8 Best Toilet Papers For Use (+ Plumbing Friendly)

Toilet papers are daily essentials and your family needs the most comfortable and cost-effective of them. Besides, your toilet paper of choice can affect your plumbing.

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Are you looking for the best toilet paper for your family? 

You will find this list of best toilet papers useful. You will also learn about what to consider before patronizing any toilet paper brand. We’ve also included reviews from real-life moms on their best toilet papers.

What to consider when choosing a toilet paper


There are many variations to the standard toilet paper in the market. You may be confused about whether to choose 6 packs of mega rolls or 2 packs of regular rolls, or  1, 2, or 3 ply qualities.

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The best value tissue papers are those with quality construction. You will use more toilet paper when they are thin because they are not so absorbent. The 2 or 3-ply varieties are usually more absorbent and last longer. 


The size of your toilet paper determines how easy it would be to store it on your toilet paper rack or how you will fit it into your toilet paper holders. 

Toilet papers that are rolled more times around the cardboard tube will make it difficult to store or fit into your toilet paper holder. So, check your tissue paper holder to know the depth you have between it and the wall. 

The length and width of your toilet paper holder will determine the size of toilet paper to buy. But don’t be deceived because some brands claim to have long-length toilet papers, but these toilet papers only have one or two plies.


Manufacturers make toilet paper from trees. Considering its wide range of use and quick disposition, it can cause serious harm to the environment if the producers are not thoughtful about the process.

Some brands source their pulps for making toilet papers. These brands have been given certification from environmental groups for their responsible harvesting. These brands avoid pop from the forest televisions are even use recycled paper. 

How quickly weekly tissue paper dissolve is also a sign of its sustainability. Also, products with extra fragrances leave more footprints and are harmful to the septic tank.

The safety of your septic system

A thicker tissue paper can damage your septic system. This is because the thicker they are, the longer they take to dissolve. You should be most careful about this choice of toilet paper if you have a boat or an RV (recreational vehicle), because not every tissue paper is appropriate for its septic tank.

What are the best toilet papers out there? 

Presto Ultra Soft Tissue Paper (Amazon Brand) – Overall best Toilet paper 

Photo of Presto Ultra soft tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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Presto ultra soft toilet paper Amazon brand offers softness and strength that may not be very much available in other brands. They also have the ultra-strong variation which gives more strength than you need from tissue paper.

There are some beautiful flower designs along the length of this toilet roll. It is a 2 ply toilet paper with 308 sheets per roll.

The company will refund your money for this fight with these products, or for whatever reason you want your money back. It may seem great for you and your shopping for a new brand.

However, Presto toilet papers will disintegrate when it’s wet, and will also leave some debris behind when you use it to clean a wet surface. Hence, it may not be the best for wiping surfaces.


  • Softer with great strength that can’t be gotten from other brands
  • 2 ply tissue
  • Full refund if you don’t like the product


  • Disintegrates when wet
  • Not best for cleaning a wet surface

Scott Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper – Best toilet paper for plumbing

Photo of Scott Rapid-dissolving soft tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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This Scott Rapid Dissolving toilet paper disintegrates quickly in a septic system. This makes it perfect for RVs and boats. Also, this toilet paper doesn’t have chemicals or extra fragrances. That is even better because chemicals prevent toilet papers from breaking down in a septic tank.

Scott Rapid Dissolving toilet paper has one ply, and compared to most of these papers, this is softer and can also replicate toilet papers made for a typical sewage system.

However, these rolls are not as thick as others and may not last as long as the regular non-septic toilet papers. So, get enough before traveling.


  • Dissolves quickly in septic systems, hence they are best for RVs and boats
  • No added chemicals
  • 1-ply, best for sewage systems


  • Not as thick as Presto and other brands
  • Fewer sheets in a roll and may not last long

Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Tissue Papers – Best absorbent toilet paper 

Photo of Charmin Ultra soft tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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The Charmin Ultra Soft tissue paper is a great fit for its absorbance that you can use a small amount to wipe a wet surface. It is a 2-ply toilet paper and contains 341 sheets a roll. You can get 25% more sheets on the family mega roll compared to the mega roll.

This tissue paper feels good on the skin because of its washcloth-like woven design. Though it is strong and may not be as soft as other toilet papers out there, it still dissolves quickly in septic tanks and doesn’t cause clogs.

The great thing about this company is that the pulp used in making tissue is sourced from responsibly managed forests. And for every tree that uses powerful tissue paper, they plant another.

However, this tissue paper can emit dust. It can also be quite narrower, but still very thick. Some users complain about not getting enough space to install this toilet paper onto the holder.


