8 Best Foam Ball Pits For Kids

Foam ball pits have many sensory benefits (like improving tactical stimulation and relaxation) for children. But did you know that public ball pits can make your child sick?

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A study done by researchers at the University of North Georgia discovered that all the ball pits in physical therapy clinics carried germs. In fact, they discovered that a ball carried a bacterial colony as high as thousands of cells. The presence of these bacteria increases the risk of children developing infections. 

Getting a personal foam ball pit can save you from these dangers. However, there is a wide variety of foam ball pits in the market, and it can take quite some effort to decide which is best. 

Luckily, we have already done the hard work and selected some of the best ball pits out there for you. Also, we will discuss what to consider before buying ball pits.

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These are our best picks:

  1. Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball pit – Overall best ball pit for babies
  2. Peradix Paddling Pool and Foam Ball pit – Best with Paddle Pool 
  3. MeowBaby foam ball pit – Best for toddlers
  4. Bright Start’s 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play – Best with baby gym 
  5. Brite Tools Premium Round Ball Pit – Best for absorbing shock
  6. EocuSun Kids Ball Pit – Best ball pit for budget
  7. Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent – Best ball pit tent
  8. Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym Play Set – Best with slide

What is a foam ball pit?

A foam ball pit is a padded container that is filled with small, soft and colorful plastic balls. Foam ball pits are also called ball ponds or ball pools. These pits are used for recreational and exercise purposes for children.

You will find foam ball pits in amusement parks, fun centers, carnivals, physical therapy clinics, etc. These ball pits are also available in smaller versions for parents to buy and use at home.

What to consider when choosing a foam ball pit for your child

Ball pits are not created the same, which is why you must consider the following factors before buying a ball pit.

  • Age

There are age recommendations for ball pits and it could be dangerous to go against them. It may be dangerous to your child or decrease the durability of the product. Also, check for the age range if you are looking for something that will grow with your child.

  • Size 

Some ball pits are small while others are big. There are also differences in setups that you should know about. 

If you would love a big complicated ball pit, consider whether you will be able to assemble it. Also, consider the space you have for storage and whether it will be easy to transport the item.

  • Ease of cleaning

Since we are dealing with kids, they will always spill things and dirty the ball pit. You don’t want a pit that will take too much to clean and forever to dry. Ball pits that you can wipe clean or machine wash some vital parts are great ones to consider.

  • The number of balls you will need

Not all ball pits come with balls. That means you will spend extra getting the balls.

Besides, you may also need space to store the balls. 

  • Other uses

Some ball pits can work as tents, paddling pools, bounce houses, or trampolines. Getting a ball pit that does more than one function is a plus, especially when there is not much price difference.

Best foam ball pits for kids

  1. Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball pit – Overall best ball pit for babies
Photo of Melissa & Doug Turtle foam ball pit

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Melissa and Doug’s Turtle ball pit is fun and safe for babies to play with. It has a turtle shell shape containing sensory trinkets. 

These trinkets include a mirror, crinkly-sounding feet, and Silky fabric tags attached to the head of the turtle. There’s also a soft fabric ball that will rattle when you shake it gently

It also comes with 60  plastic balls That you can squeeze. these balls are in two sizes.

It turtle’s body is made of fabric that covers the head, bottom, and legs. The entire body is well-padded to make them comfortable for your child. 

You can close these foam ball pits when you’re not using them with the hook. This keeps the ball safe and intact.

Kids love this ball pit because they are various holes for the child to put the ball in and take out.


  • The balls are provided 
  • It is easy to pack and store new 
  • You can wash it in a washing machine or with cold water
  • There is a non-slip underside feature for extra protection


  •  Your baby will not use these foam ball pits for long because it is so small.
  1. Peradix Paddling Pool and Foam Ball pit – Best with Paddle Pool 
Photo of Peradix Paddling Pool and foam ball pit

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This is a 3-in-1 ball pit that can also work as a paddling pool; great for fun all year round. This paddling pool comes with a detachable UV sun protection canopy and an in-built basketball hoop.

The silver-coated nylon cloth used for this ball pit makes it durable and offers more protection and odor resistance.

You don’t need to inflate this ball pit because it comes with a memory spring that pops it into shape. This also makes it a good playground for your pet, since there is no chance that they will pop the inflation.

This ball pit measures 37” in diameter. Hence, you can use it for two children that are not older than 5 years.

Storage and transportation are also easy with this 3-in-1 ball pit because you can fold it into a small carrying bag to store or take around.

Though the balls are not included, the company has a patch to repair the pit if it goes bad, and some stickers for your child to play with. You can find this paddle pool foam ball pit in green or blue colors.


