Best Kids Punching Bag (Top 5)

Is your child a fan of boxing, or are you in need of healthy ways for your child to build stamina or blow off steam? Kids punching bags are great!

Boxing is an excellent way for kids to build strength and stamina. 

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In this post, we discuss the benefits of kids punching bags and the best punching bags for kids.

Benefits of punching bags for kids

  1. Coordination

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The different types of boxing training helps kids develop coordination at a younger age. Coordination is more difficult to develop at an older age. That’s why kids should start boxing as early as possible. 

Some types of coordination developed in boxing include foot-hand coordination, brain-foot coordination, hand-brain coordination, etc. For instance, boxing demands that a punch starts from your foot and ends with your hands. So you need to make your whole body work to maximize your impact without breaking these rules.

Kids can also develop hand and eye coordination when doing speedy bag sessions. 

  1. Better sleep

Boxing helps kids sleep better because they fatigue their muscles in different ways and their bodies take their sleep time to rest. This deep sleep after boxing also helps their bones and muscles to develop.

Deep sleep also increases their brain power and mental alertness, which helps other aspects of their lives.

  1. Goal setting

Boxing encourages children to set goals and work towards them in their boxing sessions. Their coaches always encourage them to box harder and run faster to achieve more. This targeted training helps them live objectively.

Boxing is also a good cure for laziness. The physical and mental challenge kids face in a boxing class teaches them that there is no room for laziness if they must achieve big things in life.

  1. Teaches self-defense

Think of when you were in grade school. How many people bullied you? Kids face even worse these days; that is why we must teach them how to defend themselves. They gain power and learn several defense skills like uppercut and jab from training with a punching bag. 

However, we must train these children not to use their punching power to bully others.

  1. A good form of strength training

Everybody benefits from strength training. Though kids cannot do much heavy lifting at a younger age, they can get this strength training from punching bags. 

Also, most kids cause chaos when they’re bustling with excess energy. Sending them to the punching bag makes all the difference. They burn their energy out there, and no one gets hurt or stressed.

  1. Improves stamina

Most kids get exhausted when they are back from school, and they need the stamina to keep going. Boxing improves stamina which they can improve in their later lives. Besides, boxing improves their bone health risk of having a broken bone in the future.

Besides physical stamina, boxing also gives children emotional stamina. This makes them more confident. 

Boxing manages many body issues, improving body images for children who have these issues. Also, boxing makes people feel healthier and believe that they can take on the world after that.

  1. A great aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is excellent for children, and one safe way to get them is with a punching bag. They only move your bodies and change positions to throw a few more punches.

How to choose suitable punching bags for kids

Photo of two kids using kids punching bags

There are different types and brands of punching bags. Consider these factors to choose the best for your child. 

  1. Stability

Safety is paramount, especially when dealing with children. That is why you should only go for a stable punching bag.

If you use a standing punching bag, go for those with springs or devices that help them bounce back. You don’t want them falling on your child to cause injuries.

Use a heavy-duty chain to sustain hanging punching bags from the ceiling. These heavy bags are best suspended with heavy-duty chains to prevent a fall. 

  1. Durability

Though punching bags can withstand hits and pressure, not all punching bags are the same. Some manufacturers use cheap materials, but their expensive counterparts last longer.

  1. Perfect sizing

The general rule of thumb is to get a punching bag half the user’s weight. A heavy punching bag can be dangerous for your child. So never get them punching bags for adults.

It is even preferable to go for punching bags with adjustable heights so that your child can use them as they grow.

  1. Included equipment

Some mini punching bags for kids come in a set. That means you likely find protective equipment like shin guards and boxing gloves alongside the punching bag. 

This added equipment is necessary because it will save you the cost of buying external gloves and other essentials.

Best kids punching bag

1. Atlasonix inflatable kids punching bag – Overall best kids punching bag

Photo of Atlasonix inflatable kids punching bags

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An inflatable kid standing punching bag is always a great way to start boxing for kids. They are soft on the hands and bounce back no matter how much force they give.

We love this Atlasonix freestanding punching bag for kids because they are suitable for younger and older kids. The manufacturers use soft materials which are easy on the hands to make it.

We love that this punching bag can stand over 63 inches tall, but we are more thrilled at the stability. Only fill the bottom with water or sand and inflate the top.


  • Durability

This inflatable punching bag has durable PVC material. Though soft for little hands, they can withstand pressure from everyday use.

Besides, it weighs only 0.85 kilograms and comes in different colors.

  • Suitable for a wide age range

From age 3, your kids can start playing with the Atlasonix inflatable punching bag. Since it stands 63 inches tall, older kids and adults can also use it. However, adults shouldn’t hit it too hard.

  • Easy setup

You only need a good pump, water, or sand to set up this punching bag. The sand or water will go for the bottom, while air will take up the remaining part. However, you don’t over inflate the bag so that it doesn’t get damaged when punched.


  • May harden in winter

The PVC material for this punching bag may harden during winter if you use water to stabilize the bottom. Prevent this by emptying the water before storing the punching bag.