  • Soft cushiony touch
  • Many sheets (341) in a roll and can last long
  • Sustainable wood pulp harvesting


  • Though thick, the sheets are quite narrow
  • Can emit dust
  • May not fit into every toilet paper holder

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare – Most versatile toilet paper

Photo of Cottonelle tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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The manufacturer uses cleaning ripples to produce this Cottonelle brand. That is why it can remove more with just one wipe, giving an effective cleaning. Though it is very thick and durable, it doesn’t make lint (fine cotton materials) scatter in the air.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare toilet paper brand has two plies and is free from dyes or perfumes. This makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

Since it has cleaning ripples, it is very economical, and buying a family mega roll lasts longer than 4.5 times the leading brand’s regular roll.

However, some people complain that the new ripple design is not as good as the old pattern they used.


  • Soft, thick, and durable
  • Has cleaning ripples for better wiping
  • No added dyes; hence, perfect for sensitive skin


  • The new ripple design is not as effective as the old pattern

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush – Best luxury toilet paper

Photo of Quilted Nortern ultra plush tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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If you are looking for the softest and most luxurious toilet paper, you will love the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper. It is a 3 ply toilet paper with air pockets in between. This gives it a sweet and soft pushback when you squeeze.

The entire roll feels pillowy, and you can consider this toilet roll for blowing your nose if you run out of facial tissue.

Since this toilet paper is so soft, it may not be suitable for aggressive wiping techniques. Also, it has a high length and breaking factor, so you need more sheets per use.


  • Has a plush and luxurious feel
  • Can be used as a facial tissue because of its softness


  • It is so soft that it cannot withstand aggressive wiping techniques
  • You must use more sheets to prevent breaking

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare toilet paper – best for budget

Photo of Cottonelle Ultra clean tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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Besides the great price you get for this toilet paper, it will also save you from clogged pipes and troubled septic systems. It comes with cleaning ripples that wipe better, compared to other brands.

This toilet paper brand is a one-ply biodegradable tissue. However, it is so strong that it won’t tear up when you use it.

Nevertheless, customers complained that some residues are left behind after wiping.


  • Cost-effective
  • Has great strength and cleaning ripples for effective wiping
  • Doesn’t clog sewage systems


  • Residues can remain after wiping

Angel soft toilet paper – Second best for budget 

Photo of Angel soft tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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Angel soft toilet paper is suitable for every family, especially those on a budget. You can supply this tissue paper for your family as much as you want without sacrificing other priorities.

This toilet paper has two plies per sheet and it’s soft and strong. It is also safe for a standard septic system.

This toilet paper is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) since the company uses sustainably sourced trees to produce the toilet paper.

Though this toilet paper is great, you may not be able to fit the rolls into your toilet paper holder.


  • Soft and strong tissue paper
  • Cheap price
  • Sustainably sourced trees for toilet paper production


  • It may not fit into toilet paper holders

Seventh Generation Bath tissue – Best eco-friendly toilet paper

Photo of Seventh Generation tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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This tissue paper from Seventh Generation is 100% recycled and environmentally friendly. The NRDC Gives this company an A rating for all their tissues because each tissue is made from 100% recycled papers and doesn’t have any fragrance, inks, or dyes.

Besides the environmental safety of this tissue, it is still very soft and thick like others. But people mostly love it more for its softness. 

This toilet paper is safe for septic systems, and you can use it for low-flow toilets in campers and RVs.

Though this toilet paper received great ratings on Amazon, some customers complained that it is prone to shedding.


  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Made from recycled papers
  • Soft and think
  • Safe for low-flow toilets like campers and RVs


  • Prone to shedding

Caboo Bamboo Bath Tissue-  Second best eco-friendly toilet paper

Photo of Caboo Bamboo tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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This bamboo bath tissue has great strength. The manufacturers use organically planted bamboo and sugarcane to produce them. That is why you can feel the strength of the bamboo and the softness of the sugarcane fibers.

It is a sustainable eco-friendly alternative to regular tree-based toilet paper. It also has a 2-ply sheet like its counterpart and is free from chlorine, hypoallergens, BPA, paraben, fragrances, and other harmful chemicals.

The BRC Global Standards, ISO 14000, and FSC accredited Caboo bamboo bath tissue. It is also panda friendly.

However, some customers complained that the toilet paper is too hard and that you have to use twice the quantity of irregular toilet paper to get good absorbency.


  • Free from hypoallergenic and harmful chemicals
  • Eco-friendly


  • Can be hard on the body

What is the best toilet paper for your plumbing?

Some toilet papers are more friendly to the pipes and septic systems than others, but the thickness of the toilet paper is what determines how good the roll is for your plumbing.

Toilet papers come in plies or layers. One-ply toilet paper is usually thinner and more affordable. However, its lack of thickness makes it quickly exhausted. But the one-ply tissue paper is the best for plumbing systems because it dissolves faster than the two or three plies.

2 or 3-ply are usually more absorbent and thicker. But they are more likely to block your pipes. If you use 2 or 3-ply toilet paper and notice that your pipe keeps blocking, switch to the one-ply.