  • It is easy to clean by wiping 
  • It is easy to set up because of the memory spring
  • The detachable UV canopy protects your child from the sun during outdoor use
  • The pool and ball hoop helps children develop fine motor skills


  • It does not come with balls
  • Some customers complained that a little amount of water may leak out when you use it as a pool.
  1. MeowBaby foam ball pit – best for toddlers
Photo of MeowBaby foam ball pit

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Parents love that the color scheme of MeowBaby foam ball pit fits any décor used for any playroom or nursery. It is available in different colors, and you can buy the most matching. Though it has soft hues and soft foam balls, the foam ball pit is still very thick.

The manufacturer provides the 200 plastic balls needed for this foam ball pit, so you won’t need to buy them separately. These balls have different color varieties.

This foam ball pit has a sophisticated design that makes it a great alternative to other bright-colored pits. It may be your choice if you are out for the style.

You will love this foam ball pit more if you have two toddlers. They can sit comfortably in it and play together. 

Also, cleaning is not stressful because it is machine washable. The fabric used for this foam ball pit is OKEO-Tex 100 certified, proving that it doesn’t contain harmful substances.


  • The balls are included
  • It is very thick and durable
  • You can wash the removable cover in a machine washable
  • The balls hold their shape because they are crush proof


  • It may be quite pricey for moms on a budget.
  1. Bright Start’s 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play – Best with baby gym 
Photo of Bright Start's 5 in 1 your way foam ball pit

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This foam ball pit is also an activity center for kids. It is a perfect gym to teach your child how to enjoy their tummy time and spend time with themselves. This foam ball pit allows kids to roll safely because the sides are built-in and will prevent them from falling off.

We love that parents are not restricted to one style. It is available in four styles and distinct colors. They also come with beautiful toys to entice your baby’s cute mind. There is a detachable music toy that can play and light up for up to 20 minutes.

You may not be able to use this activity gym for younger babies, but you won’t add the balls. When they start sitting out on their own, you can then add the balls for them to play with.

Cleaning is also easy with this foam ball pit. Throw the mat into the washing machine and wipe other surfaces clean. When it is not in use, fold it into the bag provided for storage.  


  • Newborns and kids older than 12 months of age can use this foam ball pit
  • It has dropped downsides that provide more comfort to your baby
  • The design is enticing and interactive for babies


  • You need to buy more balls as only 35 to 40 balls are provided
  • Some parents said it is better to spot-clean the mat, because it may loosen when you put it into a washing machine
  1. Brite Tools Premium Round Ball Pit – Best for absorbing shock
Photo of Brite Tools Premium foam ball pit

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This foam ball pit from Brite Tools has a premium design and material. It uses memory foam with an elastic jersey cover that is very soft on the baby’s skin. The bottom also has a white quilted cover that adds to the aesthetics. 

This foam ball pit also comes with a circle foam mat at the bottom that absorbs shock when your child is playing. The edges are also nicely padded with foam to protect your child. These padded edges also make it easy for the child to get in and out.

Brite Tools foam ball pit comes with 200 BPA-free balls, so you don’t need to buy it again. These balls come in grey, pink and white colors and are all soft to the touch.

One thing we admire so much about this foam ball pit is that it is easy to store and transport in the zipper carry bag the company provides. 

You can get this foam ball pit for your child that is just starting to sit or crawl. It will grow with them into toddlerhood as they will love to jump in it.

Veronica, a real-life mom had this to say about this foam ball pit

Veronica, the COO of Everyday Power, said:

“I bought the Brite Tools Premium Round all Pit for my kids. What I love the most about this product is that it includes 200 balls already, so I don’t have to buy them separately. Aside from that, the balls are BPA-free, so my kids are safer. The ball pit’s foam is made of premium materials that ensure shock absorption and protection. It is also very easy to set up, plus it comes with a carry bag, so it’s also portable. Overall, I do not have any regrets in buying this.”


  • It has a simple classy design
  • It has a shock-absorbing memory foam and mat that protects your child
  • It comes with 200 BPA-free balls


  • It may take a while for it to regain its shape after shipping
  • A customer complained that the balls are cheap-looking
  1. EocuSun Kids Ball Pit – best ball pit for budget
Photo of EocuSun Kids foam ball pit

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EocuSun foam ball pit is so cheap that almost every parent can get it for their kids on a budget.

This foam ball pit from EocuSun is very lightweight and durable. Two kids can comfortably play in this foam ball pit because of the extra space it has. You can get this foam ball pit in blue, red, or dotted patterns.

