11 Beginner Cnc Router Projects (Easy To Make and Fast-selling)

Are you interested in making fast-selling wood projects as a beginner? If your answer is yes – then it’s time for you to invest in a CNC router. So, getting a mini desktop CNC router will help you to craft beautiful wood projects, sell them online, and make some good profits.

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Also, the CNC router has made it quite simple to carve designs, etch a surface, or cut out a shape. These days, beautifully crafted wood decorations and signs are hot-selling that one could open an Etsy shop, start selling different CNC router projects, and make back your investments in a short while.   

Therefore, carving signs, jewelry making, creating parts in woods and metals have never been easier, thanks to the arrival of the CNC router. So, as a beginner – you can learn by practicing with the beginner CNC router projects. But first;

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What Is A CNC Machine?

CNC is an acronym that stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. So, a CNC router is a computer-run machine designed to carve and cut out designs on several materials. CNC routers make use of great precision based on several commands fed into them in controlling the cutting of these materials.

The following are the industries where CNC routers are relevant;

  • Electronics
  • Decorations
  • Technology
  • Construction
  • Tombstone industry
  • Packaging
  • Printing industry
  • Crystal product industry

Can You Make Money Selling CNC Router Projects

Yes! You can make money selling CNC router projects. This is because the CNC router offers several creative means by which users can come up with beautiful designs. The router can be used on wood or acrylic materials with high speed and precision which is far better than any other means of production.

However, there is a need to sharpen your skills by constant practice to become good at what you do.

Beginner CNC Router Projects

As a beginner, you will need to learn on the job even as you strive to become a good CNC router user – this will help to speed up your transition into becoming a professional CNC router operator. 

The following are beginner CNC router projects that you can practice and sell for profit. Check them out;

  1. Pineapple Fruit Server

This is one of the CNC router projects for beginners that you can start within the week and complete over the weekend. The pineapple image represents warmth, friendship, and hospitality. This can be done using the Vectric VCarve software

So, in addition to using it to serve fruits – it can also be used to serve whatever you wish to serve. The price could be as high as 48 dollars or more

Materials needed are;

  • Boards (with dimension 0.75 inches x 10 inches x 15 inches)
  • Sandpaper
  • Salad bowl finish
  • Mineral oil

Watch here to learn how to make the pineapple fruit server

Pineapple Wood Fruit Platter | CNC Time Lapse
  1. Bottle Opener

This is another simple CNC router project that is easy to make. The wooden shape can be mounted on the hardware before engraving. So, it’s all about your creativity and imagination – you could have a logo of choice or a map of an area. The price of the bottle opener is about $28.9

Watch here to learn how to make the bottle opener

Fabricando Abridor de Garrafa de Madeira na CNC Router
  1. Cutting boards
Photo of a cutting board; one of the beginner cnc router projects

The cutting board is among the simplest CNC projects that any beginner can make. This can be used as a yardstick for measuring the standard of your work. The chopping boards are in high demand in homes, shops, and other places where they are needed.

The price of the cutting board can be as high as $100. So, why not take this advantage and make some money now.

Watch here to learn how to make cutting boards

Making a $95 Cutting Board in Less Than 5 Minutes | CNC Router & Woodworking Timelapse
  1. Customized Keychain Holder

The making of a customized keychain holder is one of the projects you can begin with. This will help to sharpen your skills in drilling and working with small-sized items. The price of the customized keychain holder is around $7.

  1. Personalized Wood Signs

So, if you are in search of the perfect gift for family and friends – you can consider the personalized wood sign. There are many ideas from which you can pick depending on your creativity and imagination. Also, the market is large for signs – ranging from business outlets to personal gifts, and other business ventures. The price for this is between $23 to $30

Watch here to learn how to make the personalized wood signs

Cnc routing custom wood sign Part 4
  1. Maps

CNC router projects are numerous and can only be limited by your imagination and creativity. This involves making use of your CNC router in cutting out maps that could range from your country map, state map, region’s map, or something that is even more detailed. As a beginner, you can start with something small and then graduate to the more complicated with intricate details and wider dimensions.

To do this, you will require the following;

  • Vectric software
  • Vacuum
  • Circular saw
  • 1/4 upcut bit
  • Flattening Bit
  • Pigment
  • Silicone Mat
  • Epoxy

The price of the map is put at $45

Watch here to learn more on how to make the map

How to design and make maps on your CNC router Carbide Create Turorial
  1. Wine Bottle Holders

There are people out there who are possessive about handling their wine collections – they want the wine kept in a safe and conducive environment. However, the wine bottle holder is a great CNC router project that you can sell either locally or on other platforms.

Besides, one can make up to $25 and even more from this CNC project for beginners – based on your creativity and uniqueness.

Watch here to learn how to make wine bottle holder

ATC cnc router making wine bottle
  1. Candleholders

Though lighting a candle is pleasant to everyone – it could also be risky and since you don’t want unwarranted accidents you settle for candleholders. So, be it candlelight dinner or other events – the candle holder comes with its elegant and beautiful designs. Therefore you can sell many candle holders that are designed with CNC routers and make some money.

The price for the candleholders is between $12 to $180

Watch here to learn how to make wine bottle holder

Making a Candle Holder with the CNC Machine
  1. Christmas Decorations

These are always in high demand during the holiday season because spending mode is activated for everyone. Both homes and businesses want to make their spaces attractive, and are in search of nice decorations. Also, Etsy and Facebook are great platforms to sell your ideas. The price range is between $2 to $10 depending on the creativity and uniqueness

Watch here to learn how to make Christmas decoration using CNC router

Mantel Decoration with Todd | The 12 Projects of Christmas Day 10 | Vectric Project
  1. Skeleton Clock

You can never run out of ideas for making a skeleton clock with a CNC router. There are many designs that you can play around with even as a beginner.

Some of the materials needed for the project include; birch plywood, cherry, walnut, brass, and AutoCAD software which can be used for the wooden design. Its price is between $2.45 to $10

Watch here to learn how to make skeleton clock

Wood clock DIY - First job on DIY CNC router
  1. Magazine Racks

This is also one of the Beginner CNC router projects that easily sells. The magazine racks help to clear your study table by taking out stacks scattered around. It is one of the CNC router projects for beginners that will help users to organize their workspace and also it beautifies the environment.

The price of this piece is between $4 to $10.50.

Watch here to learn how to make magazine racks

Magazine Rack CNC Box Joints

Where To Sell CNC Router Projects

Social media platforms are a good place for selling your CNC router projects for beginners. A good example is the Facebook marketplace or Instagram.

Also, setting up an online shop on platforms like Etsy to promote your projects will help you to push your sales a great deal. Presently, Etsy is the most popular and the best platform for the sale of beautiful handmade wood projects.

Besides, these CNC router projects can be sold at exhibitions, local fairs, and on other one-on-one platforms. However, the online channel remains the best bet to reach a wider audience.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to start making beautifully crafted products with CNC routers, even as a beginner. There are many CNC router projects for beginners, and this post has highlighted the best-selling ones.

Therefore, you can cash in on the dexterity of the CNC router by producing amazing products to sell, and making profits from them.

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