Some companies are now making stronger one-ply toilet paper with more absorbent properties than the older products. So, you can now enjoy high-quality 1-ply tissue.

What is the best material for toilet paper?

Most toilet papers are made from virgin paper which manufacturers get from trees. That means that wood pulp is the main component of toilet paper.

However, some companies have switched from using virgin papers to recycled papers to save trees, since more trees are cut down daily to produce virgin papers. It takes 20 trees to make a ton of virgin paper.

To preserve our natural resources, it’s advisable to buy recycled content toilet paper. A study shows that if every household uses 100% recycled toilet paper to replace a roll of virgin toilet paper in their homes, they would save half a million trees.

See these reviews from real-life moms on the best toilet papers

Cindy loves Presto Ultra soft (Amazon Brand)

From Cindy

Photo of Presto Ultra soft tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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Cindy Corpis is the CEO of SearchPeopleFree, a people lookup site. She said:

“For the price, Amazon Presto! Ultra-Soft Toilet Paper is soft and functional. This one is not as eco-friendly as our pick from Seventh Generation, nor is it as super-plush or durable as our pick from Charmin. However, the paper from Amazon accomplishes the job effectively because it isn’t scratchy, doesn’t rip too readily, and doesn’t leave behind a lot of lint.


It feels solid and of decent quality, is soft but thick and absorbent, and does not tear as easily as the Costco brand. When I used those other brands at friends’ houses, they frequently left white specks all over my clothes and body. It does not shed as easily as some other more costly, non-Costco brands. For the most part, You only need to use 2 or 3 squares when using the washroom.


Pricey for what you get, it seems. Pictures demonstrate the striking visual contrast between a Presto roll and a Costco roll. Despite how much you enjoy them, you can’t say that you would buy them regularly.”

Maria loves Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare

Photo of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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Maria A. McDowell is the founder at EasySearchPeople. She said:

“I have used many tissue papers, but Cottonelle remains the best. Cottonelle is thicker and almost softer than other brands of tissue papers I have used. It has a slight elasticity that makes it unique.  Cottonelle isn’t just thicker than most other tissue papers; it cleans and absorbs better. There is also something about the way it is patterned that makes it stand out and special.”

Madilyn loves Charmin Ultra Strong

Photo of Charmin Ultra strong tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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Madilyn Hill is the CEO at TruePersonFinder. She said:

“The Charmin Ultra Strong is one of the plushest tissue papers in the USA, which is strong, tested, low-lint, and soft. Therefore, Charmin is well-known to have left all other traditional toilet papers behind. This is also better than the seventh-generation paper. But it’s comparatively more expensive than this 7th-generation pick. However, it’s not made from recycled or any sustainable materials. This one is often judged for its durability and comfort whenever conventional toilet papers are tested. This pack contains 9 rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper, and the design is inspired by washcloth-like cleaning. Lastly, its strong 2-ply toilet paper helps clean better. “

Hannah loves Seventh Generation eco-friendly toilet paper

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Hannah Dworkin is the Leader & Recruiter of USScrapYard. She said:

“The best tissue paper I have found is definitely the Seventh Generation toilet paper. Although it has a few cons, this brand still comes at the top of our list. Here are some pros and cons of the Seventh Generation: 


  • 100% recycled. 
  • Very soft. 
  • Absorbent, so technically does a perfect job of what it needs to do. 


  • It will clog the toilet. 
  • Although it is 2-ply, it is way too thin that you wouldn’t feel it is. 

Overall, I love purchasing this brand as our TP and think that it has way more benefits than its cons, which can be easily overlooked or fixed.”

Melanie loves Puffs Plus Lotion

Photo of Puffs Plus tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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Melanie Cohen is the CEO of Instya. She said:

“There are many tissue papers on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Some are softer, some are stronger, and some are more absorbent than others. 

One of the best tissue papers on the market is Puffs Plus Lotion. This tissue paper is soft, strong, and absorbent. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for those with allergies.

Another great option is Kleenex Ultra Soft, which is also soft, strong, and absorbent. This tissue paper is also safe for sensitive skin.”

Photo of Kleenex Ultra soft tissue paper; one of the best toilet papers

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What is the best toilet paper?

The best toilet paper depends on your needs. However, Presto, Charmin, and Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare are some of the most appreciated toilet papers.

What is the most popular toilet paper brand in 2020?

According to Statista, Charmin was the most used toilet paper brand in 2020. 86.27 million Americans used it.


There are many types of toilet paper brands available. Choosing toilet paper from recycled papers will save the environment while going for hypoallergenic palette papers will save your health.

So the most important thing to look out for in the toilet paper is if they are comfortable on your skin, and how well they suit your septic system. Will it clog or will it dissolve quickly? 

The thickest toilet papers have either two or three plies, but the best for your septic system is the one ply. 

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