It can take up to 400 balls, but you will need to buy them yourself. Don’t use this many balls for younger children who are just learning to sit upright. The 400 balls are suitable for toddlers.

It is very easy to assemble this foam ball pit. In fact, it pops open in seconds. Don’t keep your child close to the ball pit when it opens to prevent accidents. 

Again, transportation is also easy because of the compact zippered bag provided. You can use it in the nursery, daycare, playgroups, etc.

This foam ball pit uses a high-strength memory steel holder, covered with soft waterproof polyester fabric. This fabric is also easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe.


  • It is very cheap yet durable
  • It is easy for kids to get in and out because of the collapsible sides
  • It can take up to two kids
  • It is easy to clean and carry around
  • The color variety gives you options for males and females.


  • It is not padded with foam compared to other foam ball pits
  • There are no balls included
  1. Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent – best ball pit tent
Photo of Kiddey foam ball pit

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This is also another pop-open ball pit that you will love. We love that this ball pit is super easy to store. How easy? Well, you just need to fold it flat on the floor when not in use and pop it open when your child wants to have fun.

This pop-up design also makes assembly a breeze.

This ball pit is made from polyester which is easy to clean by wiping. Hence, you can take it outdoors for your child to use and worry about spending hours cleaning.

You can put up to 300 balls into this ball pit tent. It has extra room for your child to play in. 

Kiddey ball pit play tent will grow with your kids, but you cannot use it for younger babies. In fact, it is recommended for kids from age 3 and above.

 This ball pit offers a great advantage for parents on a budget. It costs only a little above the EocuSun pit ball. You will also love it if you have limited space in your home because you can easily take it down when the child is not playing and set it up again.


  • It is cheap with a distinct design
  • it has extra room for your child to play in
  • it is easy to set up, store, and carry around
  • the polyester material used for this ball pit tent is easy to clean by wiping
  • it is suitable for older kids


  • It is not recommended for younger babies. If they must use it, get an adult to supervise
  • you need to buy the balls separately
  1. Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym Play Set – Best with slide
Photo of Eezy Peezy Jungle play set

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This ball pit from Eezy Peezy offers an extra play avenue for kids because of the slide. It is a complete activity gym that is great for toddlers. It has a small climbing frame, toss ball target, indoor slide, and ball pit.

And it is even more fun when used by more than one kid at once. Two young children can play, climb, and slide at once.

This ball pit has vinyl coverings and a plastic frame design. We love that this frame is big enough to create extra room for children but small enough for use indoors.

You will find the assembly of this playset easy if you know how to connect each piece. However, it was not the easiest thing to do for some owners, who complained that the pictures and instructions were not enough. However, it can stand up to 29” tall after assembly. 

This foam ball pit and jungle gym are suitable for kids between one the three years.

It comes with 50 balls, but you will likely need more than that for a full fun time. 


  • Small children between the ages of 1 to 3 can use it
  • You can use this one set for different fun activities including a slide and toss the target
  • It is easy to clean by wiping
  • 50 balls are provided when by the manufacturer, though you will need to buy others


  • Assembly is not easy 
  • Some owners said that this product has a plastic smell, which cleared up after one or two weeks.


Are foam ball pits safe for babies?

Yes. Ball pits are safe for children because they help them develop fine motor skills. Activities like rolling and throwing the balls help them develop these skills.
Also, children enjoy the delight of swimming, rolling, wiggling, or twisting through colored balls. These give them a calming experience. 

At what age should children use foam ball pits?

Except a foam ball pit is designed for newborns, your baby should not use a foam ball pit until they are 6 months or older. At this time, the child must have been able to sit up on their own and won’t suffocate if they fall into the balls. 
Also, check the age recommendation for a foam ball pit before buying or putting your child inside. And supervise your babies and toddlers while they play.

How many balls will fill my ball pit?

Ball pits are available in different sizes, and this determines how many balls they can carry. But a ball pit should take roughly 200 balls, or up to 400 if they are bigger.

What sizes of balls should I buy for ball pits?

Smaller balls of about 2 to 3 inches in diameter are great for foam pit balls. Children can grab these balls and throw them with ease. However, aim for soft plastic balls.

How often should I clean my ball pit?

You don’t need to clean your home ball pit very often. Clean and sanitize it after using it two to three times. Also, do a thorough cleaning after using it for 3 to 6 months, or as recommended by the manufacturer.


You can use ball pits to quiet down those tantrums and help your child burn energy. Besides, ball pits will help them develop fine motor skills in a fun way.

Since there are numerous options in the market, consider your needs to choose the most suitable one.

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