2. Whoobli punching bag – Best kids punching bag with a stand

Photo of Whoobli kids punching bags

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This punching bag is great for kids who want to do serious boxing training. It is an inflatable bag made from non-toxic faux leather and can withstand the blow. The material won’t tear even if their dad wants to show them how to box.

It weighs just two pounds and is suitable for kids aged 3 to 10 years.

We love that this product doesn’t quickly develop faults. Even if it does, the manufacturers will send a replacement as soon as possible. 


  • Adjustable height

The height of this punching bag adjusts from 34 inches to 44 inches, making it suitable for toddlers and kids up to age 10.

  • Durability 

This punching bag has robust, non-toxic PU leather that is safe for kids.  The plastic is soft on the hand, reducing the likelihood of injury.

Kids can use it every day because it is strong enough to withstand everyday aggression.

  • Ease of use

This punching bag is easy to set up. You only need to follow the instructions in the manual. 

  • Stability 

The round base makes it very stable on the ground, and the carry handle makes it easy to transport around.

  • Added kits

 Whoobli punching bag comes with 6-ounce boxing gloves for kids and a free pump for inflation.


  • It requires setup

You may not appreciate this product if you want something that your kids can start using immediately after pulling it out of the box.

  • The pole could snap

Some customers complained of the pole snapping a few days after purchasing the product. However, the company sent them a replacement.

3. Ringside kids boxing gift set – Best punching bags for small kids

Photo of Ringside kids punching bags

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These kids punching bags are specially designed for children aged 2 to 5. It is best for boxing and weighs only three pounds.

The ringside kids boxing gift set is suitable for both boys and girls as it’s available in various colors.

It contains the punching bag, kids’ boxing gloves, and slip-on headgear with an elastic chin strap as a gift set.

The mini heavy bag measures an inch long by 5-inch diameter and weighs only two pounds.


  • Attractive material

This punching bag has colorful materials to attract younger children. Also, the material is soft enough for little hands, and the gloves look like high-priced ones.

The boxing bag has durable straps that you can hang from the ceiling or frame. However, you must watch a child while they punch so they don’t think it’s okay to punch on anything hanging.

  • It is cost-effective

Everything you need for your child’s boxing is in this boxing set. You don’t need to spend your money buying the essentials. 


  • Small equipment 

Though this bag is for kids aged 2 to 5, some people still find the punching bag too small for children. 

Also, chubby kids may find it challenging to wear gloves because they are heavily padded. However, you can help the kids stretch out the gloves to fit their hands. 

4. Inflatable Dudes Ninja kids punching bag – 2nd best punching bag for small kids

Photo of Inflatable Ninja kids punching bags

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This punching bag is it’s great one for younger children. They can kick, punch, roll, and train for fun.

Parents find it very useful for getting their kids away from video games on television. They also make good party decorations.


  • Easy to fill

This product is partially filled with a sand base. You only need to inflate the top. Many parents found that easy to do.

  • Durable

Inflatable Dudes punching bag for kids has a durable heat and cold repellent PVC material. It can withstand kicks from young hands and will last a long time.

The manufacturers understand that anything can happen, so they add bonus repair patch kits in case of holes.


  •  Not suitable for older kids

Kids from age 9 and above may find this punching bag lame. They may want something cooler than an ever-smiling ninja. Also, their weights may be too much for the bag.

5. Atlasonix hanging punching bag – Best hanging punching bag for older kids

Photo of Atlasonix hanging kids punching bag

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If you want a punching bag that will grow with your kids, then the Atlasonix punching bag is good.

It is excellent for mixed martial arts, karate, boxing, Taekwondo, kickboxing, and even venting out frustration. 


  • Durability

This punching bag has a durable vinyl material covering, that is sewn with extra thick thread and double seams.

It also comes with heavy straps that support hanging and can withstand pressure from kids aged 5 to 15.

  • Quick fill

Unlike other punching bags, which you must inflate, you can quickly fill up this punching bag with your old clothes or rags. The softness of the clothes makes the bag suitable for kids’ hands.

  •  Easy transport

This punching bag comes unfilled, and you can remove the filings when you want to transport the item.


  • Not suitable for younger kids

This is not a good play tool for kids below 5 years.

  • Doesn’t come with gloves

The thought of buying external gloves makes parents feel disappointed about this product.


Can kids use an adult-sized punching bag?

No. A child cannot use an adult-sized punching bag because it’ll be too big and dangerous for them. Also, the child will find it difficult to punch because adult-sized punching bags are harder than kids punching bags.

At what age can kids start boxing?

No age is too early for your child to learn basic boxing skills. However, punching a bag requires some coordination and strength that children may not get until they turn seven. 

Also, there is a lesser chance of finding smaller gloves for children much younger than that.

If you would like your child to start boxing earlier but do not find the right set of gloves for them, let them try shadowboxing (throwing punches at the air).

Are punching bags good for kids with anger issues?

Punching bags are among the most recommended items for kids with anger issues. Therapists believe they would help the child vent anger and frustration safely. They also recommend a stress ball which helps them relax when they feel angry or frustrated.


Boxing is a great vocation, and it’s best to start training early. Even kids that will never pursue a career in boxing will still benefit from punching bags.

The best kids punching bags above are safe for children and gentle on the hands. Only remember to make them wear gloves before starting.

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