-solving skills, sportsmanship, and lots more. It cost between $13.83 – $25.20.

Learn to make board games here

Making a Game Board with a CNC Router
  1. Goal Calendar

It is also known as a goal planner and is used to keep track of activities for a specific period and this may be quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily. It cost about $18.59.

Learn to make goal calendar

Goal Calendar - DIY Dremel CNC project
  1. Letter Blocks

Letter blocks are great learning tools for kids – they can hold, trace and play with them. It aids the easy identification of letters. A pack of alphabet costs between $13- $29.99.

Learn to make letter blocks here

Letter Cut-Outs (On A CNC Machine)
  1. Jewelry Box

Pieces of jewelry are used to add to one’s beauty. They represent a part of culture and tradition and several women feel incomplete without them because it is often used to complement their outfits. Therefore, these pieces of jewelry must be kept securely and organized which is the exact purpose of a jewelry box.

A wooden jewelry box may cost about $40 and they are very easy to make.

Learn to make jewelry here.

Turning Scrap Wood Into a $40 Jewelry Box With a CNC Machine

Fun DIY Projects On A CNC Router

Some great fun projects you should consider using your CNC router for include;

  1. Paddle Board

If you love surfing, then this project is for you. It is a perfect tool for scuba diving; surfing and you can also do yoga on it. It involves using vector images and a CNC router to make a stand-up paddleboard. In addition, It is portable and has a ”never sink system”. With a budget of $400, you will have your ready-to-use paddleboard.

However, it will require a large space for you to create this product.

Learn to make paddle board

Building a Wooden Paddle Board - Part 1: The Design and Strongback
  1. Skeleton Clock

Another CNC project you may want to consider is the skeleton clock. It is a mechanical clock in which all its strings can be seen through the back or the front of the clock because there are no visible backplates. It is also referred to as remonter. Also, it can serve as a décor material capable of adding uniqueness to your wall. With $164, a skeleton clock can be acquired.

Learn to make skeleton clocks here.

Wooden Gear Clock made with CNC Router
  1. Elephant Puzzle

Elephant puzzles are brain teasers for kids of all ages. It is so easy to make and it’s a fun CNC project you can create along with your kids. it is educational entertainment for children at home during holidays and it cost between $24.09 -$56.

Learn to make elephant puzzles for your kids.

Standing Wooden Elephant Puzzle
  1. Ukulele

It is interesting when you play a musical instrument you built. A CNC router can be used to make stringed musical instruments because it assures control and accuracy and it is also cool for creating complicated joints, curves, and inlays. Ukulele costs about $65 although some are cheaper while others may cost more.

It is one of the musical instruments you can build yourself with a CNC router. This is an easy and fun project beginners should try out.

Learn to make Ukulele here

How to Make a Solid Wood Ukulele On Your Benchtop Standard CNC Machine
  1. Teddy Bear Coin Bank

Teddy Bear Coin Bank costs about $17 and it is used to keep your little change together which in the long run can accumulate into so much after consistent savings.

Learn to make a teddy bear coin bank.

Bear Coin Bank for 3D-Print (Assembly Instructions)
  1. Dollhouses

Dollhouses are small structures that give children the privilege of understanding the real world around them. It cost around $92.95.

Learn to make dollhouses here.

Laser cutting and building a victorian dollhouse
  1. Scissor Chair

This historical chair, which cost about $90.53, is a kind of askew linear medieval chair, and it’s made up of quality pine or oak. Its laths spread out making seats, legs, and armrests.

Learn to make a scissor chair here.

Making a Plywood Chair with a CNC - free plans
  1. Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are often a big hit during the festive and holiday season. They cost about $30.12 and are used to adorn the tree with the hope of discovering Santa’s gift the next day.

Learn to make Christmas decorations here.

Quick And Fun CNC Projects

Amazing quick and fun CNC projects are listed below.

  1. Desk Lamp

You want to see clearly and comfortably while performing a specific task like writing or typing, this is exactly the purpose of a desk lamp and it costs about $38.75.

Learn to make a unique desk lamp here

Design process / Design wooden lamps build by cnc router. Supercone wood lamps. Design Lampen
  1. Extravagant knives

Extravagant knives are used for cutting, slicing, peeling, dicing, and chopping but one unique thing about it is that it is stronger and can be easily sharpened. They often cost more than the regular knives and can cost as much as $199.00

Learn to make extravagant knives here

How To Make Knives - Machining Blade Blanks - Knife Making CNC Machine - cnc machining videos
  1. Wall Panel Art

This is one awesome product that speaks well of the abilities of a CNC router. They are used for decoration and they surely add lots of uniqueness to any room they are used in.

This is one of the fun CNC projects that are easy to do, and they are lovely when completed. A beautiful wall panel art may cost $269.00

Learn to make wall panel art here

CNC This! Parametric Wall Art!
  1. Growth Charts

They are oversize rulers and a popular tool for measuring your kids as they increase in weight, height, and head size. The results are used to compare other children in the same age bracket.

Growth charts cost about $59.99 and they are very helpful to discover medical problems, therefore, provide adequate attention early.

Learn to make growth charts here.

Growth Chart Ruler - CNC Cut!
  1. Switch Plates

Switchplates are covers used to protect or conceal an electrical switch mounted to a wall and cost $19.95.

Learn how to make switch plates

Making a Light Switch Cover Plate
  1. Cell Phone Stand

Cell phone stands are used to hold your device in a conducive position most especially while driving. You can keep your hands on the wheel while still being able to view your phone although you have to be careful when doing this.

Some cell phone stands cost about $12.17 while others may go for a lesser or much higher amount.

Learn to make cell phone stand here.

Design and Make iPhone 5 5c Smartphone Stand CNC
  1. Wood Badges

Wood badges are one of the creative things you can make using your CNC router. You can create customized badges for firefighters, police, and many others which can be displayed or serve as toys for your kids.

Wood badges may go for $3.00 each but they look great when used.

Learn to make police wood badges here

Wooden Police Badge Plaque made on the CNC

Final Thoughts

One of the major benefits of a CNC is that you can get started without having a full woodworking shop. However, if you have a CNC machine with a shop space, that’s even better.

Once you have selected the kind of fun CNC projects you want to build, it’s time to get busy with your CNC router and create engraved products that are beautiful, useful and unique.

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