Hey you!

It's time for YOU to stop.

You’re bursting at the seams with such amazing ideas that YOU know will change the world.

You’ve spent a lot of money investing in courses YOU think hold the secret sauce to blogging success.

You’ve worked really hard, spent lots of time implementing the advice in a way YOU think best.

Do you see the problem yet?

Everything you’ve done is what you felt was best!

And even though you have the experience, determination, and passion for making your dream a reality you need help to get you up there before you burnout.

Let’s build that dream effectively!

Hi! I’m Lily

The baby blogger who’s been featured in top blogs and magazines from her first year.

— But, I’m also the veteran with a string of failed blogs…

Which would you like to be?

Some bloggers give up without putting in the work. Others put in extra time and get no results. Some others still put in the time and get massive results.


I was one of those who put in extra extra time without results.

And you know what that taught me, inaction is not the biggest blogging problem,  misguided action is.

Enter My Blog Coaching Service

(For Serious Bloggers Only)

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone who knows the pain and hard work of blogging? Who can look from the outside and ask the right questions? Who can see where you’re going and give you a plan that gets you there?

Because what you don’t need is yet another script that worked for another blogger.

You need personalized help that takes your peculiar situation into consideration and works pretty damn well for you.

Most importantly, you need confidence, a “Hey I’m doing the right thing!” and that’s what coaching gets you.

One Month Full Coaching Package

Best Suited For: New Bloggers who want to start right or bloggers not reaching their full potential.

Rate: $999

What’s Included:

  • Hourly Skype calls every week.
  • Tech help and advice for the little things.
  • A personalized strategy/plan to help you grow.
  • Access to all my products.
  • Growth assessments.
  • Unlimited email support, Templates and lots more.

Deep Dive Strategy Call (One off)

Best Suited For: Stuck Blogger trying to scale.

Rate: $345

What’s Included:

1 hour Skype Call assessing your biggest blogging challenge. We could talk about one or more of the following.

  • Gaining more subscribers using niche specific tactics.
  • Boosting brand engagement.
  • Improving your email marketing strategy.
  • Fine tuning your sale strategy for better conversions.
  • Whatever you are struggling with!

Intensive Blog Audit

Best Suited for: Beginner looking to correct mistakes.

Rate: $197

What’s Included:

  • Web Design and structure critique, tips and recommendations
  • Content critique and copywriting tips
  • Social media related tips.
  • Blog monetization tips.
  • List building tips.
  • SEO tips.

Audit Report delivered within 7 days of accepting your booking.

Here's my most recent client result, we've been together for a week.

I know you can do this!

I did it from Nigeria where I was faced with inefficient power supply, unreliable internet connection, unsupportive spouse…

And I did it with a baby in my lap.

Let me help you.

Fill the form to find out if we are a good fit.

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